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Updated on 15 January 2022
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User Rating:! 75K live porn aired every single day! Sounds fucking amazing! The last two sentences are probably enough to encourage you to visit asap, but I wouldn’t be the dude if I didn’t seize the chance to bullshit some more! Embrace yourselves, mothafuckers! I am gonna take you on a journey to, the best live show joint that you have ever seen! Am I exaggerating? The only way to find out is to stick around and read this review to the end. Here we go!

Where to start?

Webcam joints tend to be a bit on the cluttered side, and is no exception to the rule. On the left side of the homepage, I saw the list of recommended shows, while the right side presented top models and top viewers. The thing that caught my attention was a thumbnail showing mega, huge, colossal, cosmic tits with huge nips that stared right at me. I have to admit that the thumbnails on are damn hot! Ok, I am horny as hell, but that is not the point of this review.

Further down the homepage, I saw something resembling the about us section. To cut the story short, hosts thousands of sex shows that are live. While browsing around, I noticed the Contact us section, clicked on it, and was taken by surprise. Better said, I was fucking stoked! Namely, my dear mothafuckers, has live chat support! Yeah, you heard me! Not only does this joint allow visitors to watch sexy sluts in action for free, but they are available to solve all of their issues via live chat support!’s support agents respond in less than three minutes! Let me tell you something! I have a shitload of experience with all sorts of websites, from the shittiest to the best of them. If there is one thing that I love about websites, it is the live chat support! It is an incredible boost to user experience and an unmistakable signal that a website is a top-notch one!, you fucking nailed it!

How to watch hot performers in action?

To begin with, you can choose if you want to watch girls, trannies, group shows, or spy shows on Of course, I am gonna explore the chicks first. On top of the shows in this section, you will see tags like blonde, big tits, redhead, big ass, and so on. One thing that was annoying is that I had the feeling there were more tags on the right of the screen, but I couldn’t see them for some fucked up reason.

I chose the newest live show at the time of this review and ended up watching a bomb brunette in white lingerie. She was busy chatting with a bunch of fuckers, and I was a bit surprised that I was actually able to watch the show and I still haven’t signed up. That’s when a message popped up, notifying me that my time was up and that I needed to become a member of to continue watching the slut. Creating an account on is 100% free, and it’s fucking simple. All you have to do is enter your username and email and wait for the confirmation email. It takes a couple of seconds and doesn’t cost a single dime.

As a member, I got the chance to come back to the brunette and discover more stuff about her. She is a 22-year-old Latina whose hobby is studying. See, not all chicks on are brainless sluts! Some of them actually have the potential to change this corrupted, chauvinist world as soon as they stop stripping and rubbing their cunts for money in front of a bunch of strangers. I spend one cherry (currency on on sending one gift to the Latina nerd, just to encourage her to keep pursuing her dreams. The most expensive gift I could choose was a private jet that costs one thousand cherries, but I knew that a smart hottie like this doesn’t care for material stuff. What an inspirational story!

Let’s talk about business now

Yeah, you fuckers got the point! You can watch live shows without having to spend a single dime, and you can use filtering tools to find the show of your dreams. If you choose to, you can spend money on buying virtual gifts, but you can send messages for free. That’s about it! Now, let’s see what this platform is capable of in terms of allowing people to earn some cash. The first thing that I should note is that a person can sign-up to as a studio or a model.

If you run a studio that shoots adult movies or deals with live shows, you can sign-up to and enjoy all of its perky. Namely, the platform promises high-quality traffic, the possibility to manage multiple accounts under one account, and allows studios to set up their prices and payouts. Basically, with you don’t have to worry about traffic or user experience. Your job is to throw the best shows for the audience.

As a model, the principle is simple. Once again, your only concern is to please the audience and attract as many horny fuckers as possible. The most obvious way to earn money as a model on is to get tips. On top of that, you can join a referral program and earn even more money by attracting other models to If you manage to get more models to, you will get a 15% cut of all earnings this model makes, and $100 for every new model you bring to The more you work, the more money you make.

Earn some money and spend it on hoes

I expected this review to be way sexier. Somehow, it all came down to bullshitting about the money. Well, sometimes reviews get a mind of their own, developing uncontrollably, and there is nothing I can do about it. That is exactly why you love my writings. I don’t think a lot before I write something. I just go with the flow.

Now, you need to earn some greens to convince sluts on to show their pussy lips, right? Why not join an affiliate program and earn a commission by promoting Don’t give me that crap about how you are just a horny dude who doesn’t have a website. Shut the fuck up! Anyone who has an account on social media platforms can put a banner or a post to attract more members to a website. You need to sign-up, wait until you get the promo tools, and then promote the shit out of Support agents are there 24/7 to help you out.

Now, the easy part. To tip the girls, you need to top up your account with tokens. To do so, you can use your credit card or make the payment via a wire transfer or Epoch. You will have to pay $9.99 to get 100 tokens and $99.99 for 1.150 tokens. Of course, you need to visit and find out the prices for other token packages. As a VIP member, you get a badge that distinguishes you from cheapskates in the chatrooms, unlock the private messages option, gain access to VIP gifts, and the chance to become a moderator.

Back to square one

No matter how hard all of us try to focus on the business aspect of the adult biz, it all comes down to one thing – slutty chicks. They are the reason we come to XXX websites in the first place, and everything else is just a bonus. So, let’s brush up our memory on what is all about. gathers the best of hotties from all around the world and allows them to show their sexiness and talent in front of webcams. Guys come to watch the shows, interact with the models, and spice up their lonely nights. The chicks have fun, enjoy the attention, and earn some cash. As simple as that! Stop overthinking it! Stop reading this review and enter in your browser. Believe me, it’s time well spent! So long, fuckers!

ThePornDude likes's

  • Thousands of live shows aired every day
  • You don't have to pay to watch live shows
  • A number of ways to earn money as a model or a studio

ThePornDude hates's

  • You have to become a VIP member to unlock more perks
  • You need to buy gifts to get the models' attention
  • Amateur models