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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Not safe for work. You must have heard of this at some point in your life if you’ve been browsing through Tumblr and all the other popular sites. When NSFW sign comes up it usually means that the content is adult oriented and that it probably wouldn’t be smart to play it where your stab in the back colleagues can see it and then judge you, even though they are searching for diaper porn themselves and are too pussy to admit it to themselves that they are the ones who are in fact freaks. When you combine the NSFW content with SnapChat live streams, you are getting a raw site that’s delivering porn in a different and modern way. Stay with me here.

I landed on NSFW247 aka NSFWonSnap and there it was, a video in screenshots ready to be clicked on and enjoyed once you are all alone. I’m guessing you won’t watch this at work, even if no one is there but then again, there are those who are actually turned on by the prospect of getting caught. The pervos, that’s who. So these videos are pretty intriguings since they are raw. What’s making them so raw is the fact that they are mostly made on SnapChat and then taken down from the app to this site. The videos are all made with a telephone camera so they are POV as you can imagine but it is the realness of them and the spontaneity of them that’s making them so damn cool. At times the site might seem empty like it is a Download page that’s there for the files to be grabbed but once you click on the videos you get two video players to choose from. Each is playing at the same 720p quality so the only difference is the speed rate at which you will watch it and some minor details. Nothing that’s going to enhance the viewing pleasure of the session.

The biggest draw of NSFW On Snap is that it is all taken from SnapChat. These video sessions are done live so this might be the best thing about it. It is all real, semi-scripted and it was done on a mainstream medium as an adult show, so the videos reflect that moment in time. It’s very different from your regular POV homemade/amateur videos. These have that certain spice to them and you know how I love my spices, tasty, hot and exotic!

There are Models who are known to be active on SnapChat and who are regularly doing these kinds of performances from Adriana Chechik to Asa Akira. You can go to this section and see some of their videos and pick up their SnapChat usernames and head on to the live show in real time. So damn cool, I love the time that we live in, even porn is live and available on mainstream media. Never expected the time when I’d be able to experience such a marvelous thing!

They also have a Categories section but it seems as if they jumped too soon since there are set categories for other mainstream platforms but only the SnapChat one is filled with the videos. The rest are probably in planing but then they shouldn’t place them on the site. It shows amateurism and it’s just a big tease. Also, there are no Download options, not that I could have seen and it is a big bummer since even on tube sites you can download videos. There are some really kinky ones that I’d love to have on my computer but I guess not.

When all said and done the site that everyone calls NSFWonSnap.com has a very cool concept to it. It combines the SnapChat porn with regular porn and we, the fans, are rewarded with the content that’s slightly different than the stuff that’s on all the porn sites out there. It’s pretty much straightforward, you go to the site, press play and there it is Snapchat porn. At times it can be too minimalistic, it can adjust its look and make it look more like something. It’s just too mundane and you get the feeling like it’s a cheap site so with that lousy first impression you take the content with that attitude, which is the site’s problem that needs to be corrected. Other than that, the site is cool and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s in search for content that has a spin to it.

ThePornDude likes NSFW247's

  • The rawness of the videos
  • SnapChat porn babes doing it well

ThePornDude hates NSFW247's

  • The site looks too plain
  • Besides the videos there's nothing special about it