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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Fuck me this one is going to be hard. It’s not really the reviewing that’s hard, it’s the fact that I have to watch these fucking thumbnails on LezPoo.com. You can already tell what the site is about just by reading the damn domain name. Yeah, this place is all about lesbians with a lot of shit in the mix. And we’re talking about actual shit, I’m not using the word metaphorically here. You’re literally going to see piles and piles of shit in these videos and it’s extremely uncomfortable to see unless you’re an actual fan of this material. That being said, we’re still talking about a premium porn site and I still have to be here for all of my fans, even the ones with fucked up tastes in porn I guess.

This place is solely for fans of scat porn

Alright, so what is it about LezPoo.com that makes me feel so damn revolted whenever I see it. Well, it’s all the shit. You have to admit that there aren’t that many people who would actually be able to put up with shit during sex. I’m talking about actual shit here by the way. Yeah, so I think that the most important thing that you need to consider is whether or not you’re truly a fan of scat porn. Many people will say that they are, but they won’t be in the end. Really ask yourself whether or not you could endure watching this sort of content and don’t be biased at any point in time cause it could ruin your experience on here. This isn’t a cheap site either, so don’t think that you’re going to get off that easily even if you like scat porn more than any other genre of porn out there.

Priced similarly to other premium sites

While we’re on the topic of the price I guess we can get things out of the way immediately. It costs about 30 euros per month to have access to LezPoo.com. Well, it’s actually 29.95 euros, but it’s basically 30 euros. You aren’t going to die for 5 cents are ya? Anyway, you’ve also got the option to get your three-month subscription instead which will allow you to have everything that the monthly subscription offers you on LezPoo.com, except that the three months will cost you about 60 euros. So, you’re basically getting 30 euros off here. However, there are some things that you have to consider when getting each of these subscriptions on LezPoo.com. Are you really going to be streaming all of these porn videos in the first place?

Not that many videos on here to begin with

Here’s the thing my dear fans. There are a little less than 40 videos on here. Premium videos, but just under that number nonetheless. In fact, the last time I counted there were only 38 videos on LezPoo.com. Think about it this way. You can download all the videos during your subscription, so why not just get the monthly subscription and download all the videos that you need. This will definitely lead you having a much better time on LezPoo.com. Well, maybe not that but you’ll certainly have more money in the bank and I think that this aspect is incredibly important if you’re thinking about getting another monthly subscription at some point in the future.

One thing that you can’t do once you’ve downloaded the video is redistribute it to other sites. The apparently watermark every single video with your username, so if you ever post the video on a website then they will definitely find out and they will take legal action against you. I mean I can understand why they would be mad about this. They make very few videos and each video costs like 2000 euros to make. That’s a huge budget and you can bet your ass that the quality for this sort of stuff is going to be really high. Plus, you have to pay people a lot more since you won’t be able to make people fuck with shit in the mix unless you cash out some big bucks. That being said, it’s incredible how LezPoo.com managed to keep reasonable prices. I mean these prices are the same on pretty much every other premium site as well.

One thing that I dislike is that they kept some banner ads active even for premium members. If you’re a paying member then you should definitely not have to deal with all the fucking ads, right? Well, it doesn’t seem that way on LezPoo.com. On here it seems that they’re more of the belief that you have to put up with it even though you’re paying a premium price for all the content on here. I don’t think that this is right, but hey I’m not in charge of LezPoo.com so I can’t really do anything about it. I can certainly comment on it though and say that I would appreciate it if they showed a bit more appreciation towards their paying customers.

These videos are pretty expensive to film

LezPoo.com still has amazing quality content as far as the porn is concerned though. I mean the videos cost 2000 euros to make each, so it’s no wonder that they’re being so strict about you using their site. In fact, they even have a trust level for your account. The longer your account exists the more access you get on videos. I mean that’s kind of shitty that you don’t get all the videos straight away, but I guess they want to protect them from stealing and all that. Or I guess it’s the opposite of shitty since you don’t really get any of the literally shitty content on here. Not saying the quality’s shit, by the way, the quality is great. It’s just that there’s a lot of… shit… on there… Moving on!

One more thing that you’ll notice on LezPoo.com is that they don’t really give two flying fucks about the design of certain interfaces. The login page is made in HTML and has like 2 input boxes, a checkbox and then a button. That’s it. That’s the entire login page. I mean would it be that hard to make a simple table and make it look a bit more attractive so that members actually feel like you care about them instead of just shitting all over their lives with this shitty login interface? I mean I get that you have some restrictions on your content and that it costs a lot to make it and all that, but it certainly doesn’t cost that much to get a little bit of custom CSS code in the mix and make that login page at least somewhat fucking decent.

Still amazing for fans of the genre

It might sound a bit ranty, but it’s premium porn content that we’re talking about here. Not some run of the mill porn tube that you get all the videos on for free. There is a very small pool of videos available, so you can bet your ass that I’m gonna stand up to them when they don’t give you the treatment you deserve. The only positive thing I can say at this point is that the quality of the content that you get on LezPoo.com really IS worth it. I mean you have to be into scat porn, but if you like that kind of content then this place is the right place for you even with all the faults that it has.

This is a genuine business, with genuine scat videos with genuine shit in it. You won’t find that in many other places and the price is fair as well. The price is on par with other premium porn sites. Of course, other premium porn sites don’t come with all the downsides as well, but I guess it’s on you to decide whether the content of this quality is worth the hassle on LezPoo.com. In my opinion, if you’re a real fan of this kind of porn, then nothing should be too much to dissuade you. In that case, you should start using LezPoo.com without thinking too much as it’s the perfect place for you, no questions asked.

ThePornDude likes LezPoo's

  • Scat porn with some of the best quality out there
  • Premium and exclusive porn you can’t get elsewhere
  • Pretty leveled prices on par with other premium sites

ThePornDude hates LezPoo's

  • Trust levels and restrictions on content you can watch
  • Not that much content to begin with
  • The interface design could use some work