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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Though I don’t know how it feels like to jerk off alone, since I can literally get as much pussy as I want, I do know that it must be hard on you guys. That’s why every now and then I review one of these free cam sites so that you can jerk off in the presence of hot girls while they’re on their webcam! Of course, they won’t be able to see you, but they definitely will know that you’re there with them. I mean, the whole point of the chicks over at is that they are live and masturbating for your pleasure while you’re watching them at that very moment. It just makes the entire porn experience that much nicer in my opinion.

Modern vibe and aesthetic

But enough of all that hullabaloo (sounds British doesn’t it?) it’s time to delve into what really has to offer and whether or not you should be wasting your time with this site. I mean, aren’t there like a billion other free cam sites out there just waiting for you? And don’t those sites have thousands upon thousands of cam girls for you to check out? As far as I know, they even have males and even trannies for you to watch. So why waste your time with in the first place? Well, there are several reasons that you might want to do that. Let’s cover what this place has to offer and see whether it will meet your expectations.

First of all, this place has a nice aesthetic vibe to it. It has one of those more modern designs that not everyone is used to. If you ask me, this place is one of the most modern cam sites that you’ll ever come across. And I don’t just say that because of the way it looks, it just has one of the most interesting and modern approaches to the cam site genre when it comes to functionality as well. Here’s what I mean by that, and don’t worry, I’ll get back to the design of the site as well. The thing I mean when I say that has one of the most modern approaches to the cam site genre is the fact that they just have so few features listed straight off the bat and instead opt for a simpler approach.

Start jerking off immediately

The moment you get onto, you’ll immediately be able to see one of the cams that you wanted to when you got on the site in the first place. So, this means that you don’t have to go through any bullshit searches or browse through endless lists of chicks. However, if what you get isn’t what you wanted on, you can always search through the database of chicks and dudes to get a concise list of some of these cams which all vary in the way they perform and their genre. That means that you’ll get a good variety of chicks to choose from when it comes to what this site has to offer.

Actually, first, you’ll get to choose whether you want a chick or a dude on your cam when you get on If you’re someone like Porn Geek, then you might be opted to choose the guys cause you’re such a big fan of dicks. But if you’re someone as strong and macho as me, then there’s nothing better than seeing a good pussy being played with and you’ll choose the chick option. Once you see that girl and what she has to offer, you can keep watching her, or you can go on the option to search for more of these cams and then you’ll have a modest selection of cam girls to choose from again.

It’s all about simplicity here

Why is it a modest selection? Well, you see, is going with the logic that you shouldn’t be wasting your time by browsing through an endless supply of these cam girls. And don’t get me wrong, there are still so many of these chicks to choose from on But what this site doesn’t want you to do is just spend an endless amount of time clicking on cams and then just settling on one. Just choose one in the genre that you prefer and start jerking off along with the chick on the site. You can always just do another search if you aren’t happy with what she has to offer and you’ll get a brand-new set of live cam girls to select from.

Of course, as I’ve already mentioned earlier, you still have the option to select from guys instead. If you’re gay, then don’t worry, hasn’t forgotten about you either. What I really like about is the fact that it gives you variety but it doesn’t clutter you and your performance on this site. Now that’s what I call a good user interface. I still think that there are some things that are missing because of this approach however. Of course, you don’t get the advanced filters. Those are either hidden or just aren’t on the main page of the site which really sucks when you think about it. All these other sites managed to incorporate that feature, but couldn’t? That’s just sketchy.

No dark mode available

There’s also no dark mode, so you’re stuck with this bright design throughout and that’s about it. Still, I think that the overall modern look and vibe of the site are good enough for you to use them and be very happy about what they have to offer. You still get all of the modern graphics and that’s already more than what some of these other sites can boast about when you think about it. At the end of the day, aren’t you always looking for a nice and slick look to whatever site you’re using? I know that I can’t use a site if it has shitty graphics and an old-fashioned design to it. I like new things since I’ve seen so many porn sites before.

Now, I know that you’re wondering about one crucial distinction when it comes to Are the cams any good? They’re high in quality, that’s for sure. Also, you’ll notice that the variety of the girls in question is quite high. That means that you’ll find chicks who are young and old, slim and big, brunettes and blondes, and so on. You’ve basically got every type of chick to choose from on here. I think that this is worth mentioning as well. And as I said, presents some pretty high-quality cams from the get-go which is a pretty nice sight to see since you won’t be looking at cams which are shot by potatoes. These are fleshed out performances that is presenting.

Simple and effective user interface

And sure, you sacrifice on some extra features, but that is not that bad when you take into consideration that the site has a very good user interface which will allow you to get straight into the action without wasting much time. So, none of that hullabaloo (damn that sounds British), you just start the cam that you want to watch and you start jerking off to it like only a real macho dude would. Or, you know, like a real gaywad would if you went for those male cams instead of the chicks. I’m not hating or judging, I’m just being factual here! It’s all about fact and logic with The Porn Dude.

All in all, is worth it in the end? Well, I think that it is. It sacrifices some of the conventional wisdom that goes with running cam sites and replaces it with some new features with the aim to simplify the experience and allow you to jump straight into action without wasting too much time on anything else. I can really respect that and I think that it’s really important when it comes to checking out what other new possibilities you can expect with other cam sites which are on the market today. Are they also going to start simplifying what they have to offer and become more mobile responsive? Only time will tell.

ThePornDude likes JerkMate's

  • Slick and modern design with really nice graphics
  • Emphasis on simplicity to get you started immediately
  • Mobile responsive user interface to take cams on the go

ThePornDude hates JerkMate's

  • Lack of crucial features such as an advanced filter
  • No dark mode for late-night live cam viewing
  • Every search gives you a limited number of cams