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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Wet VR! Welcome to the fucking future, where they’ve got every kind of new-fangled machine out there getting us humans all souped up with fancy tech and ready for when we’re all living in space or on mars or some shit. One of these fancy new inventions you might have seen somewhere in the news or during your online journey through the online porn paradise that is the internet is something called a VR headset. VR here standing for virtual reality meaning if you’re fucking tired of living your life in this boring real-world, you can just pop on one of these headsets and go to town in a world some egghead with a computer made up. The magical part of this whole new deal? Someone got the idea in their head that this VR shit would be good for porn and god damn they were right.

HD VR Poon

We’re here today looking at a website called wetvr.com because of those very guys that thought all this new fancy tech stuff was gonna be good for porn. If the name didn’t give it away, the “wet” part of WetVR is obviously referring to a bevy of hot pussy meat they have for your viewing pleasure. There’s, even more, viewing pleasure if you happen to be one of those nerds with your own VR headset. They’re expensive as hell, but fuck, I guess they’re worth it. I don’t have a sweet fucking clue how all this shit works, but I guess when they’re filming this stuff, they have two cameras on the go, so the guys with the headsets have two different views, one for each of their eyes.

It’s not just about jerking it to hot bitches on your computer anymore; it’s about having your point of view being right where the guy in the porn was standing when he was fucking or getting sucked by the bitch in the video. It’s a beautiful new world, and that’s what this site is trying to show us all through all that glorious first-person view content. So type that shit into your address bar and let’s have a look at what this place has to offer, and if it’s even gonna be fucking worth our time, I’ve got a good feeling, though.

First Impressions

First thing’s first, we come to the homepage of the site, and for those first few glorious seconds, I’m sure the only thing you’re gonna notice is just a full page of shaved tight flesh-colored asses getting plowed by some lucky fucker who had the good idea to start working in porn. Don’t worry about being to jealous of him because the whole point of the site is to basically stand where he was standing when he was getting all this sucking and fucking done. You’re not actually doing the dirty with any of these bitches, so don’t get your dick’s hope up. But I’m sure if you wanted to share the experience with the dude bad enough, there’s a local sex shop somewhere that could sell you a quality fleshlight that’ll do the trick just fine.

They put an emphasis on shit being dark here, look around the edges of the page, and pretty much anywhere where there isn’t a little picture square you can click to open a video. It’s all dark or black, easy on the eyes because these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to designing a website. They know fuckers like you and me are watching this kinda shit either when it’s dark or when we have a closed-door between us and people we don’t need walking in on us having a wank. So the dark theme of the website isn’t showing off our computer lights hard enough to burn our eyes at night or for assholes on the other side of the door to see it shining underneath it.

It’s All In The Details

Obviously the second thing, or more likely the first thing you’ll notice is all the ass right there staring you in the face because let’s face it a dark theme is nice and all but we’re all here for one reason. Try for a second to focus on other shit aside from all the ass; there’ll be plenty of time for that later. Take a look at the numbers you can find in each of the little picture boxes you can click to play the videos. The guys who made the website added shit to help us out in finding which one of these videos is actually going to worth our time jerking it.

Bottom right of every box you can see the score and the rank of each video before you even click on it. You can probably figure out what those two numbers mean, but just in case you’re a dumbass, they’re just telling us what the other jerk offs before us thought of the video and how it compares to the rest of the videos on the site overall. Like I said, a few things they decided to add in so us lazy fucks can know what videos gonna be best before we even have to watch it. They also have their own collection of porn bitches that I guess just decided one day they wanted to be the ones you get to virtually fuck in VR porn, so in every square, they highlight the model’s name in blue.

Everything & More

Click one of those squares, and you can have a look at the actual page for the scene that’s playing in “VR.” You’ll see real damn quick that they added fucking everything to the pages for each of the videos. There’s a place to put a comment, there’s little fucking emote things you can use on the video to tell the site what kind of boner you got because apparently, they can be anywhere from a happy boner to a sad one, and there’s the little rate button thing bottom right where you can tell the site how many stars out of ten that video got you off. Not to mention the section where you get to pick what kind of VR device you’re using because apparently there’s more than one kind, and these assholes decided to up their game and give you options for all of them.

You’re also going to see that they even have a fucking tagging system like twitter and all those other fucking social media sites because even though they don’t need it right now, they’re planning ahead. Why don’t they need it now? Well, I guess the site is pretty new and while I’m not shitting on these guys for starting out, because it’s a beautiful thing they’re doing to the internet for us, if a normal porn site was going to start up they’d make sure to have a big stock of video content first. VR porn is new though so I’m not gonna be a fucking prick about it and let it slide, there’s probably not a lot of quality shit out there that you can strap on a VR headset and watch in the first person anyway so where were they gonna get it?

If I had to bring up one problem I had with the site, which I mean really isn’t that much of a problem because it’s something all these fuckers have to worry about at one point. You gotta pay for all this high-quality HD VR shit, and you gotta pay by the month. I’m giving them credit, though, because it’s not as expensive as other sites, only ninety-nine cents for one day and similar prices when you wanna pay every month. The prices are probably going to change at some point when they get more content, but you can’t complain right now if you ask me.


All in all, this site is new, and the particular category of quality porn it’s trying to make and put online is also new, so there’s a lot of unexplored territory for all this virtual reality fucking going on. I’m not about to complain about the future when they come out with shit like this and even better when they come out with great websites like wetvr.com as a place to put it all. The price is definitely gonna reflect how much all this is worth, so even though it’s not a hot ticket item right now, you can expect that monthly bill to keep fucking rising the more this shit gets popular. Get your ticket now if you ask me, this new kind of porn is here to stay and it’s worth the money.

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  • High Quality Videos
  • Multiple stats that show video quality
  • Dark Theme

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  • Costs a monthly fee