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Updated on 15 January 2022
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When it comes to ThePornDude and the usual content we talk about in here, you will find that we usually don’t care that much about things such as piss and shit. I mean, this kind of thing should be a given on most occasions. Sure thing…fart jokes are funny and all that if you’re drunk enough, but this is an entirely different dimension of interest that we’re talking about in here. First off, while fart jokes might be funny to you after a bottle of vodka, there are some people who will find them to be sexually stimulating even when they are completely sober. Hell, even getting drunk won’t change things for them. Not even a little bit. Now, there are also people out there who are into getting peed on or even observing people while they pee into the toilet. You can be very specific when it comes to things like this, and it’s pretty weird. For example, some men will only get turned on if they see a girl peeing into a glass toilet where they can see everything happen with on obstructions. Then, some men want to stare at women in public while they pee in places that are supposed to be out of reach for the average person. When you gotta go, you just gotta go, and when you do end up answering the call of nature, some perverts would even like to pay you real cash on the spot for an occasion to look at your empty your guts on the concrete. It’s really weird and hard to understand for the majority of us, but we try not to be too judgemental up in here, so let’s not talk about the possible moral issues when it comes to watching people pee…if there are any. We are here only to talk about business, and that’s literally it.

<h3>First things first</h3>

Now that you’ve discovered PissJapanTv.com, you surely know what this page right here is all about, right? In the name of the website, we find that there are little to no reasons for you to think way too much about what could possibly be creeping between the header tabs of this page. It’s pretty obvious that you will get to see the cutest chicks east Asia has to offer peeing all over the place. However, there are still many, many questions that must be answered as soon as possible, so we’re not going to stretch this review out way too much, and we’re going to take this issue on right now.

First off, if there’s anything that isn’t considered to be a top-priority topic that in here, that’s the looks of the page. However, you can never really say that they do not matter at all, now, can you? Well, it’s obvious that you can’t be like that when it comes to porn websites. If you are a true fan of pornography, you will dissect the porn websites themselves, and the videos in the absolute same manner. We know that the looks of the website add to the experience quite a bit, and so, we must talk about the looks.

The very first thing that you are confronted by is the warning that blocks the homepage out for you. At this point, the happenings of PissJapanTv.com are explained to you, and the only thing you need to do is click on the “enter here” button in the middle of the page. See how this button is so much bigger than the “exit now” button? Well, there is a great reason as to why this is. Now that the website has opened up in front of your eyes, the fun can finally begin.

You find out about all the kinds of pornography you get to find on the page right away. The ad at the top of the page just switches around, and various pee porn categories are shown to you. We find out that spy cams are a common thing here, videos of women peeing in public are also common. However, there are even some super freaky videos on this page that are all about girls peeing on each other at so-called pee parties. Now, I’ve seen all kinds of things in my lifetime…but this is pretty fucking weird, to be quite honest. Peeing on each other at parties is some depraved bourgeois bullshit, that’s for sure.

Of course, there are also movies where women pee their own panties and shorts and then show them off to us. Then, it should be mentioned that you get to see the date when these movies were added to the page, too. Right next to this date, we get to see the rating of the movie you’re about to watch. PissJapanTv.com uses a 5-star rating system, which is actually one of my favorites. While you watch these lasses wet their panties, you’re free to tick one of these blank stars and turn them red. This is how you are supposed to help PissJapanTv.com filter out the bad movies and focus on the stuff that you like the most.

<h3>Everything comes with a price</h3>

Now, that we’ve found all these things out…it must be made clear to you that videos of tiny chicks getting their pubes moist with their own urine come with a price. Of course, movies can not be purchased individually, and that’s not a system you will see on a porn website anytime soon. The way PissJapanTv.com works is rather conventional. A monthly payment is exactly what’s required to get the right kind of pornography. Do you think that you want to waste cash on something like this? Seeing as most pee fetishists are quite depraved (aren’t we all?), it is pretty obvious that plenty of you folks will be more than willing to throw your dosh away and get you some top-quality erotica from one of the best Japanese porn websites that actually don’t have anything to do with the country itself! This website right here is actually a western one, if it wasn’t obvious by now. God knows who actually came to the idea that western white men would like to see east Asian lasses pee their panties…but boy oh boy, did this work. Who could have said that capitalism creates both the supply and the demand? We never knew that we needed porno movies like this until the dominant economic system told us so!

<h3>You’re busted!</h3>

Have you dealt with your shameful desires? At this point, ThePornDude would like to assume that you’ve done so, as someone who has been reading so much about pee fetishes must have some sort of interest in the things that PissJapanTv.com has to offer. Now, head out to the member’s area will reveal that there is actually so much more to discover about this website right here. After all, it’s not only pee fetish movies in here…there are plenty of other movies. Maybe we should talk about numbers a bit more? Around 1000 scenes and 500 photo sets is what you get to see in here if you purchase a premium account. So, what are you waiting for?

<h3>The land of plenty and the land of the free</h3>

No…we’re not talking about two separate websites right here in a pretentious manner. We are talking about PissJapanTv.com and what they have to offer. The page is very easy to navigate, and you surely won’t be having any issues when it comes to navigating this website. There are also tons and tons of movies here, and they all have these short previews that play when you hover above the thumbnails with your cursor, which is pretty nice. Does this get you excited? It should. Hell, even though this kind of thing is not my cup of tea, I am considering checking this website out a few more times just because it looks real good. That’s how you gain a customer!

ThePornDude likes PissJapanTV's

  • Tons of amazing content
  • The page is pretty easy to navigate
  • There are no ads popping up to bother you!

ThePornDude hates PissJapanTV's

  • While the website isn't hard to use, it could use some eye candy...just this one time!
  • Maybe you could come through with some categories or something of the sort.