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Updated on 15 January 2022
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You all know that I’m the king of porn. (And if you don’t, now you do.) So I’m sure that you guys are also sure that I’ve seen all kinds of porn over the years.

Over the years, I’ve found that one of the most common fetishes in women (and men) is piss play…on either end of that equation. I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising since everyone pees and, since piss is sterile and can be “summoned on command” after a night of a few drinks, can be used for all sorts of unusual play.

Then, of course, a full bladder is essential for the sensation which is girl squirt.

I’m sure even to those of you who are regular readers of my site might be weirded out by piss porn. But to those of you who are, just hear me out: even strange stuff like this can be more exciting than you think. After all, urine is sterile, and a little bit of pee can be a fun addition to steamy, bedroom scenes.

So, if you’re open-minded enough to look at something new keep on reading to find out about one of the best piss porn sites online.

Get Access To Super Creative Content

You might think that piss porn, like other fetishes, is limited in the number of scenes you can come up with. However, not only are there the usual number of videos on the site like you see on most smut sites, there are actually a huge number of videos all of which showcase piss play in new and creative ways.

Besides the usual golden shower type scenes, there are all kinds of solo, hetero, and lesbian scenes with two girls or more — all of which involve a lot of pee and usually ends in some heavy girls squirt. In some scenes with a man and woman, the former or the latter will do most of the pissing, though sometimes it’s an even mix of both. No matter what, these gals love lapping up urine, getting it sprayed on their faces, tits, on their vag, and down their throat.

In addition to the basic sex stuff, in both heterosexual and lesbian scenes, toys and other objects are often included to spice things up including massive dildos, vibrating massagers, glass goblets, calipers and much more. How do they use all of these items in their scenes? Click over and check out for yourself.

The Photo Galleries Are Great, Too

On a lot of porn sites, you’ll often see a few photos from the scene which are a nice little addition to your porn experience. However, VIPISSY takes the photo porn concept to a whole new level. Rather than show off only a few snaps taken during the scene, with each scene, there are over a hundred photos included. Just like the vids, there is a surprisingly detailed synopsis of the scene along which is thoroughly tagged and has a link to the starring actress(es).

The Talent Is Tasty

Porn sites are nothing without a bevy of beautiful babes. Of course, VIPISSY has great looking girls on their site and a huge variety of them. Seriously, there are gals with tiny tits or gorgeous gonzongas, you’ll see tight waists and thick hourglass figures, and all manner of hair colors.

Curiously, most of the girls tend to be white, so if you’re looking for differently melenated women, you’re going to have a hard time finding a ton of videos featuring those kinds of females. However, there is some decent selection when it comes to age range. Of course, most of the girls tend to be on the younger side, but there are some taut, MILF type women, too.

Check Out The Trailers…

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that a ton of premium porn sites have, at best, only a few previews which you can see. That and, while titillating, the said previews don’t really show off that much. Fortunately, VIPISSY doesn’t shy away from showing off what they have to offer. So, if my descriptions aren’t graphic enough for you, go and check out VIPISSY’s previews, then read the rest of what I have to say.

…Then Join Up And Have Fun

Now that I’m sure that you are convinced how great VIPISSY is you’ll love to know that membership is even more affordable than other websites. If you’ve read other stuff on my site, you’ll find that most of the premium sites I review tend to cost about $30 a month. Usually, you can save some cheddar by getting a longer membership; however, VIPISSY is priced at a rate which makes the competition look piss poor.

A standard thirty-day subscription costs only $14.95, a three-month membership breaks down to only $10 per month, and an annual membership ends up costing only $6.00 a month. If you want to experiment with a subscription, a two-day trail costs about three bucks and a lifetime membership is only around $400.

Payment can be made securely using major credit cards or through PayPal, and as a nice bonus with a membership, you also get newsletters.

What Do I Really Think?

To recap what I’ve said — especially for those of you who skipped through the main part of the review — VIPISSY is the bee’s knees. After all, there are hundreds of hot honeys either getting pissed on, doing the urinating, or both. When it comes to the variations on the golden colored theme, you’ll find all sorts of other fucking fun and fascinating fetishes. From licking streams of urethral leakings to more tame stuff like dildo play, you’ve got a great selection to choose from.

To be sure, this site does have some problems. For one, since it is a fetish site, you would think that they would highlight all of the variations you’d see here via a category section. Even if you don’t consider this to be a specialty site, there are several recurring acts you’ll see which add to the hot, wet action. Unfortunately, they still haven’t added one.

Besides that, while the site does look great; overall, I have noticed a few minor issues with the site design. For one, if you look at the desktop version, sometimes the menu and other objects on the page don’t render properly if a window is compressed. Further, while there’s no one issue, the mobile version of the site could use some polish, too.

But in spite of all of this, VIPISSY is still definitely a great site worth checking out. After all, this is one of the best pee porn palaces on the web — and there are tons of tits, clear piss pouring all over the place, and hot, hard fucking to enjoy.

All things considered, I give VIPISSY four out of five urine soaked hands, and certainly recommend that you check it out if piss porn is for you. Even if it isn’t, I’d still say you should check it out. After all, even I have a membership with this site, and you know my tastes are top notch.

So, click on over to VIPISSY, get a trial membership, and see what I’m talking about. And don’t forget to tell them who sent ya.

The king of porn commands it.

ThePornDude likes ViPissy's

  • All of the hundreds of videos are all shot in high quality
  • Besides the vids, the photo galleries are far worthy, too
  • There are hundreds of hot models to choose from
  • Paid membership is exceptionally affordable

ThePornDude hates ViPissy's

  • The number of social features are highly limited
  • I think that they should add a category section, too
  • Some of the web design both on desktop and mobile could be improved