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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are you into Asian chicks? Because now, I shall mostly be talking about these lovely beauties, so if they do not make your dick hard, I am not sure what the fuck to tell you… there are many other beauties for you to see out there, and you are more than welcome to browse other places. But, I think that it is obvious that fbjav.com is a site filled with Japanese hotties.

A simple place filled with JAVs.

You are about to see lots of hot Japanese porn videos, so are you ready? I am assuming that the people who stayed are the ones who appreciate the beauty of the hot Asian chicks, and if that is not you, then you might want to get the fuck away from this place. Personally, I think Asian chicks are the greatest gift to humanity and their pornographic content is like heaven on Earth; anyone who does not think the same is an idiot.

However, I also know that this is just my opinion and there are people who prefer other beauties instead. But that was more for those who are still here despite the fact that I already said that I shall only be talking about the hot Japanese chicks. Oh well. The overall look of the site is pretty nice, and a bit too simple. I think that it is not much wrong with the overall design, but they could have added some more spunk. I mean, there is a huge possibility that most of you fuckers will not really care for the site’s design since all you want is free content. Well, I am here to say that the design can matter almost as much as the content.

Again, I have to repeat, this also depends on the shit that you are into… but overall, I think that you will agree with me on this. A site with a good design and good content will have more traffic than one that only has good content. This is simply because people can be rather objective, and thus judge the site based on the overall presentation, instead of browsing to see what it has to offer.

Oh well… the homepage is quite addictive as it is. You will see lots of naughty shit that this place has to offer, and that is why I started browsing. There are many hot videos suggested, and they all featured the hot Japanese chicks we are all here to see and love. These lovely beauties are just incredibly hot, and I enjoyed watching and fapping to them a lot.

On top of the site, you have the usual listing options and all the shit that you will need, but that is as much as you get. There are no actual user features, none of that shit, which was a bit annoying. Usually, the free sites become better because of such crap that they have to offer, but I guess fbjav.com kind of fucking forgot to add that or some shit.

You will also have to get used to the annoying ads and all the shit that comes with a free site since this is a free fucking site… what the fuck did you expect? The content here is really neatly listed, compared to some other Asian porn sites I have visited, but at the same time, it still looks kind of messy. I am not sure how to explain it, but it really does not matter.

If you do not care what kind of content they have to offer, just visit the site and ignore the rest of the review. However, all the fuckers who are interested in the content, searches, and all that crap, are more than welcome to continue reading. I shall talk about all the important crap, just to cover everything I think you would be interested in.

Expect lots of censored videos and hot Asian chicks.

If you are new to these naughty kinds of videos featuring Japanese chicks, you might be confused when you see all the censored action, but that is what Japanese porn videos are mostly about. Censored shit. If you do not like to watch that kind of crap, well I have bad news for you because this site is mostly filled with videos that are censored.

That is kind of a sign that you are watching a Japanese porn video, and while I also do not understand why the fuck they have to do that, I’ve made my peace. As I was exploring everything, they’ve had to offer, I’ve realized that most of their videos are actually fucking movies, and that means that you have videos that are over 1h long.

Actually, the first video I opened featured three hot Japanese pornstars and it was a movie that lasted about 3h… so be prepared for that shit. If you do not like long videos, I am not sure you’ve come to the right place. However, I did find some clips that were a bit shorter, but most of them were actual DVDs or so to speak.

Then again, when it comes to Japanese porn videos, I forgive them everything… since I have a fetish for the lovely Asian chicks. These beauties are just incredibly hot, especially when they start moaning and expressing their love for dick. Here you have chicks of all shape and size, but most of them are neatly shaved, skinny and look quite young… you know, all the stereotypes.

The same shit applies to their content… you pretty much have a little bit of everything, and personally, I think that that is a good thing. You have horny Japanese chicks who love to share their husband, the petite beauties who love hardcore banging, or housewives who prefer a stranger’s dick. Of course, there are lots of videos here, so it all comes down to the shit you are looking for.

I mean, no matter how fucked up your taste might be, if there are some who can fulfill your needs it will definitely be the kinky Japanese people. The videos overall have a solid quality, and I think it could be better. However, I cannot really be mad when they offer full-length movies for free… so obviously the quality will not be the fucking best.

Some search options and other crap…

For the most part, what I have just mentioned is all that fbjav.com has to offer, and that is definitely not enough. You can see that their videos are not really the most popular clips out there, since there are not that many views on each of them, but they are definitely worth fapping to, believe me… I spent a lot of my free time stroking my pecker while enjoying their shit.

You will have a section with all the categories they have to offer, which I assume is an important aspect since everyone is into a different type of shit. I was happy to see that they offer all the usual categories, as well as the naughtier ones; you have squirting videos, toys, virgins, swimsuit, voyeur and so on. I think you get the gist.

You can also list the top Japanese videos this week if that is what you are interested in. Personally, I think that all the Japanese porn movies listed here are hot, and I think that you will love them as much as me. But as I have mentioned, this all depends on what the fuck you are searching for… since the JAVs can get rather interesting, to say the least.

At least the site is completely free, and you can watch and enjoy yourself as much as you want. There are many hot porn videos, and I am pretty sure that their content will be enough for a lifetime… not to mention that they are still updating. When it comes to their models, they actually have a section dedicated just to those lovely girls, so check them out.

When you choose a certain model, she will have all her naughty videos listed, but I wish they remodeled that page and allowed us to see what the beauty looked like beforehand… that could really help when browsing for a chick I want to wank off to. Overall, I think that fbjav.com is a great site for those who enjoy JAVs in general. You have a little bit of everything, and the Japanese beauties are always ready to get fucked hard. The site is a bit too simple but I think that even that works in their favor. So enjoy watching these lovely JAV movies and have some fun fapping.

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  • Free JAV site
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  • A bit too simple
  • Some Ads