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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Doujins (Doujin Moe)

Doujins (Doujin Moe)

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User Rating: is a hentai doujin site that does its job right. The site features thousands of free doujins and an easy to read layout that makes it convenient for fapping. doesn’t skimp on the Rule 34. Search just about any anime series you want and you’ll find a ton of the best doujins. Naruto, Fate, Resident Evil, and many more are featured, as long as the shit is from Japan. Sorry, but no Nickelodeon porn here.

The ads at are virtually nonexistent. It actually blows my mind that they don’t even have banner ads laying around.

Instead, makes its money through a premium membership model. Upgrading to premium will get you unlimited downloads, hentai movie downloads, access to more galleries, and access to exclusive doujins hosted by

Don’t worry, being a free member gives you plenty of goods also. When you have tens of thousands of doujins to fap to, do you really need even more?

I see that some of you are nodding yes. also features some epic audio doujins. Audio doujins are where you read the doujins as its being voice acted by some real life bitches. The quality was surprisingly good, and you get all the fuck and suck noises in good quality.

A rich community with active blog rounds out the site. The blog gives you random interesting porn news like Epic Games not allowing porn games on their online store. You’ll see plenty of comments both on their blog and their porn. also has an active Discord if you want to get in on the community. The front page even has random polls like “How much do you judge people you don’t know very well based on their reputation?”

I’m here to fap bitch, not ponder life questions. But either way, you can see puts a lot of thought and effort into their site.

A sweet modern layout has one of the best layouts I’ve seen. It is both modern and functional, making it easy to browse and find new porn. The image viewer is also smooth and pre-loads pages so you don’t have to wait for each page to load as you fap.

When you first enter, you’ll see a gallery of the latest updates. gives you 6-10 updates a day, which should keep most of you perverts happy out there.

Along with the thumbnail, you’ll also get the artist and type of content. In addition to doujin chapters, the site also has game CG sets, original series comics, and chapters from hentai magazines.

Along the top are the main links, which include Series, Artists, Top Rated, Tags, Blog, Movies, Requests, Comments, and Discord. Pretty self-explanatory stuff, overall.

Luckily, each of these galleries also let you sort by Popularity, rather than just by name. With thousands of titles represented, you’ll want to sort by Popularity to quickly find the best shit for a character or series.

The Requests section is a cool leaderboard vote system for the doujins that people want in English. You’ll need to be a member to vote, but it’s nice that the community picks the new porn that they have translators working on.

When you click on a doujin, you’ll be sent to the main page for the chapter. You’ll see the title at top with the translator name, as well as download link, slide show link, favorites button, and rating. At the bottom is a comment box as well. has a pretty sweet image viewer, although I didn’t see any support for list view. The image viewer preloads the pages, so clicking from page to page is super smooth and fast. This makes reading a breeze.

It’s always a pain in the ass when you have to wait for each page to load, which is typical on other doujin sites.’s modern image viewer is way better, making reading as painless as possible.

One last thing to note: has a sister site called The Movies link at the top actually just sends you to this sister site, which is also pretty convenient for watching hentai movies.

All the best anime bitches

Every major anime character is well represented at Popular franchises include Fate Grand Order, Dragonball, Idolmaster, Pokemon, My Hero Academia, and a lot more.

Each series has a ton of doujins as well as CG art. Some of the content might be restricted to premium members only though, so keep an eye out for that.

Of course, there is a ton of original doujins as well. There are over 500 CG sets for original series, and over 2,000 doujins. also features huge galleries for hentai game sets and hentai magazine chapters. I don’t know who they got translating all these hentai magazine scans, but god bless them all.

To talk a little about what they don’t have: you won’t find any Western characters or 3D porn here. If you search “Marvel”, for example, you’ll get a handful of chapters, but you’ll see they are all drawn in anime style.

What I Like has zero ads. That’s the main thing you need to know because how the fuck does a porn site today actually not feature ads? I’d be amazed if their premium membership pulls enough cash to pay for everything.

Anyway, it’s a big deal and really helps make a great porn site.

I also like their image viewer. Typically, I only like List View because I like to see all the pages at once, making it easy to read vertically. doesn’t have that feature, but its image viewer is great either way. Since all the pages are preloaded, you won’t waste time downloading each image as you read a comic. The viewer is really smooth also, and the lack of ads makes the experience great.

The collection of Rule 34 is fantastic. Every major anime franchise is well represented, and you’ll be fapping to all your childhood heroes like Nami and Android 18.

I like that the community decides which new doujins become translated. This means that the site has strong exclusive content that people actually have demands for. has a cool blog that has legitimate discussion. It shows you that the site creator is a true fan of porn and hentai, and keeps up to date with industry shit. I’m more of the type that just wants to get in, fap, and get out, but I always appreciate a man dedicated to his artform, even if that is watching anime bitches get raped.

What I Hate

Not much to gripe about here frankly.

I think it wouldn’t hurt for to expand to Western comics, webcomics, and CGI porn.

This is especially true cause the site has so much Rule 34. If they had some Nick cartoons or Disney bitches also, it would flesh things out.

A lot of doujin sites do this and it never was negative in my experience. I’d love to get access to more content here since there are no ads and navigation is a breeze.

It’d also be cool if had a list view function for the comic. Like I said the image viewer is solid, but I still prefer vertical view when it comes to reading doujins.

That popup in the beginning is annoying is a great site, but could use some tweaks.

First, you might get turned off at the registration popup when you first visit. You don’t have to sign up, but it’s annoying the site makes you feel like it’s required.

When you run into this registration portal over and over, it can get annoying.

I also wish they would remove the download limit for free users. People don’t spam downloads that much, do they? Free users are limited to ten downloads a month, and that’s only after you register to the site.

Finally, I did encounter some server issues for some of the porn here. Could just be my internet though, but I’d have times where I need to refresh for the site to go through.

Some serious potential

Overall, is really fucking solid. They give you a premium experience, hoping that it will motivate you to buy their premium membership as they keep growing. The site has some cool shit like the audio doujins that you won’t find in many other places.

The site is very modern and has no ads. The developers are way better than your typical Pajeets, which is great when so many porn sites still look like they were made in Geocities.

The mobile site was also as good as the desktop version. Browsing was fast and fluid, just like how I like my bitches.

If you want no bullshit fapping happy time, look no further than it should have enough hentai sex action to satisfy the majority of you. Free clean fun with anime babes, what could go wrong?

ThePornDude likes Doujins (Doujin Moe)'s

  • Slick image viewer, with slideshow support
  • Tons of Rule 34 doujins

ThePornDude hates Doujins (Doujin Moe)'s

  • Download requires registration, with download limit if you aren’t a premium member
  • Rule 34 is limited to anime characters