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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Some of you really old fuckers can remember the early days of cybersex. You’d listen to a modem buzz for a couple of minutes before connecting with some rando claiming to be a beautiful woman. Maybe you even were that rando, but nobody knew because you were just exchanging dirty text. It’s hard to fake your genitals with a webcam aimed at ‘em, though, which is why modern sites like StripChat are so much better than that dial-up bullshit. has been around since 2006, which is a damn good while in Internet years. Sex sites come and go, and this kind of longevity is a good sign. The site gets at least 50 million viewers a month, sometimes double that. Let’s see what all those perverts are gawking at.

Oh! Hey! Free Live Sex Cams!

In case you’ve never seen a cam site before, they spell it out in easy words along the top of the screen: Free Live Sex Cams! Even if you just crawled out of a goddamn cave and had never heard of the Internet, those words would be enough to get any red-blooded male’s heart pumping.

Hell, I know most porn consumers are straight dudes, but StripChat’s got something for everyone. By default, the wall-of-sluts is serving up the Featured sex cams. They know their audience, so they mostly feature a lot of beautiful women. There are some couples mixed in, and a few trannies. Alternately, you can filter it to Females, Couples, Males, and Trans cams. Even fags can play.

One thing you’ll immediately notice if you’ve visited cam sites before is the overall diversity of the models here. I see a lot of sites that are just completely full of Euro sluts and others that are almost all Latina shows. Now, I certainly love Euro broads and hot Latin mamas, but honestly I’m just an all-around pervert and love them all. Little flag icons in the corner of each thumbnail tell you what slutty corner of the world each girl is from.

There’s a certain thrill to working through a language barrier with some dirty Romanian girl, or getting a sweet young thing in Argentina to finger her twat despite not knowing a word of Spanish. You can totally do that on StripChat. Sometimes, though, you want a sure thing. A girl who speaks your language ain’t just going to shrug her shoulders and stare blankly at the camera when you say nasty shit to her.

Pick a Broad, Any Broad

StripChat has a very efficient design, so the front page is really the meat in this free sex cam sandwich. You can sort the page in a variety of ways, though you’ll notice a lot of overlap whether you’re arranging the babes by StripScore, Rating, or Trending. The New Faces option lets you hone in on some newbies, hopefully, eager to please.

Weirdly, you can’t seem to select by country or language on the main Categories dropdown menu, but you can choose Ethnicity. That really doesn’t help if you’re looking specifically for a girl who speaks your language. I looked around the site and wasn’t able to find a decent way to search by either language or country. It’s a stupid feature to hide, and an even stupider one not to have.

Other than that, the Categories dropdown is pretty fucking kickass. You can narrow your bitches down by age, hair color or body type, or the price of their private shows. For example, if you like fat young White girls because they always have something to prove, it’s easy as shit to pull up those shows on StripChat.

The bottom of the Categories menu has a splatter of Popular Tags. Some of these are also on top of the front page. Some wonderful deviate activity is popular on this site: Interactive Toys, Anal, Lesbians, Group Sex and Squirting. There’s even kinky shit like BDSM, Foot Fetish and Mistresses, just in case you want some hot bitch to remind you what a piece of shit you are.

StripChat has a VR tag, which looks promising as hell. It’s also new as hell, so not many camwhores have upgraded their setup with whatever expensive device they need to broadcast in 3D. Only 3 VR shows were live when I visited.

OMFG, Is She Really Going To Squirt?

The prospect of seeing some live squirting made my mouth water and my cock hard, so I clicked the Squirt tag. Good fucking god, StripChat pulls up this nearly endless scroll of gorgeous cam-whores currently live and offering pussy juice eruptions on their menu of depravity.

Now, the top of the screen may say Squirting on Live Sex Cams, but let’s not get carried away. I’m jerking off at Starbucks today, and I spent my last ten bucks on a goddamn coffee and they misspelled my name as The Corn Pood. I’m angry and broke and may not be able to afford whatever they want to shoot what is probably just piss from their cooters.

That’s the thing about free sites, isn’t it? If this is your very first time with a free cam site, you may be a little surprised to find the shows ain’t necessarily free. That’s capitalism for you, bud. I flash my dick all the time for free, but the authorities have told me time and time again it’s just not normal. Charging for it is.

Like my drug dealer says, the first one’s always free. He’s got that whole honor among thieves thing going on, though. StripChat is a sex site, so naturally, they’re a little sleazier than the guy with the buggy eyes and sniffing problem. There are free shows to be seen here, yes, but don’t believe for a moment they’re just going to give you some tokens to throw the girls. Even the first one costs real money.

There’s a link at the top offering a 50 Free Token Giveaway when you sign up. Well, they don’t actually give them away to you, but they do give you some instructions on how to maybe get some. There are 10 winners per hour on a site with a quarter million viewers a day. You’re probably not getting that five bucks worth of tokens, sucker.

What Can You Really See for Free?

Most of the girls offering squirting had some pretty explicit screengrabs out front, so I had a lot to choose from. I gravitated toward a hot Japanese girl, naked and bent over with a pink toy shoved up her cunt.

I really like StripChat’s video screen. Instead of making you fuck around with a tiny stream, the video feed automatically takes up most of the window. Immediately, I’m watching a close-up of this beautiful Asian girl’s perfect pink twat as she fucks herself with a dildo.

To even see the chat window, I have to scroll down. The babe has her hands way too full to type anything, but dudes are telling her how hot she is and tipping her. She’s a pleaser, too. One dude asked for fingers and she obliged, no tip demanded.

It’s good to be a freeloader in a crowded show like this. More than 350 people are watching and a lot of them are tipping. JapanKitty is earning enough that she’s not even worried about the cheap fuckers like me. Everybody wins. (But if you can afford it, please tip this Asian sex goddess. If they make decent money, they keep coming back.)

Private shows let you get more intimate and personal with the camsluts. Keep in mind that falling in love with a cam girl can be a very expensive hobby. StripChat’s best deal is 520 tokens for about $50 USD. The range for private shows in the Categories menu goes from 8 tokens for a cheapie to 90+ for the super-premium shows. Girls who speak English cost a lot more because their rent is a lot higher.

StripChat has some nice features that set it apart from other webcam sites. I liked the big video window, extensive Categories menu, and the diverse selection of sluts around the world. The fact that I couldn’t seem to search by language/country was a bummer. I didn’t have any trouble finding truly free and awesome sex shows to watch, though, which is reason enough to pay this one a visit.

ThePornDude likes StripChat's

  • Free shows
  • Always lots of camwhores online
  • Nice mix of worldwide shows
  • Virtual reality cams

ThePornDude hates StripChat's

  • Bullshit token “giveaway”
  • Tokens can add up quick
  • Can’t sort by language/country