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Updated on 15 January 2022
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What do housewives have in common with pornstars? They all like to suck cock and get fucked in the ass from time to time. It ain’t polite dinner conversation, but that’s just the truth. People fuck, whether it’s their job or they just want to cum. HClips.com specializes in the last part of that equation: the amateurs here are trying to get their rocks off, just like you.

HClips hit the web in its current form in 2015, but these fuckers have been serving up free homebrew pornography since 2006. They call themselves The World’s Best Free Amateur Porn Tube. With over 40 million views a month, it seems like a lot of people agree with them.

I Swear I Know The Chick in This Porno

HClips has the typical porn-tube layout. Beneath an outdated and slightly ugly header is a wall of amateur porn. The front page is divided into three sections, though they all serve up the same basic thing. It’s regular women acting like sluts on video, and it’s fucking glorious.

At the top, I see Hot Porn Videos In United States. Just for shits and giggles, I hit the dropdown and checked out the Hot Porn in Turkey, Venezuela, and Sri Lanka. The skin tones change a little, but people around the world love amateur college girls, cheating wives, and girls who suck a mean dick.

Beneath the Hot Porn is a selection of Recommended Videos. I’m new here, so it’s unclear how HClips chooses their recommendations. They could be based on previous searches, what’s popular, or maybe they’re just pulled randomly. Whatever, though, I’m happy with the Ebony teen striptease, the Asian babe masturbating with a damn surgical mask on her face, and definitely the clip with huge insertions and gaping.

The final selection of thumbnails on the front page are Popular Videos. As with the rest, you can hover over for a moving preview of what’s inside.

What Kind of Amateur Babes Are On HClips?

A lot of amateur sites have a specific type. Some focus on young social media sluts, others are just full of grandmas showing off their slippery meat flaps. Scrolling down the front page of HClips, I saw both.

There are plenty of oldies and fatties, but almost as many teens and porn-perfect housewives. Plenty of these babes fall somewhere in the middle. They’re literally the chick next door, except they’re getting sperm sprayed all over their pussies on camera.

Every legal age range seems decently represented, though the Popular Videos at the bottom give away what’s really bringing in the wankers. As in the entire rest of the porn world and regular world, youth is beauty and sex. A couple of oldies stand out among the Asian couple banging in a dorm, a young cutie trying to deep-throat for her first time, and the little Euro slut getting slammed in public.

I didn’t immediately see Gay or Tranny stuff, so I assumed it wasn’t here. I was wrong. By default, you’re looking at the Straight material. Hit the Categories dropdown at the top to switch.

All Kinds of Homemade Pornography

The full Categories page is impressive. I have to wonder if the 386,901 videos filed under Amateur encompass the entire collection or if that’s just a part of it. Either way, there’s so much variety here.

The standards are covered: you’ve got 62k Anal vids, 64k doggystyle, and 146k under Big Tits. There’s kinkier business like face-sitting, fetish and femdom. If you want to get specific about your type, they’ve got a couple thousand Emo Girl movies and even more Arab sluts. Their Voyeur selection is huge and outstanding, like the warrants of its many videographers.

Watching Your Neighbor Eat Dick

A broad who really did look like my neighbor was eating dick in one of the thumbnails, so naturally, I had to get a look. The video started without much buffering and it looks amateur as shit. It literally starts with some roving shots of the walls and furniture.

I was studying the shelves, trying to figure out if they’re the same ones they have next door. Then I remembered I’d never been invited, and probably never would be on account of the whole “stolen” panties misunderstanding. I forgot all about that as soon as the chick appeared on screen.

I’m not sure if it’s my neighbor. I don’t really care, because she’s next-door hot and really seems to love the flavor of that cock. It’s kind of a grainy video, not HD, but it’s nearly eight minutes of amateur blowjob footage that I’ve never seen before. She’s fucking good, too!

My ad-blocker is turned on, and so far I haven’t had any pop-ups or been forced to watch a video ad in exchange for video sex. There are animated gif ads all around the video, though. A chick who looks like Natalie Dormer is miming penetration with her hands, an old broad bounces her tits, and a series of MILFs flashes by below. They all disappear when I hit the fullscreen button on the vid.

There’s nothing really special about the HClips video player. It does the job. There’s a Chromecast icon if you want to watch DIY porno on your TV. You can’t adjust the video quality or the speed. There is a download available, but you have to sign up and log in for access.

New Home Pornos All The Time

You can look at the Recently Added movies to watch the site grow in real time. Five minutes ago somebody added a blonde whore fucking herself on webcam, a chocolate Latina whore riding cock in a messy bedroom, and a grainy close-up of humping genitals in a clip called Stranger Bang My Wife. Yes, all three were uploaded at the same time.

The entire first page of the new stuff was uploaded in the last hour, more than one per minute. These bitches are doing all kinds of shit. There’s a young brunette cutting her lingerie off, a Japanese couple banging with pixelated private parts, and what looks to be footage taken by holding a camera right up to nice, unsuspecting butts in public.

I expected a lot more professional porn to have been uploaded by stupid assholes, but the vast majority of the stuff being added to HClips look like legit amateur material. That said, there’s definitely some fake “amateur” content here.

In one clip, a slut with a bleached asshole takes a series of different objects into her gaping pink maw. The women stretching her out all have huge fake tits. I mean, yeah, it might happen outside of a porno movie. For some reason, I just don’t believe they’re going to cook dinner on that counter afterwards. I’m also calling bullshit on the human centipede of carpet munchers breaking out at the gym.

These clips are far outnumbered by legit amateur porno. For every recognizable pornstar, you’ll see a dozen nobodies flashing their tits on camera for the first time. For every pre-arranged and prepaid hump you witness on HClips, you’ll see twenty impromptu hookups where somebody just happened to have a camera.

It’s hard to find a serious fault with HClips. Yes, there was spam, but it was far less intrusive than you get with your typical free tube. Sure, there were some non-amateur clips mixed in, but you get that on any DIY porno site. It’s really not that bad here. I had to go looking for movies that weren’t filmed next door.

One thing that might be of interest to the diehard amateur fan is that there’s no sense of community here. Other sites are full of people uploading their own nudes and dirty movies and then interacting with the people jerking off to them. On HClips, it seems like people just uploading their favorite home sex movies. There could be real users here, but the site doesn’t make them obvious.

It’s hard to argue with the content or the price. HClips gives you an absolute metric fuck-ton of amateur porn in all varieties, they constantly update the collection, and they don’t charge a penny. It’s worth a look if you’re into homemade fuck flicks.

ThePornDude likes HClips's

  • Free
  • Updates all the time
  • Thousands of amateur videos

ThePornDude hates HClips's

  • Registration required for downloads
  • Some of them aren’t amateurs
  • Vids mostly uploaded by randos