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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Looking to have some fun chatting up sexy girls that may be down to fuck online? No problem, pal. The internet is full of hot girls you can sex chat with, who will put your pick up lines and flirting skills to the test. I’m talking about hot naughty girls that love to have (private) sexual conversations with horny guys like you looking for a dose of dirty talk to satisfy your hungry lust demons. Who knows, if you are suave enough you might just get your dick wet. How does that sound?

Now the problem with online dating and sex chat sites is finding the right one. You don’t want a website that purports to connect you with horny sexy lasses, but in reality, it’s filled with the dick carrying members of the society. Towards that end, I’m about to review an online dating service that uses the Chat Roulette principle. This site, called, claims to be the #1 Video Chat with Girls Online. These guys have been around since 2011 and have obviously learned a trick or two about the trade, little wonder they are raking in millions of visits per month. So, why is this place gaining popularity so quickly, and why are horny freaks falling over themselves to use this service? Let’s find out.

Real girls only

Nothing spoils the fun like visiting a sex chat site only to discover it’s filled with dick carrying freaks. I mean, that was largely the case with Chat Roulette, which initially seemed like a fucktastic idea only to be confined to other similar platforms that were nothing but random dick generators. Chatting with random strangers is all fun and games until you find yourself chatting up some horny fucking dude. That’s some fucking gay shit.

Well, the early signs at CooMeet are promising. The sexy lasses on the welcoming page are so pretty, which is what I’d expect of a site trying to suck you in. But if it’s a sign of things to come, I must confess I was really impressed. I’m not saying you’ll exclusively be sex chatting with professional models, but I’m not writing that off either. The site is all about online video dating, social networking, and messaging strangers online.

I liked the free webcam video that doesn’t even bother you with registration. All you do is click on a button and watch as random girls pop up. You don’t even have to like them. Just hit the button again, and another hot girl appears. You can repeat the game until you find a girl sweet enough for you. I told you CooMeet functions like Chat Roulette, but this time you can look forward to girls and not a bunch of dicks. The site promises that the girls are verified, and from the look of things, they target horny dudes. There are plenty of girls wherever you look, and while it seems odd that there would be so many girls looking to hook up with random dudes instead of vice versa, I can only give my full verdict after a careful examination of the chat process.

Ready to play?

When I first landed on CooMeet, I was prompted to try their services for free without having to register. When I picked that option, they asked me for my gender before a warning that I must be 18+years to use their services. Yeah, suckers. I’m a fucking grown up with a steel pair of balls. Anyway, it’s pretty standard stuff, although I’ve never seen how that prevents underage freaks from accessing such services. Like, look at me, I’m 16, and I’m on an adult site, and you can’t do shit about it. Anyway, once you agree to the Terms and Conditions, you are ready to join the party.

The first thing you do is allow CooMeet access to your computer’s webcam and microphone. Make sure you are well-groomed before rearing your ugly poker face on any of the girls, or you might scare them away. The next prompt is for you to find someone to chat with where you can start searching or use the checkbox to ‘see only the best.’ However, that option is solely for registered users or those with at least 200 minutes. Well, I don’t have either, so I guess I have to make do with the uglier whores.

I clicked on Start Searching, and after a while, a girl named Marina_Sexy was online and ready to chat. However, as a non-registered member, I had to wait for a countdown of about 4 minutes before I could chat with her. That’s when I realized free things can be expensive; for starters, the girl didn’t want to voice chat, and I had to use text. Therein came another challenge; I only kept getting a ‘not sent’ message and a link to the sign-up page. Anyone with the semblance of a functioning brain can see the trick; these fuckers badly want you to sign up to make the best of the experience, and the promise of free chat was nothing but a gimmick to entice you into signing up. That’s some pretty fucked up shit if you ask me.

The cost of registration

Now that we’ve figured out the only way to enjoy the service is by paying the fuck up let’s take a look at their pricing regime. It turns out CooMeet is not the most expensive webcam chat sites around. The site sets you back some $5 a month (50% discount). A 3-month membership is available at $9 while you can opt for the 3-day trial for $2.

I’m not the kind that jumps straight into the deep end without testing the waters first which is precisely why I picked the trial option. You get three days and 10 minutes of video chat, which is not something they had indicated on the sign-up page. Why are these fuckers keeping these incentives to themselves?

Anyway, you will have to confirm your bank card, which struck me as odd as I’ve never been subjected to, such in my many years’ experience with such sites. They even make you log into your bank account to see how much they’ve frozen. You bunch of sneaky bastards. It turns out these guys had also given me some 20 messages as part of my trial package. Their arrangement is you get 2 messages for every minute you spend, although I was disappointed not to get unlimited messages. I mean, the trial is supposed to be a microcosm of how the site works. I expected free chatting, but it appears the 3-day trial doesn’t come with that.

You can buy minutes

If you exhaust all your minutes, use the Buy Minutes button to add more talk time where the cheapest option is the six-hour package that will set you back $100. Alternatively, you could pick the $2 for ten minutes package and talk your way into being a broke ass motherfucker. Oh, the bad news doesn’t end there. I spent several minutes trying to figure out how to cancel my subscription before they automatically rebilled me, and I ran into a few challenges. It appears the answer was under their User Agreement section after all, but I only came across that piece of information after furiously looking for answers on Google. I don’t know why they would make such important info so hard to locate. If you want to cancel your subscription, the best course of action is to email these guys, which is nowhere near the best option.

Nudity is disappointingly scarce

Even with minutes and messages and all that shit, you will have to be on top of your fucking game to see as much as a side boob. For a guy used to plenty of adult action, this was another disappointment. This site will only appeal to you if you are looking to video chat with a hot girl, but if you are looking to see the girls play with dildos and finger their dripping wet pussies for you, sorry buddy, but your horny needs would be better off taken care elsewhere. This is by and large a dating and social media site, and if you see some minimal nudity, consider yourself a lucky bastard.

Things to love about CooMeet

Loads of sexy girls; you will have a decent line up of hot girls to chat with, the majority of whom are verified.

Cost friendly; the subscription prices are pretty reasonable compared to similar sites.

Free trial; the site allows users to chat with hot girls for free before grabbing a membership.

Possible concerns

Limited free trial; you won’t be able to do much if you are using the site for free with sending messages proving especially problematic.

Canceling membership is a piece of work; you will struggle to come across information on how to cancel your membership.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s it from me as far as CooMeet is concerned. If you are looking for some nice, hot girls to video chat with, this is the place to be. However, with nudity coming at a premium, what happens with the girl solely depends on how on point your game is. All the best.

ThePornDude likes CooMeet's

  • Loads of sexy girls
  • Cost friendly
  • Free trial

ThePornDude hates CooMeet's

  • Limited free trial
  • Canceling membership is a piece of work