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Updated on 05 February 2024
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“Yeah, baby,” I said, “show me that sexy twat. Spread it.” The girl on the screen put her fingers in her pussy and stretched it wide, showing me all the pink goodness inside. One of the advantages of watching the same masturbation video over and over again is that you learn all the twists and turns of the story and can pretend to interact with the on-screen talent. Alternately, you can stop playing with yourself by yourself and find a hot cam slut on a site like Camster. was registered way back in 1999, but I’m guessing someone just sat on the domain until webcam porn started blowing up the Internet. The most recent incarnation is only a couple years old. Their traffic actually took a steep dive last year, but they still get almost 10 million visits per month. High traffic is generally an indicator of a decent live cam site, so I’m really interested in seeing what kind of talent Camster is pulling.

Ebony Bitches Squirting Live on Webcam

If you’ve seen one sex cam site, you’ve seen them all, right? It certainly feels that way sometimes. Camster has the same basic layout as the rest of them. The site’s got a cutesy logo that would work on the packaging for a little girl’s first toy webcam, but even the text of the header gives this away as a playground for adults. A bunch of their most popular tags are listed across the top of the screen: Couples, Trans, Ebony, Big Tits, Shaved Pussy, Feet and Squirter all made the cut, which gives me a little tingle of excitement in my nether regions. It sounds like there’s going to be some good shit here.

Any potential doubts about the quality of the babes is crushed by the wall of thumbnails that takes up most of the page. Camster gives you the option of viewing Live images taken directly from the show at that current moment or browsing posed profile shots. I feel like the stills give a good idea of a babe’s maximum potential for hotness, since they’re not going to take and post unflattering photos, but those Live images give you a better sense of how these girls get down in front of the camera.

As with any sex cam site, a lot of these chicks are just sitting around, waiting and looking hot. Right now, I see a blonde cutie smiling and chatting with her viewers, a less enthusiastic brunette doing the same, a MILF who seems to have wandered away from the camera and is just broadcasting an empty bedroom, and a thick White girl who just looks fucking bored, sitting at her computer in a baseball jersey.

Unlike some of the shittier cam sites, though, I already see some real action going on in the free shows. On the front page, there’s a topless brunette gyrating in her panties. A lone college girl is stripping down to nothing as I type this, and two young Latinas make out and practice sucking a rubber cock. A hot Asian girl with an HD cam is fingering herself in bed and a blonde chick does the same, but with a dildo instead of her fingers.

Putting the “Free” in Free Cam Show

I joined the blonde girl’s public show. Camster didn’t even make me sign up or log in to watch, which is good because I can’t afford any credits today. I’m jerking off at Starbucks and spent my last 10 bucks on a Grande Mocha Bullshit With an Extra Shot and Man Milk, so I’m looking for a genuinely free sex show.

It’s always good to join a popular public show if you don’t have any credits to spend. That goes for any cam site. Blondie here already has a bunch of horny perverts blowing up the chat window next to the video screen, so I can sit here and flog the bishop without worrying she’s going to kick me out of the room for not chatting or not tipping.

I’m not sure if she’s just a really giving slut, eager to please, or if this is just how they do things on Camster but goddamn! I’ve been in the room for a good five minutes and these cheap fucks have only tipped her 4 credits of her goal of 100. That hasn’t stopped her from spreading her legs, flicking her clit, and playing with the pink toy hanging out of her cunt. It’s an interactive buzzer, but so far none of these bums have shelled out the credits to make her squeal.

Maybe the little Euro slut is new to the business and doesn’t know how to hold out for cash. She turned around, stuck her ass in the air and held her vagina right next to the camera, and these cheapskates haven’t tipped her a single credit more. It’s almost painful to watch, or maybe that’s just my throbbing erection. Supposedly, when she gets that 100-credit goal met, she’s going to bang herself until she cums with that dildo.

From Around the World to Your Screen

It’s hard to tell how many live sluts are online from the main page of Camster, but the number is listed to the side of whatever cam show you’re watching, just in case you get bored. While Blondie tickled her taco for free, Camster tried to entice me into checking out one of the other 185 chicks online. It’s Wednesday morning as I write this, which I’m guessing is something of an off time.

A couple of hundred live sex shows to choose from doesn’t make Camster the biggest cam site on the web, but it sure as hell ain’t anything to scoff at. It’s a nice, wide-ranging selection, featuring everything from horny Latina teens to slutty Ebony goddesses to exhibitionist MILFs looking for a little more attention than the hubby is willing to give these days.

The American girls all have US flags next to their screen names. Nobody else gets flags, so they must be special. Speaking as a dude who spanks his monkey to a lot of live cam shows, I can tell you one way that American cam sluts really differ from their European and Latin American counterparts: American cam girls charge a lot more for a good show. It’s that higher cost of living that gets you every time.

There’s enough of a selection of babes on Camster that I’m disappointed there’s no advanced search where you can check off boxes to find the cam girl of your dreams. The search options are extremely limited. Either click one of the tags below the header or type one into the search bar. That’s it, so good luck.

Deep Pockets? Spend Some Money on Your Fantasy

Credits on Camster break down to about one USD each. Kind of makes you want to become a cam girl, huh? I get myself off a dozen times a day for free and some of these bitches are charging 100 bucks for the same thing. You can also get 20 credits “free” when you add a premium subscription. As far as I can tell, “adding a premium subscription” is just a fancy way of saying buying credits for the first time. Tricky!

Getting a babe into a private show on Camster costs about four or five credits per minute, plus whatever you need to tip her to perform whatever freakish activity you need to see to get your rocks off. It doesn’t cost much to see a beautiful woman grope her tits, but it’s surprisingly expensive to have her call you names and insult that tiny penis of yours.

If you do have a few bucks to spend on a premium show but don’t feel you need to burn through your whole bank account going one-on-one, they’ve also got a Spymode. It lets you peek in on someone else’s private show at a lower rate, though you do miss out on the full interactivity. You can tell a girl to stick her foot in her snatch all you want, but she ain’t going to hear you and she sure as hell ain’t going to indulge your cheap ass.

Camster does not have the biggest selection of cam whores on the Internet, and their search system is seriously lacking. That said, I didn’t have any trouble finding genuine free shows where I could watch naked women masturbating for free. Most cam sites claim to have plenty of action for the cheapskates, but Camster really delivers. If you do spring for some credits, be careful not to fall in love or this whole thing can get really expensive.

ThePornDude likes Camster's

  • Free sex shows
  • Hundreds of slutty girls online

ThePornDude hates Camster's

  • Minimal search/sort options
  • “Free” credits are just regular paid credits
  • Credits can get very expensive