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Updated on 05 February 2024
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There are literally hundreds of premium pay porn sites out there to choose from. All of them willing to take all of the money you will give them, all of them essentially providing the same service. And that service is the ability to watch (hopefully) sexy chicks getting fucked in various positions and situations; by various cocks, tongues, dildoes, vibrators, and other inanimate objects; and for various reasons, prices, and plot points. Porn has gotten so insanely specific these days, there is literally a premium pay porn studio for every individual fapper on the planet.

Not only will you find a porn studio that caters to just about every niche there is. There are plenty of Latina-only sites, Asian sites, schoolgirl sites, interracial sites, big butt sites, fetish sites, taboo sites, even sites dedicated to the oddly specific fantasy of fucking slutty real estate agents when you go to an open house alone (which, come on, we all know you do that so frequently). In addition to all of that, each site (even the more general ones) all have their own specific aesthetics, filming styles, and types of actresses that they tend to feature. Evil Angel, for example, is more likely to have an alternative or goth babe getting fucked in the ass than, say, Brazzers or Club Seventeen is.

With all of the options out there, it can be a little overwhelming to try and narrow the playing field down to just one or two sites. Especially since you’re paying a monthly fee for them, you definitely want to make sure that you choose the right one (or two or three, or however many you can afford!). And if you aren’t too familiar with all of the different studios out there and what they are known for producing, this overwhelming decision can start to feel like it’s verging on impossible!

There are some strategies, however, for sampling the content of a premium professional porn site before committing to a monthly subscription to it. You can use porn tubes as tools as opposed to merely massive collections of ejaculate-producing entertainment (which they, of course still are). Try searching for the studio that you’re curious about on Porn Hub or Red Tube. These large porn tubes will have a little bit of something from most studios (at least the better-known ones) up for absolutely free. You probably won’t get to watch full videos, mind you, but, at the end of the day, this is precisely why sites like Porn Hub and Red Tube were made – to give you free previews of the content that you could have if only you paid for it. So, maybe it’s time to use these sites as they were intended for a change! Instead of just trying to get a quick nut off for free!

Another option is that you could always try torrenting a scene or two from a studio that you have your eye on. This way, you get to see the full movie, get a feel for the production quality from start to finish … take it in like you might a piece of art – by pulling your pants down and jacking off in front of it. Wait … is that not how you’re supposed to view art? No wonder I keep getting kicked out of museums …

Torrenting, of course, is not a long-term solution (at least not if you want consistent content from a specific studio), but it will definitely help you in making a decision on which studio may be right for you. It’s almost like test driving a car. Except for slightly less legal. And significantly more likely to lead to ejaculation. Unless you’re one of those sickos who likes to jerk off in cars when he test-drives them. That’s got to be a fetish someone has somewhere. Probably some lonely, fat fuck in Nebraska or some shit.

Just Babes, No Bullshit

But maybe you don’t want your premium porn studio to be too specific or niche. You like to keep it wide open, just like a porn star’s legs. No sense in limiting things, right? You just want hot chicks getting dicked down and sucking cock like the pros that they are. Well, if so, I may have just the site for you. Today, we’ll be taking a look at!

Even the name alone indicates that it’s a no-nonsense, straight to the point porn site. No bullshit, just hot sluts getting fucked hard … Just babes. With a name like that, though, this site is going to have to really provide the finest of the fine, the sexiest girls in the universe. It’s a pretty ballsy move, really, to lay claim to that domain. Lots of pressure to deliver some genuine top-tier pieces of ass, that’s for sure.

But from the looks of it, Babes does not crack under the pressure. They do, indeed, deliver the goods. Just on the first page of videos alone, I am flabbergasted by the collective sexiness of the chicks that Babes features. And what might be the most amazing part, Babes does not rely solely on played out industry standard vixens either. When I first arrived at Babes, because of the name, I half expected to see all the familiar names: Lana Rhodes, Skyler Grey, Alexis Texas, Mia Kalifa. Hey, not that there would be any complaints from me if any of these girls made an appearance on, but I was surprised to see that many of their recently active models are girls I’ve never heard of.

Furthermore, many of them transcend the stereotypical trope of porn star beauty, too. In other words, it’s not just a bunch of blonde bimbos with big fake hooters. It’s a pretty diverse group of babes. Some black babes, some Latina babes, some Asian babes, some white babes, some alternative babes. And they all get three thumbs up from me! (That is, in case it was unclear, two thumbs up, with the third being my erect penis).

The site itself, as a part of the Mind Geek Porn Portal, is pretty standard for a premium pay site. A site menu bar at the top of the page, and a bunch of thumbnails to choose from below. Browse the site according to the navigation bar by clicking on Home (dropdown: My History), Explore (videos, photosets, favorites, categories), Models, Sites (Babes Unleashed, Black is Better, Elegant Anal, Office Obsessions, Step Mom Lessons), Promotions, Meet & Fuck (ad), and Cams. There is also an advanced search function that works really well, making it super easy to zero in on your perfect girl, situation, or fantasy.

So, although Babes is a more general porn site than many of its competitors, that doesn’t mean that you cannot get as specific as you like on it. I love how, in addition to the generalized Babe content, you also have a few subsites to fuck with, allowing you to get your niche on if you so desire.

A Little Something for Everyone

It looks like Babes Unleashed caters a little bit more to the kink-friendly crowd, featuring some light bondage and dom/sub roleplay if that’s your thing. Black is Better gives you Babes quality porn, but with an interracial bent. Elegant Anal probably speaks for itself … it’s intimate and passionate anal porn (also a play on Elegant Angel, a popular porn studio). Then you have Office Obsessions, in case you have a thing for that secretary/boss power dynamic (and who doesn’t?). Finally, Step Mom Lessons provides a little something for the swarms of porn fans who have jumped onto the taboo trend. Although, really, at the end of the day, it’s just good old MILF porn placed in a taboo context.

You know, the more time that I spend on Babes, the more I start to think that it’s all about power dynamics with them. So, maybe it is incorrect to say that Babes is a more general porn site. But, then again, isn’t all sex sort of about power dynamics in a way? Someone in control, someone bending to it? Either way, not every porn studio makes this dynamic as visible, as palpable as Babes. So, I suppose if I had to characterize this studio, that would be its distinguishing trait: Babes makes power palpable.

All in all, Babes is an extremely high-quality professional porn studio. Their videos are incredible, their actresses some of the sexiest in the known universe, and their website works well, is well-designed, and has a really decent search function. If there was ever any porn site worth putting your money into, Babes would definitely be up there. I do not think you will be disappointed.

ThePornDude likes Babes's

  • Extremely high-quality content
  • The hottest, most diverse babes in the industry
  • A little something for everyone
  • Solid search/organization
  • Trial Membership

ThePornDude hates Babes's

  • Could upload new content more often
  • Ads built into site menu bar (and elsewhere)