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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Let loose the hot piss! I actually think this site should be called Pissy and Wet since the chicks here get wet after pissing. But wait, they do fondle their pussies, so they are dripping wet by the time they pop a squat and Wetandpissy.com is a fitting site name after all! If you are wondering what I’m going on about, I’m talking about a site with an abundance of the most gorgeous European girls getting intimate with their pee. Still not getting it? These seductive girls piss through their panties, catch their golden nectar and drink it and even dive about in puddles of their own pee before giving themselves explosive orgasms. The site claims to have the best pissing movies you will find anywhere, and after browsing, I have no option but to agree. I mean, I’ve seen many pissing fetish sites, but I’ve never found so many hot girls in them!

Things get pretty wet

The thing about piss porn is that it’s weird and taboo which makes it a thrill for piss porn lovers. In any case, there is something hot about watching a sexy slut empty her bladder for all and sundry to see, don’t you think? If seeing chicks guzzle down some hot piss, squirt all over the room, piss on other babes, and do other nasty stuff involving piss gives you a hard-on, it’s time to drop whatever you are doing and take a journey with me in this hot golden shower that promises a lot of kinks.

The name actually says it all; these folks are not fucking around, it’s all about the piss and if you are expecting some crap piss porn site, take a back seat and watch. Wetandpissy.com is actually a premium site, and you can expect nothing short of high-quality productions, HD videos, downloads, and access to some bonus sites all at the price of one. Wanna know more about this hot and drawn-out affair? Let’s dive right in.

Great design, navigation is a snap

Some might find the content hella messy, but the same cannot be said of the site’s arrangement. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. For starters, the design is fucking sleek, although the yellow and white design is starting to feel a bit monotonous. Is there some silent rule that requires all piss porn sites to have those specific colors in their design? Maybe it’s illustrative of the kind of content found here. Anyway, the site very well arranged and everything is where it’s supposed to be.

The header on the main page takes you to “Home, Scenes, Girls, and Member Extras.” Besides, that is an advanced search feature. The rest of the main page is filled with big bad previews divided into recent updates, latest network updates, and most recent girls. Even before you click on any of the previews, you can already tell that there is no fucking around with quality. Everything is available in sparkling HD; it almost hurts! Damn, the piss is almost gushing through your fucking screen you might be tempted to wipe it.

The good thing about the video previews is that they are all animated and give you a good 5-10 second teaser of the kind of moral decadence you should look forward to in the videos. Along with the previews is some basic information including the title, name of the pornstar, rating, date uploaded, and HD tag. See the hotties letting it flow on the floor, on their chairs, in the bathroom, fuck, I even saw one pissing all over her kitchen counter! I don’t know how they managed to convince all the cute girls to star in pissing videos, but you are certainly going to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Little cunts pissing in stunning 4K quality

I’d have said the videos come in top quality, but that would be the understatement of the year. The video page and the video player are absolutely top-notch with videos accompanied by well-written descriptions of the action. Below each video is a list of tags that can also be used as a search option. That’s just a tip of the iceberg; the bottom of the page has download links of not just the videos, but also full picture galleries, teasers, trailers, and behind the scenes content. Damn, you are getting the whole fucking package!

Even better, you can stream the videos pretty smoothly without any buffering. Read this carefully; the latest scenes are available in mesmerizing 4K while the earlier ones come in 1080p Full HD. Either way, the stunning qualities ensure you get to see every sopping wet detail. The videos (and galleries) are shot with excellent equipment by photographers who clearly know what they are doing. The lighting is so fucking good, and the girls are so hot and supple they don’t need any touch up at all. They may as well be the hottest girls you ever saw for all I know. I saw one play with her poon for a while, fill the pump’s chamber with piss and squirt all over herself before sucking the liquid from her soaked shirt!

Extras and more extras

A Wetandpissy.com membership gives you access to other sites within the network, and they include Weliketosuck.com, Wetandpuffy.com, Simplyanal.com, Eurobabefacials.com, and Puffynetwork.com. All the sites are teeming with steamy content. Wet And Puffy, for instance, has a fuckload HD collection of the same sort of European babes stripping naked and rubbing their pussies until they’re puffy and pink with arousal. It is quite the pussy lover’s dream with plenty of quality videos dedicated to the beauty of the coochie. You will find practically all kinds of pussies here, including puffy peach, big taco and juicy cherry, among others. They claim to be only pussy classification site on the good old internet, and while I’m not too sure about such a grand statement, the content speaks for itself.

The whole network actually makes a nice compliment to the collection at WetAndPissy although they don’t necessarily feature piss porn. The site also has a section for viewing bonus videos. These are videos that didn’t make the cut for full videos or blooper scenes from established videos. They will still provide loads of erotic entertainment.

Next level organization

Like you would expect of such a cool premium site, the videos page is so well organized. Members can organize the content here by popularity, rating, and date uploaded, among other options. You can also filter the video page by certain models if you just want to see a specific slut lying on her back when taking a piss and getting some height on that as well.

When you open each model page, you are greeted by her stats including their age, height, weight, breast size, where they are from and their rating by other members. Opening the content for each models gives you a list of keywords telling you what you should expect from the video, for instance, pink, degustation, shy pee and more.

Positive site features

Unbelievable qualities; all the videos and galleries are available in HD and 4K. You’ll have to see the content to comprehend.

Membership comes with bonus sites; a Wetandpissy.com subscription includes access to other niche specific premium porn sites.

Great mobile experience; the mobile version is similar to the desktop version, and the redesign is top quality. You will be able to see everything even on smaller devices with the videos available for the same stream/download options as the desktop site. Good organization; the content is so well organized, and users can easily find all the videos done by certain models or studios.

Negative site features

To be honest, everything is in place for a fantastic user experience it would take an extremely negative person to find something to fault the site with. This is me telling you there are absolutely zero reasons to hate the site or be concerned. Your only concern should be a lack of lube.


With high-quality exclusive presentations and dazzling models who like to pee without closing the door, what more could a piss porn lover ask for? I only hope the site continues in the same direction. I really don’t have anything major to suggest for Wetandpissy.com to be honest.


For a wild and intense take on the peeing niche, Wetandpissy.com is your best bet. It is one of the most exciting piss sites on the internet. It offers great user experience, amazing 4K videos, unlimited downloads, and a wonderful mobile site. With a mesmerizing line up of hot piss-soaked babes doing all manner of nasty shit, you can’t really go wrong with Wet and Pissy.

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  • Unbelievable qualities
  • Membership comes with bonus sites
  • Great mobile experience
  • Good organization

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  • Addictive