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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Today, I have a site that most probably got its name from a really stupid pun, which is incredible. You see, even the Japs don’t surprise me anymore. Their levels of weirdness are incredible, but my mind is even more so. So, eventually, I got used to it all. But, what HentaiHand.com can offer you is far beyond disgusting and weird. It’s actually just your usual hentai site filled with comics. And you can also use your hands to masturbate to them, hence the shittiest pun in the universe. But, without dragging this on for too long, let’s just get into the review, before I die from the stupidest joke ever, or you realize how wrecked my brain must be since I’m laughing to this.

First impressions

So, HentaiHand.com looks just like your regular hentai site. Honestly, nothing too special too it. Luckily, the site is not filled with ads, which is always a bonus point. Other than that, you simply have some excellent navigation options on the top, and the rest are just comics neatly lined up on the site. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that this is either an artist’s catalog or some kind of a Japanese bikini drawings site. The most important thing is that that perverted vibe is there for sure. The color is neutral, so it really does give out that Japanese vibe you know? Like a chick that lacks any real personality and seems stable. But she is actually really deranged underneath all of that.


Navigation is as simple as taking a big dump after a fresh cup of coffee. For example, the first option is the tags, which we will discuss later, in a section of this review specially dedicated to them. Other than that, you have artists. The way HentaiHand.com organized them is pretty much the most efficient way to do that ever. It’s from A to Z, making it seem like some sort of a Japanese database on protestants, similar to what is happening in Hong Kong right now. Except these guys will only get arrested for distributing obscene material, not getting into fights with the police. But who knows? If you’re crazy enough to waste your life away drawing naked girls, then you might as well be mad enough to do anything else in this world.

Other exciting options on HentaiHand.com are the characters and the parodies. Now, one interesting thing about the characters is that there really are a lot of them. Every other section of the site is also alphabetically organized, but the difference is in something else. It’s how thorough they are and what they truly can offer. Whoever runs HentaiHand.com, really either knows their shit, or they spend the whole day jerking off to unrealistic things. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, and their shit is still good. The other option that I mentioned are the parodies, and I have no idea what these are. I mean, really? Am I on the Sponge Bob official site, or am I here to find some weird shit to touch my wiener to? But, maybe some people are sexually into mixing humor with sex. If that’s the case, you can always read my reviews.

The other two options are the relationships and the groups. Now the groups are okay, it’s just multiple people who have a few things in common, and they’re here to draw. Usually, they produce good comics as well. But the relationships on HentaiHand.com are simply something that I wish I could erase from my memories. Aside from obvious boyfriend-girlfriend, or the kinkier teacher-student links, you also have some other more disturbing ones. For example, incest. EVERY fucking kind of it. Mother-son, brother-sister, and every different combination that I’m too disgusted to ‘write out loud.’ I mean, is this some ancestry site on the internet, or is it a hentai site meant for relaxing with your member between your thighs, and in your hand?

The perks

The biggest perk that you get is basically all of this content for free. I know that most of y’all that are watching this shit probably still live with ya moms, but again. If you’re not ready to pay, then you really can’t complain. Imagine me coming into the store, getting something for free, and then complaining about it. That’s not called customer service, that’s called being a choosing beggar. And you don’t want to be that, especially not when products like these are around. Watching hentai in your twenties is already a bit lame unless you do it like once a year. So just chill out, register, and that’s it. From then on, you can simply read these comics in your free time, unless the Japanese government captures you in secrecy as you’re walking back home from work.

The categories, or the tags, whatever you want to call them

As everything else on HentaiHand.com is, the tags are alphabetically organized too. But, that does not have to be a bad thing. First of all, there are many tags. And it will take a while before you get to know all of them, which is the same as girls. You always need to find new ones. Of course, to actually find a cute girl, you have to dump sites like these. But okay, that’s a story for another time. Basically, before I actually explain what these are about, you will need to know one thing. Luckily, with Japanese content, it’s not polluted like the American content is. They still have mostly dual systems. And what I mean by that is male-female, and in this case, A-Z or the popular ones.

If you’d like to see what the masses are into, or what’s popping in general, then you can go to the popular tags. There, you can find things like pantyhose, absolutely disgusting lolicon and also stuff like ‘gag.’ I guess that’s about gag reflex or something. I think even in the popular, they will pretty much show you every tag, and they will just place them by popularity ranks or something like that. Same as the Japanese beauty pageant contents. Only the best win. If they give it to the judge if you know what I mean.

If you choose the A-Z way of browsing, then you’ll find that multiple letters are already selected for you on HentaiHand.com. They’re either giving you a choice, or it’s some kind of a trap. To see whether you’ll click on the lolicon so that the FBI can comfortably arrest you. But, if you pass that test, you can simply pick one other letter and start browsing by that. Just don’t pick the letter C like I did, because then you’ll get the ‘chloroform’ tag, which kind of creeps me the fuck out, but that’s okay.

Registration and conclusion

If you’re looking to make HentaiHand.com your home, you can do that. The registration process is pretty simple, and it will not take more than a couple of seconds to finish it. You see, you can just think of a creative username and type it in. Then, just put in your email, which is always a necessity, and that’s it. Think of a stronger password, and then just type it in twice, as a way of confirming it. And that’s it, basically. All in all, if we’re talking about HentaiHand.com, we can emphasize a couple of things. First of all, the content is good, and that’s the most important thing. Even if you’re the most hardcore pervert out of them all, this site will have something to satisfy you. There are numerous ways of browsing, and everything is free. The site is not even drowned in ads, so you can just imagine how fantastic everything is. I mean, as the city sleeps, there’s a dedicated hero out there, supplying mamma’s boys with the freshest material ever! Thanks to him, now they can safely abuse their meat until they collapse, and cry themselves to sleep. Thank you, whoever runs HentaiHand.com, sincerely thank you. Thanks to you, a specific part of our population can now convince themselves that they’re a bit less empty on the inside.

ThePornDude likes HentaiHand's

  • Good content
  • Only one ad
  • It's free

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  • The organization is a bit dull, and everything's the same
  • The design is a bland
  • No interesting options