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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Oh boy, we’ve got another one of these. Yep, it looks like the shit-lovers are back in town and this time they brought backup. Get ready for one of the most extensive websites where you can find some of the biggest repositories of scat porn, scat pictures, toilet slavery, peeing, fetish domination and all other gruesome and foul porn that you can imagine. This is a place where very few people will actually find enjoyment. I can’t imagine that there are that many people out there who are really into this shit. has all the content you need if you’re into scat and piss porn so let’s see what it has to offer and what happened in your past to make you so fucked up in the first place.

Scat porn for all people who enjoy shitty porn

Alright, I might just be joking when it comes to that last part, but if I am to be completely honest, something has to have happened because you don’t just go from a normal kid to someone who wants to smear shit from a hot chick all over his face. There has to be some kind of bullshit reason that you’re like that. Ah well, I guess tastes can’t be judged. Though I would reserve that thought for tastes that don’t involve literal shit. I mean your taste for literal shit could translate to you actually tasting shit, and that’s mental asylum material right there, buddy. Either way, I don’t want to rant too much so let’s check out what has and what kind of content you can expect on here.

Scat porn store where you buy things individually

So, one thing that you’ll immediately be able to tell about is that this is an online porn store, and it’s not a regular porn site where you get all the content for free. It’s not a porn tube site, it’s not even a premium site, it’s just a store. It’s an online store and you just can’t get the content unless you buy it. This completely trumps the subscription model of premium porn sites, but does it also justify it? Think about it, you can buy content on, but you can only buy a few clips for the price of entire premium porn repositories. Heck, there are even scat premium porn sites with cheaper subscriptions than some individual items on here.

See, the way operates is that they don’t actually post any content of their own. Instead, they just provide a platform for other people to sell content on. That means that you can buy scat porn directly for chicks who star in it or from the studios that made it. Usually, you’re just buying content from the studios, but you can always check out specific porn stars and see all the content in which they are in specifically. I mean, even people who love shit in their porn videos have standards when it comes to porn stars, let’s not forget that for a single second. So yeah, basically you choose some content and then you have the option to buy it, just like any other online store. Of course, the delivery time for this content is immediate since it’s just a download and nothing else.

Some videos can be just insanely expensive

One thing that I don’t like about is the fact that some of the prices on here are so fucking expensive. I don’t think that there is a single person out there that would be willing to pay more than 25 euros for a single porn video. And a scat porn video at that. But, to my surprise, business is going well for pretty much every single chick on the platform who is selling her content. I can’t believe that there are so many people out there who are just willing to buy all of this shitty content. I can’t imagine that anyone would be into this genre so much that they’d be willing to pay so much damn money for this. Perhaps I should start getting into this business. I mean not as an actor, but I can buy some chicks out and have them shit on other dudes or something. I don’t know, just a thought.

And here’s another thought that I had about It’s the design. It’s garbage. The design looks like something that you would see if you were browsing the internet back in the 90s. The graphics are bad and blurry, the aspect ratio is like 4:3 as an homage to those old monitors that nobody uses anymore. I mean, the people that own the site are probably swimming in cash since they get a % of every sale, and yet they don’t feel like they should update the look of their website? I guess when you hold a monopoly for online scat porn stores, then you can make the site look like complete garbage and you’d still profit. OR dare I say, make the site look like complete SHIT. Maybe that’s why people like it so much, they like shit so much that even a metaphorical concept like a shitty design is hot to them.

Tens of thousands of premium scat porn videos

Enough thought experiments, it’s time to see exactly what kind of content you can enjoy on here. I mean, first of all, expect only the foulest genres that you can imagine. Alright, did you prepare yourself for that? In that case, I should also inform you that there’s a grand total of about 30,000 videos that you can check out on And yes, all of them fall within some of these categories. There’s a category for pretty much every piece of scat related porn content. I’ll go over them later, but isn’t it insane that there is just this much content on I mean thirty thousand videos that you can buy? And they’re all expensive as fuck? I have no idea how they mange to keep that up.

There’s the Shitting/Scat category which is the main one on the site and it alone has like 12,000 clips in it. Then you have genres such as Peeing, Farting, Toilet slavery, Toilet POV, Anal, Puking/Vomiting, Female dominating, Facesitting, and Cuckolding as well. All of these are obviously very niche genres and you can expect a large amount of content in all of them. This place creeps me out because of the fact that there are so many people who would enjoy this content, but I guess that I can’t really do anything about it. Hey, if you want to watch that kind of shit, then just do it away from me. I’m still gonna be here for you though when you need an expert opinion on whether or not you should buy something. But when it comes to, I just say don’t buy anything.

Find best performing stores, videos, and photosets

You’ll also notice that there are some other filters such as the Top Stores, Top Selling Clips, Top Selling Photosets and so on. This will let you find all of the best content without having to browse through the tens of thousands of content pieces on If you want to skip through all the thumbnails, then just check out this section cause it’s usually a lot milder than some of the shit I saw on here just browsing through the website. Trust me, some stuff on here is more extreme than even your extreme scat porn tastes. You should avoid that part of at all costs as it’s for the literal degenerates.

Alright, all in all, I really can’t say that isn’t a good place for people who like the scat porn genre. There is so much content on here that I think no other site has this many videos and photos. With tens of thousands of videos to choose from, this has to be one of the biggest and most extensive porn repositories for scat porn that the world has ever seen. And if you’re one of the people that enjoy this content, then go ahead and see what has to offer. Just be aware and ready to pay a lot of cold hard cash for this scat porn.

ThePornDude likes YezzClips's

  • Tens of thousands of scat porn videos and photos
  • One of the biggest scat porn repositories online
  • Plenty of different categories for everyone

ThePornDude hates YezzClips's

  • Insanely high prices for some scat porn content
  • The design could use a major makeover here