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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Everyone’s on social media nowadays, looking at those hot ‘thots’ and e-girls on Instagram who get thousands of likes per post and promote fit teas and other crap that literally no one would buy if it wasn’t promoted by some hot babe. These girls love to upload pictures of them showing their cleavage and wearing fishnets while acting innocent and withdrawn in real life – they act modestly in the streets, but are total freaks in the social media sheets. These e-girls are undoubtedly the trendiest archetype of woman today, and you can see them just about everywhere with their fishnet stockings, chokers, died hairs, edgy tattoos and millennial slurs that no one but people under 30 who are active on social media can understand. These women live and breathe to be coveted by men, the mere thought of men liking their Instagram pics while contemplating jerking off to them makes these girls stirred up in a frenzy of excitement – looking pretty is what they do best, and probably the only thing they’re good at.

But as exclusive as they like to make themselves seem, there’s always that one lucky fuck who manages to not only slip in their DMs but slip in their panties also. Guys like these are usually sexual predators whose only focus is partying and having sex – it’s rare for them to have any sort of future, and more often than not they’re drug dealers. But as despicable as these guys may be, they’re at least useful for one thing: recording these girls while having sex with them. It’s pretty tough to get a girl to agree to record her while having sex with you, especially if her face is showing, and HotScope is full of content that features just that – amateur bitches sucking and fucking on camera, usually on Snapchat and Instagram videos where the guys recording them can send the footage to their bros and be praised for their hyper-masculine feat.

100% Authentic Content

All the content on this website is 100% authentic – it was all recorded from a phone, usually by the guy that’s getting lucky in the video, and the phone was probably used as a plate to sniff amphetamines from just beforehand, but that only makes the sex last longer and guarantees a video will be recorded so let’s try to not preach against drug use here. Anyways, all the footage you can see on this website is grade-A homemade stuff, there’s no special lighting done, nothing is staged, and there’s definitely not 10 crew members around the people who are having sex in the videos making sure that the picture and audio are perfect.

Some Pretty Rare Stuff

Every video you see on this website is pretty rare – I’m a professional when it comes to porn, and I know that at least a third of the videos on here are featured on ‘pay-to-view’ amateur websites that contain premium amateur porn which you have to pay a monthly subscription in order to view (like a total idiot). Why would you do such a thing when you can see all of it here? The era of the smartphone has made it way too easy to record and share video footage at a moment’s notice, so even if you’re yearning for some prime Snapchat XXX footage of some Instagram whore, there’s a good chance that some hero out there has screen recorded hours worth of content from her premium Snapchat and uploaded it right here, where the world can view it for free as they ought to. There are way too many girls on Instagram nowadays who think they can finesse young men from their hard-earned money by posting semi-nude pictures of themselves and promoting a premium snapchat account of theirs that costs 20$ a month – don’t be fooled by these simple-minded bitches, learn that there are sites like this one who have all this ‘rare’ content for free and never resort to paying for premium Snapchats ever again.

Everything You Could Need is Presented on the Homepage

One of the most unique things about this website is that it contains all its separate sections right on its homepage, neatly piled up in slidable interfaces. On one hand, it does make it easier to find the content you’re looking for, but it’s still a double-edged sword despite having all its sections on the homepage due to the fact that everything is laid out for you in front of your eyes at once. It can be a little much, especially if it’s your first time viewing the site – before you’ve even begun to realize what this website specializes in, you’re already scrolling down through several slidable interfaces titled ‘Periscope’, ‘Snapchat’ and so on.

If you need to find your bearings on this site, the best thing you could do is click on the dropdown menu on the top-left corner of any given page, and you’ll be presented with everything you need in an orderly manner, from most recent and most viewed videos to the category section. On every other section on this site, the interface is great – it complements the sleek, dark design well and responds smoothly to your mouse, but the homepage is honestly a little too much.

Live Cams Included

Despite this website specializing in XXX social media content, it still has a live cam section which is honestly the norm nowadays for most porn websites (trust me, I’ve seen a lot of them). The live cams on this site contain your standard live cam whores who will or will not do things for you in real-time depending on their mood and of course depending on how much ‘tokens’ you can spare (the in-site currency for viewing live cams). A peculiar thing about this site’s cam section (besides the fact that it lacks a decent filtering system, but that’s not really peculiar) is that it prompts you to turn off your AdBlocker in order to view the cam girls. It looks like the people running this site wanted to focus all their ad revenue and activity on this section of the site, which I think is pretty smart because it doesn’t mean that there will be annoying pop-ups getting in the way of people who visit this site just to jerk off normally to some videos.

Not Great with Organization and Categorization

I have to say that I’ve seen websites that are way worse in terms of overall presentation out there with a much better category selection and better overall content organization than HotScope here – these guys may be operating solely on the social media porn niche, but their categories can sure use some expansion. There are 12 categories in total on this site: Teen, Leggings, Bikini, Skirt, Shorts, Blowjob, Ass, Lesbian, Blonde, Anal, and strangely enough, the last two are Russian and Turkish. If they have Russian and Turkish, why not Asian? Also, where are the Brunettes? And how about a POV category – most of the videos on here are shot from POV angles anyway. Not only is there an insufficient amount of categories, but the existing ones are pretty crappy also.

In addition, the tags, which by now are commonplace on every XXXtube, are completely inaccessible. There are tags on virtually every video on this site, but for whatever reason, clicking on them does nothing – and to make matters worse, there’s no standalone tag section, so if you were looking for say, oral creampies, then tough luck, because there’s no category or tags for that kind of content.

At Least the Site’s Fast and Sleek

Despite this site having more than a few flaws, at the end of the day you can’t say that it’s slow – this website is pretty fast-responding, and the interface and navigation options (save for the overly-cluttered homepage) are a breeze to use. If you’ve ever been in heat and needed a nice amateur Snapchat video to fap to, this site can deliver the goods for you in under a minute.

ThePornDude likes HotScope's

  • Nice sleek visual design
  • All 100% amateur videos
  • Fair amount of content is pretty rare
  • One of the best sites for ‘social media porn’ niche
  • Fast-responding including speedy video player

ThePornDude hates HotScope's

  • Need to turn off AdBlock to view live cam girls
  • Recommendations section is all blank
  • All different sections are listed in homepage instead of being separate pages
  • No original content, all videos are recycled from other sites
  • No separate tag or category section