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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I talked to your mom today. She showed me her tits, turned around and smacked her ass, and then spread her legs and stuffed a dildo up her twat for me. I called her some dirty names and sent her a virtual cupcake worth real money to let her know how much I appreciate her. She told me to say hi. You should really call your mom, dude, or at least check out her shows on LiveJasmin. is one of the big boys of the webcam sex show game. The domain was registered way back in 2001. It was a big year for obelisks on the moon and an even bigger year for the obelisk in my pants. Most websites die a lonely death, but this one’s thriving. The formula seems simple enough, but LiveJasmin obviously has something the other cam shows don’t.

Where Have I Heard of This Before?

Be honest, where was the first place you ever heard of LiveJasmin? Did you google “naked sex cams” or “cheap live sluts”? Was it a friend who turned you on to this hive of depravity and exhibitionism? Were you looking for fresh flower deliveries and just guessed at the domain name? Or were you trying to beat off to anal porn movies on one of the free tubes and got a pop-up of a hot webcam girl offering free shows?

Spam is a fucked-up introduction to anything, but on the other hand, it is how I learned about Chinese boner pills and the diesel-powered machine currently sucking my dick. LiveJasmin’s worldwide raid on perverts with the spam cannon from hell has honestly been a pretty successful ad campaign. The site gets nearly 400 million monthly visits, making it one of the most popular websites in the world.

The main page lays out a huge part of the formula. Most of it is taken up by a grid of cam previews, each one showing a picture of the slut giving the performance. Hover over an image and get a peek into the live show.

The default view shows Girls, Recommended first. (Trannies are listed under Boys.) There is a thick booty Ebony bitch, a topless blonde who looks like an 80s supermodel, and a skinny MILF lounging in a bathtub. I see girls who look like amateurs and sluts who look like legit porn stars. Sexy Latina teens tart it up for the camera and one whore in bondage year pulls her own hair.

Pick Your Chick and Stroke Your Dick

I looked for a total number of girls connected, but I couldn’t find one. It’s got to be fucking enormous. You can keep scrolling down the screen basically forever. If the girls start repeating, I didn’t notice; I’m pretty sure there’s an infinite number of camwhores on LiveJasmin. A bunch of search filters lines the sidebar of the main page, to make it easier for you to narrow down your options.

The Category filter lets you choose from options like Celebrity, Newbie, Mature, Lesbian or Fetish. You’ve got the standard filters for Age, Ethnicity, Hair and Body Type, and the Language filter will ensure you don’t get a girl staring blankly while you type SPREAD HOLE over and over again.

Willingness is a measure of how kinky these broads are. Anal Sex, Squirt, Close-Up and sex toys are all on the menu. Choose a Striptease if you’re feeling mild or Submissive if you want to be king.

The Show Type and Price filters might help you stay on budget, but then again it’s a cam site so you never know. You can select Free, Private, Video or VIP, or get even more interactive with a slut who has Two-Way Audio or a VibraToy to let you buzz their pussies.

Which Way to the Free Titties?

If you’ve ever visited a cam site before, you already know what’s lurking in most of those previews. For the most part, you see a lot of beautiful women wearing almost nothing and doing almost nothing. The college girls, hookers, and BBWs are usually just sitting in bed or at a desk staring at the screen. Some checks look bored or annoyed, others giggle and keep up the banter with the perverts in the text chat.

Rearrange the girls by Most Popular and you’ll see a little more excitement. Women with a bunch of viewers already are more likely to be shaking their asses at the camera or chatting with their tops off. If you can get off to a gorgeous woman dancing in a seductive way, there are free orgasms aplenty on LiveJasmin.

I know you fuckers like to flash your dicks for free, but broads can charge, so they usually do. You can wait around in the free rooms hoping some other sucker will tip her enough to flash her clit, or you can click the START PRIVATE SHOW button to get her all for yourself. You bought credits, right?

Trading Real Money for Website Money

Like every other cam site, the big sign-up button on the front page says it’s FREE, but we already know the truth. You can load up your credits with credit/debit card or PayPal like a normal person, but they also take a variety of alternative currencies. Skrill, bitcoin, litecoin, and more than 50 different kinds of altcoins are accepted, just in case you blew your life savings on some nerd-ass fake Internet money. You can also use those gift cards your grandma gave you for school supplies.

LiveJasmin’s fake money system breaks down to a little more than one USD per credit, with slightly better deals if you’re buying big bundles of them. They often give you bonus credits based on how or when you buy them, so keep your eye open instead of just clicking blindly. Right now, just using PayPal earns you a few extra coins.

Every credit breaks down into a hundred pieces, like a dollar or euro, and you’d better believe these bitches are keeping the change. The question is how far those credits go. Well, it depends on how you spend them. Check out that Price filter at the side. There are women here charging under one credit per minute and others charging 10.

Show Me Your Pussy and Take My Money

I filtered my options down to 18 to 22 year-olds with Big Tits. I shot for the lower end at 1.99 to 2.99 credits. LiveJasmin still came back with a seemingly infinite number of broads, but it was a start at least. I added Redhead to my query and it didn’t seem to shrink the number at all. I did notice that a lot of these chicks didn’t have red hair, so I guess the filters don’t always work. No matter, I saw a Latina named DemmiAstor already shaking her naked tits in the free room. She covered her nipples, a masterful tease.

Demmi took her hands off once I got her in a Private room. I told the cute Colombian to turn around and shake that marvelous ass, so she did. She smacked it and moaned, and I couldn’t help throwing her a tip.

This girl aimed to please. She fingered her shaved pussy at the camera and giggled. I was really into her tits, so she spat on them and fucked them with a dildo.

I kept glancing around the page, trying to figure out how many credits I had left. I’m not sure if I missed it or if it wasn’t there. LiveJasmin finally gave me a countdown when I had 120 seconds left. It seems intentional; if you don’t know how quickly you’re burning through them, you’ll burn them faster.

The biggest problem with LiveJasmin is the same issue you run into on any site with camwhores. When the free shows aren’t enough, there’s a good chance you’ll end up paying a lot of money to get one of these beauties to act out your fantasies. My date with DemmiAstor costed almost what I’d pay for a month at a membership site.

If you got cash to spend, and you’d like to spend it on a WebCam slut, this is one of the best places to find one. LiveJasmin gets enough traffic to ensure you can find your perfect girl at any time of the day or night. The free shows are largely toothless, but credits will make your wet dreams come true.

ThePornDude likes LiveJasmin's

  • Seemingly unending selection of live sex cams
  • All kinds of babes doing all kinds of dirty stuff
  • “Free” shows
  • Extensive search filters

ThePornDude hates LiveJasmin's

  • Credits can get expensive
  • Search filters don’t always work
  • Hidden credit balance