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Updated on 15 January 2022
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If I have to be completely honest (and to be fair, I have to be fair in front of you guys), I’d have to admit that I am getting quite bored with those boring porn studios that give us nothing but the cheesiest porn videos with cringy references to pop culture every now and then. When Brazzers put out that porn where that dude with the Bane mask fucks a girl who is essentially nothing but a female version of Bane, I felt like we hit rock bottom, even though most people could roll with it. I mean, it’s not what porn is for, right? If I wanted a laugh I’d head over to YouTube and look at literally anything else but Amy Schumer, and I’d be able to burst into laughter, but funny porn just doesn’t make any sense for me, but oh well, if it sells, why should the creators stop producing it, right? That’s demand and supply for you, buddy.

Now, let’s get back at the main topic, which would be my recently engendered hatred towards professional porn, or maybe “hatred” is a word that doesn’t describe my disdain for this kind of pornography. Rather, I just got bored with it after a while, which is perfectly understandable if you’re a guy like me, right? Seriously though, I’ve seen so much of that shit it even became repulsive, to a degree. I don’t want to condition myself into feeling a negative sensation when I see titties…that could be disastrous. Not only would I go broke, but I’d also turn gay or something.

Well, ThePornDude is no psychiatrist. However, it is a role I have to play every now and then. That’s just how life is sometimes. Now, life demands many ridiculous things from you, but right now, I demand one very sensible thing from life right now, which would be more amateur pornography that’s worth watching. Where would I even find something like that? I’ll be honest, and I’ll tell you that even I struggle when it comes to finding real amateur pornography, even in this day and age, which is kinda weird, is it not? I mean, seeing as the internet gives you infinite possibilities and all that…however, a ray of light shows up into the parts of the internet that I dwell in, and it blesses me with more than a hundred thousands amazing movies of amateur couples who love to fuck!

Not only does this ray of light (this would be Zoig.com, if you don’t get it by now) bring me plenty of videos, but it also makes the videos completely free. That’s not all! There are also over a million fucking pictures for you to check out on the page, and yes, even these are completely free. The one downside is the fact that not all of these videos and pictures are HD, but you need not fall into despair over this fact, seeing as there are still loads and loads of HD pics and videos for you to discover on Zoig.com. Yes, the HD content is still free to download, which is simply amazing.

I can’t express my joy when I found out about Zoig.com, and honestly, I’m also weirded out by the fact that I never saw this website before, seeing as it seems to be quite famous too. I mean, the page has around one million registered members, which is amazing, for real. You’ll also notice that these members are pretty fucking active as well, commenting on a whole lot of videos, expressing their joy and disgust, loud and proud, covered by the veil of anonymity.

100% real, all in your face content

Now, what I like about Zoig.com is the fact that the page has actual amateurs posting on the website, which is amazing, to be honest. I mean, the amateurs you get to see on other website don’t even come close to these. The amateurs on PornHub? Lame as fuck, and I don’t feel like I’m making an overstatement. They just don’t feel real to me, you know? What I want to see in amateur porn is passion, the connection between the two people on screen fucking, and if there are more than two peeps in the movie, then I want to see lust, and I want to see desire. These things are mandatory, without a doubt. I mean, Zoig.com is surely what I want to see in an amateur porn website, and I don’t think I’ll be going back on that statement anytime soon.

A well-organized website

First things first, what I like to see is a page that is well made that isn’t crowded with a shit ton of annoying ads, which is exactly what Zoig.com is. I’m pretty happy with the fact that all of the porn on the website is free, and that the page doesn’t make me sit through ten ads before it plays the video for me, which is usually what happens on porn websites that provide you with free content. Sure thing, there are tons of websites such as this one that gives you tons of free content without forcing you to sit through a bunch of ads before you get to see the movie, but you know…the content of those websites isn’t as near as interesting as the content of Zoig.com.

A somewhat pleasant community

The folks of Zoig.com are a bunch of enthusiastic folks, without a doubt. They like to express themselves when they are happy, and they like to express themselves when they are sad and repulsed by something. Just take a brief look at the comment section of pretty much any video on Zoig.com, and you’ll see a whole lot of people who have very, very strong opinions. These people will put the amateur performers through hell if they don’t like what they see, but they will praise them as if they were gods if they see a pleasant pounding. This isn’t something you usually see on most porn websites, PornHub excluded, since they have really funny comment sections, at least in my opinion. If you want to join the fun, you can always create an account and hop in on the fun. The registration process is very quick, and most importantly, it’s quite quick.

However, Zoig.com does not give you any special benefits when you sign up to the page such as special streaming servers that work faster than the regular ones for the plebs who choose not to sign up for the website, so aside from the fact that you’ll get to comment on videos, you don’t really get any other benefits except for the “play in high quality” option. If the signup process wasn’t this quick, I wouldn’t recommend signing up to the website, for real.

The player and the homepage

The player of Zoig.com is actually pretty great. It loads the videos pretty quickly, and you can full-screen the videos as well if that’s something you wanna do. Other than that, there’s not much to say, except for the fact that the player does not bring up stupid ads whenever you click on it. Now, let’s talk a bit about the homepage.

It’s quite easy to find whatever it is that you’re looking for, given that a fully-formed idea is what’s floating around in your mind, all you’ve gotta do is use that little search bar in the upper right corner. If you keep scrolling through the homepage, you will find a bunch of hot pictures and videos.

The other tabs

Next, to the Videos and Photos tabs that can be found on Zoig.com, you also get to check out tabs such as the “categories” and the “members” tabs. Both of these are worth checking out, for sure. First off, the Categories tab actually contains a bunch of great categories, such as the “high-rest sex” and the “100% real” category. Then, there’s a tab dedicated to nothing but genuine homemade anal sex, and there’s one more dedicated to amateur blowjobs. Then, there’s one where you’ll find a bunch of fingering videos, and then, there’s one that’s meant for people who are into stuff that’s a bit more hardcore…the Fisting tab. Then, for those of you who are not fans of monogamous relationships, you’ll find a tab called “Groups +3”, where you’ll find threesomes, foursomes, and whatever. There are tons of Lesbian videos on the page as well, which is great. All in all, there’s a bit of something for everyone on Zoig.com! Well, except for gay dudes who want to see videos, there are tons of solo pictures of naked dudes showing off their dicks and butts for some reason, though, so there’s that.

All in all

Zoig is a great website to take your wank to if you want to beat your dick real quick and make sure you cum as quickly as possible. I mean, the porn here is pretty fucking great, to be honest, especially if you take the fact that all these people are amateurs into consideration. Give this vibrant community a shot. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Tons of content
  • No ads
  • Great player

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  • There could be more categories