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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Has your mom been trying to get you out of the basement, maybe meet a nice lady and go on a date? Well, I’ve got something even better for you. I’m not talking about hookers, at least not tonight. With even less effort, you can find a webcam slut to help you get off right now at MyFreeCams.

There are other free sex cam sites on the Internet, but is easily one of the biggest and most well known. The domain was registered way back in 2002, giving it Internet dinosaur status. This ain’t no tired and dying site, though. Last time I looked at the numbers, they were getting well over a hundred million visits a month.

Ugly and Old, but Full of Hot Young Chicks

One thing I notice about sites this old is sometimes they even look old. You’d think a site with as much traffic as MyFreeCams would update their look, but if it’s working more power to ‘em. The logo is basic text with a pretty chick behind it, passable but it doesn’t exactly scream 2019.

The layout and color scheme really gets me, though. Every element on the page is in a white bubble laid on top of a green, palm tree background. The extra-small thumbnails and tiny fonts, which include Comic Fucking Sans, makes the site look like a spam-link leftover from the MySpace era. There’s a button to make the thumbnails bigger, but it doesn’t fix those ugly fonts.

Most tube sites give you a preview image from each live show on the main page. On MyFreeCams, the default is a teeny, tiny profile pic instead. The information is very minimal: you see a username, plus links to Chat, Popup, PM, Profile and Menu. I have to wonder if they opt for this layout because of the sheer volume of camwhores. The page stretches on and on in an endless scroll.

The whole thing looks cluttered and ugly. As icing on the cake, a big message popped up at the top of the front page, explaining how to get the most out of the site:

“For higher video quality and more features, click here to enable Adobe Flash Player!”

There’s a good chance you’ll see that message, because people don’t always keep Flash installed anymore. When they do, they keep it disabled. Most big sites starting phasing it out years ago because it’s inefficient, insecure, and generally shitty.

If MyFreeCams didn’t have the reputation it does, the front page would send a lot of potential users scrambling. I’m sure there are still people who look at it and think, nah, I’m going somewhere else.

Me? I’ve jerked off to a filthy and crumpled Victoria’s Secret catalog I pulled out of the trash and taped back together. If the bitches are hot enough, I’m willing to do a lot to see them get naked, especially if the show is free. Some of these slutty profile pics are calling my name.

Holy Shit, That’s A Ton of Cam-Sluts!

The problem with thumbnails is they don’t really let you know what’s going on in the show. Sure, BridgetteXoXo might have a stunning ass in the thumbnail, but if she’s sitting on it in the show I’m out of luck. I’ve seen enough free sites to know a lot of the girls are going to be just sitting on their beds.

The first thing you should do when you’re browsing is hit the little video camera icon in the header. That gives you a live view into the rooms instead of just the profile pics.

Sure, enough, a lot of these girls are just sitting there. They are pretty consistently gorgeous, though. You can sometimes get them to take it all off if you’re a really smooth talker, but they’re much, much, infinitely more likely to fuck themselves for you if you’re tipping well.

In the corner of each preview is a camera icon. Hover over it and you’ll get some basic info and see the Room Topic. The info usually contains social media stuff like Instagram accounts, and maybe mentions that they get dirtier in private chats than public rooms. The Room Topics tend to be very specific, itemized menus of things they’ll do and how much they cost.

I know a lot of you library masturbators just X’d out of the window at the mention of spending money on a site with “free” in the title. Chill out, cheapskates. There’s a fucking ton of fun shit happening here that you don’t have to pay to watch.

A topless brunette is rolling around on her bed, her hand stuffed down her panties. There’s a fully naked, lithe babe all oiled up and typing on a keyboard in front of her, no doubt chatting with her viewers. One show has giggling babes slapping their bare asses, and there’s a nude and tatted babe hitting a bong while a life-size Chewbacca cutout looks on.

Let Me Tell You About This Free Cam Show

The Settings link in the header pulls up the Model List Settings menu. Here you can refine the chicks who show up on your front page. There are a bunch region filters, in case you’d prefer Americans to Euro sluts. Surprisingly, you can’t choose based on physical attributes or vile, indecent acts they’re willing to do on camera.

I joined a room where the Topic says “2022 till boobs!” I knew the camwhore, Ella, already reached that goal because not only are her tits out in the preview, but she’s got an O face and a vibrator held to her cunt.

Ella is cute as fuck, moaning and giggling as she continues masturbating and chatting at the same time. The chat room to the side is full of people, but they’re mostly just sending tips through. Even though I haven’t logged into the site, I can chat with my auto-generated temporary name, Guest70093. Well, at least I could until she muted the guests.

After a while, Ella got down on the floor, faced away from the camera, and bounced her ass for a couple of minutes. Then she had a sip of tea and got back to masturbating. She doesn’t seem to be faking the sexual pleasure, even while keeping up the conversation. This girl is special, and I really want to give it to her. I’ll have to settle for just the tip.

Make It Rain On These Sexy Bitches

If you don’t want to be a bum-ass jerk, you can tip the girls. Not only does it help pay their rent and keep them on the filthy sex cams, but there are other perks. They’re way more receptive to chatting with pervs like you if you’re loose with the pockets, and a lot of them will get really freaky for enough money.

Tokens start at 200 for about $20 USD, and get cheaper as you buy more. How far those tokens go depend on what kind of show you’re after and what you’re willing to pay for. Sometimes they charge a lot in the popular shows, but it’s easier to hit the goals with a bunch of people throwing money in the pile. Ella just whipped out the vibrator again because somebody tipped her 188 tokens.

You also get permanent Premium status on MyFreeCams as soon as you buy some tokens. It’s kind of vaguely defined, but apparently, you’ll get unlimited access to all the features of the site forever, even if you never buy more tokens. Since tokens were the only thing I saw that cost money, I’m not sure there’s any Premium benefit yet.

MyFreeCams is undeniably an ugly, outdated site that could definitely use an overhaul. They also have an absolutely ridiculous selection of beautiful women doing the whole webcam slut thing. Any cam site is going to be as free as you make it, but even broke motherfuckers are going to see plenty of live action here. There’s no spam, so it’s definitely worth a look.

ThePornDude likes MyFreeCams's

  • Free shows! Lots of them! All the time!
  • No registration required to just watch
  • No spam

ThePornDude hates MyFreeCams's

  • Ugly, outdated site with flash
  • Tips can add up quick
  • The model list settings could use more options