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Updated on 05 February 2024
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MILF. Mother I’d Like to Fuck. It’s an acronym we use almost every single day, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, the term didn’t even make its way into mainstream consciousness until around the early 2000s, even though it sometimes feels like we’ve been using it since the dawn of the English language because of how comfortably it falls off the tongue, like a hot mom dripping out a mouthful of cum. But it really makes you wonder, doesn’t it … if the word didn’t make its way into everyday usage until the turn of the 21st century, well, where the fuck did it come from exactly?

The idea, of course, behind a sexy older mom engaging in an intimate relationship with a younger guy is far from a new idea. Honestly, Odysseus was probably the first dude in recorded history to infamously lust after a MILF. I’m not so sure why he had to kill his father in order to fuck his mom if that’s what he really wanted to do, that seems like a bit of an unnecessary way to go about it if you ask me … couldn’t he have just tried to fuck his mom in secret, and then killed his dad if / when he found out? Eh, what do I know? I’ve never wanted to fuck my mom, so, I suppose I don’t really have the right to an opinion on the matter.

Mrs. Robinson, however – come on, I know you know the Sime and Garfunkel song (which was based on the movie about the first notable MILF of the 20th century), Mrs. Robinson. (Ha, good luck getting that catchy ass melody out of your head now!). Mrs. Robinson was never referred to, neither in the film nor the song, as a MILF or a Mother I’d Like to Fuck, though, so that isn’t the first iteration of the term. Just a noteworthy MILF of history.

No, the very first use of the term, actually, comes from an obscure and largely unknown magazine that only released 9 issues before going belly up: Motorbooty Magazine. Apparently one of their writers officially coined the term, as far as MILFologists have been able to tell. Then, a few years later, in 1995, a man with the handle, ChiPhiMike, used the term on a news forum to refer to a model from the newest issue of Playboy. But, it turns out, as you may have already known, the term didn’t garner any real mainstream recognition until 1999, when it was famously used in the movie American Pie to refer to Stifler’s mom, AKA Jennifer Coolidge … the MILF seen around the world.

Then, from there, the term MILF absolutely exploded, damn near creating a whole subculture surrounding it. MILF reverberated, obviously, into the adult entertainment industry (now it’s an entire genre of its own), pop culture (with people regularly referring to hot moms like Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie as MILFs), and the general cultural zeitgeist, creating the offshoot term, cougar, to represent hot (usually single) older women who are on the prowl for some dick.

Now that we’ve learned all about the roots of the MILF, I think it’s about time we went and looked at some MILFs actually getting fucked, don’t you? Yeah, we’ve earned it after being all scholarly and shit. Damn, some MILF out there would be proud of us. Maybe now you can impress some sexy older woman with your knowledge on the history of the MILF. Hey, it might not be the worst way to pick up a cougar, you know? Older chicks aren’t wooed by the same shit younger chicks are. MILFs get turned on by things like substance and intelligence. I should definitely know, seeing as I just banged your mom last night!

Alright, once you’ve recovered from that burn, I’ll take you through a site called MYLF, one of the most popular premium MILF porn studios on the web today … it’s okay, take your time … I have all day. Well, I have until at least 7 or 8, because I have plans to go meet up with your mom and fuck her tight little asshole again! Okay, sorry, I swear, now I’m done for real. Just had to get that out of my system. I mean, can you blame me? We’re talking about MILFs … of course I’m going to make a ‘your mom’ joke or two …

Mother Who Would Like to Fuck?

MYLF, at first glance, looks to be just an edgy alternative spelling of the obvious term its based off of. However, although I’m not 100% sure or anything, my best guess upon further inspection would be that the “Y” actually stands for “You,” spinning the old acronym into a new: Mother You’d Like to Fuck. Okay, that’s sort of clever, I guess. I mean, it’s nothing revolutionary or anything, but it’s definitely fitting for a porn site to switch the POV, especially given the fact that many of MYLF’s videos are, in fact, POV scenes … putting you in the middle of the action, being pounced on by the MILF. So, it definitely works.

MYLF is a site within the massively popular and extremely high-quality Team Skeet network, so I can say, almost with absolute certainty, that the videos we will find on MYLF will be excellent, just like mostly everything else that Team Skeet produces. However, Team Skeet is known more prominently for their teen porn work, so, it will be interesting to see if they reach the same highs when featuring more mature models.

… Twenty minutes later …

Yup, definitely up to snuff. Whew. Very good stuff, indeed. No cumpl – er – I mean, complaints from me! Nothing but the sexiest moms giving sensuous and erotically mind-blowing performances. Man, there is nothing quite like experience, is there? In any field, really, but especially in sex. Don’t get me wrong, I love the perky titted, tight bodied, petite 18-year-old skank just as much as the next guy (actually, probably even more so), but, god damn … some of these women age just like fine wine, it’s true. And I want a sip.

So, the porn is definitely solid. Glad I could help you by checking that for you. Hey, don’t mention it. All in a day’s work! So, let’s take a look at the site itself, see how it functions and if it is well put together enough to warrant the money that it will take out of your pocket every month to use it. Because there’s nothing worse than paying for a service that you never use, especially when the reason you never use it is because of some interface issue.

The site looks … well, it honestly looks a lot like most other porn sites like it. It’s a pretty standard, typical layout and design. You’ve got an oversized banner at the top of the page, with promos for new or upcoming videos sliding by; a site menu bar just above that; and a shit ton of thumbnails to choose from below it. You can use the site menu bar to help you navigate the sites hundreds of videos. Choose between Home, Movies, Models, Sites, and Specials. Everyone likely won’t agree with me, but I actually kind of like how simplistic the site is … it gives you the impression that the people behind MYLF are very much all about the porn, and none of the bullshit that other sites can easily get caught up in (offering too many superfluous features or focusing more on the community section and commenting capabilities than the videos themselves). With MYLF, you can easily see what the first and last priority is: porn. As it should be.

Search Could be … Searchier …

That being said, the site could probably stand to incorporate a few more search features. As of now, you can search by keyword, movie, model, recency, and a few organizational options. Other sites, however, allow you to get as specific as you wish, browsing movies by different locales and pussy types, even. I’m not saying that MYLF needs to incorporate a pussy type search (although that might be cool), but just a few additional advancements in the search engine definitely couldn’t hurt.

All in all, MYLF is a pretty fucking awesome site filled with the world’s hottest cougars ready to do the nastiest things to you. There’s nothing like experience to up your sex game, right, as the MILF has taught us time and time again. So, do yourself a favor and work on your endurance with, so you’ll be prepared for if a real-life MILF ever decides to view you as her prey.

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  • High-quality cougars and pornos
  • Decent, simple site design
  • Large archive

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  • Lackluster search feature
  • Price