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Updated on 05 February 2024
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xHamster Amateur

xHamster Amateur

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Do you prefer watching ordinary people like you and me screwing each other and recording it on tape for your fapping pleasure? Or better still, do you have a dislike for fake ass pornstars and instead prefer the authenticity and raw passion of amateur porn? Well, you are going to love what I’m about to tell you. After all, nothing beats watching a bunch of teens, drunk and wasted, having hardcore sex at their friend’s bathroom or seeing a homemade sex tape with random whores that won’t moan like their lives depend on it. And who the fuck doesn’t hate fake tits? You see, professional porn can seem fake, stage managed, and at times, unnatural. Amateur porn is the real fucking deal.

Now, I’m thinking you’ve heard of xHamster in your short fapping life. Sure, you won’t go around shouting and telling everyone how it’s your favorite porn site, but the mammoth collection of porn is one of the reasons the internet was invented. The site has been in existence for over a decade, and in that time, these fucks have managed to amass one of the largest, filthiest, and cock throbbing collection of smut on the internet. And because I know you’d love to take a break from professional porn, today we look at their Amateur section.

Just like the collection in other sections of this mammoth site, the amateur section is packed to the rafters with over 15,000 pages of amateur content alone, with 70 videos per page. Good luck surviving the fap marathon that will follow. If I were you, I’d call in sick. No fucking kidding.

100% Legit Amateur Content

There is no other way to say it, xHamster is one of the best places on the internet to quench your insatiable appetite for amateur smut. What you are going to find here is legit homemade/ amateur content covering some pretty fucked up scenarios. I’m talking about barely legal teens making their first sex tape, hot schoolgirls violating their dripping pussies with fingers and all manner of dildos, horny, cheating housewives fucked while their husbands are away and so much more. The fact that nobody is being paid to fuck in these vids only adds to the thrill.

You won’t find pornstars here featuring in low quality flicks pretending to be amateurs. It’s all about adventurous girls and couples with exhibitionist tendencies sharing their lust with you right into your computer.

See, amateur porn all about non-professional pervs who own cameras (or even cellphones) who can’t stop themselves from sharing their kinky fuck fests with the world. Everyone seems to own a camera in their pocket these days, and grownups seem to be horny most of the time. xHamster allows user uploads. Can you join the fucking dots?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve stroked my green veined friend to some fake shit, but there is something hot about knowing that the fuckers in the videos really do want you to see them fucking. I mean, most professional porn is forced, and the sluts in the videos would rather be anywhere else if it wasn’t for the money. You will still cum because any kind of fucking will get you horny, but some of the magic goes out of the window together with the authenticity. You might come across the occasional fake, studio-produced stuff in a pile, but the abundant of user submitted, legit amateur content renders that a minor blot of the copybook.

There seems to be a big bunch of pervs who just can’t keep their private fuck session to themselves, and it’s clear that xHamster have revolutionized how we consume homemade porn. The site is the best thing to happen to online pornography. You don’t even have to take my word for it. The collection at xHamster speaks for itself.

An insane amount of amateur smut

A huge bulk of the content is posted by those with big accounts, but make no mistake, the bulk of the content is also from random freaks uploading the videos that get them off. It might not seem like much initially, but it means the crème de la crème of amateur porn end up on xHamster one way or the other.

There are those hardnosed freaks who blatantly pull content from other sources and kinda dump in on xHamster. Well, I get it; stealing is wrong. But it’s not like you are a saint either. Your dangling little friend won’t give a flying fuck anyway. That said, why would anyone blame me for looking at ‘stolen’ tits? If they are nice tits, you can bet your salary I’ll look at them. Where do the videos come from? It could be from a legit source, but it could also be from a hacked iPhone. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

OK, so the secret is out. Grown ass people do fuck. They have always been recording themselves since the invention of film. It’s no big deal. But trust me, few other places can compete with xHamster in terms of providing you with the hottest of amateur porn, some recorded even 30years ago and would probably have been confined into the internet abyss. See what these folks are doing to internet porn?

You get VIP treatment for the price of free

Well, almost anyway. Like you would expect of a standard porn site, xHamster furnishes you with the usual set of search and sort tools, and this extends to the site’s amateur category. Content can be sorted by newest and best. I’d strongly advise you to go straight top the ‘best’ option as this is where the videos users think are the hottest. They can’t all be wrong, you know. No need wasting time on dessert.

The most recent video also turns up some pretty filthy scenarios, and the collection is illustrative of just how fucked up people you see walking in the streets really are behind closed doors. It is like a front-row seat look into their perverted lives. All that for free. Whether you are looking for interracial cuckolds, incest kinda shit, cheating housewives, anything. It looks like these guys have every niche covered.

A great mixture of content

Speaking of porn covering different niches, xHamster gives you a handful of categories to pick from including but not limited to Amateur MILF, Amateur Anal, Amateur Blowjob, and Black Amateur among others. There is a search bar at the top in case you don’t find what you are looking for. Remember to include ‘amateur’ in your searches for your convenience. You hate a professional ass to mouth, remember?

Among other options include sorting the videos by the number of comments. It might not seem like a bright idea at first, but it is the easiest way to know who the uploaders are. Some of these guys own some big amateur accounts of the sole purpose of providing y’all with some hot amateur porn to bust a nut to. You should be fucking thankful.

In terms of length, do not expect too many long videos and the longest I saw run for about 40 minutes., many run on average 10 minutes, which is to be expected to be honest. Amateurs are not primed for long shoots. But there are still plenty of middle length scenes if you prefer a hands-off approach.

Positive features

Tons of real amateur porn; the numbers speak for themselves. Think of the time it would take you to browse over 15000 pages worth of hot, amateur porn if your dick actually makes it that long.

Legit amateur content; many sites promise amateur content but end up providing a bunch of low-quality pro videos and pass them as an amateur — not xHamsters. Here the bulk of the content is 100% amateur, with the site allowing users to upload their own amateur content. Even your grandmother knows about it.

Negative features

Studio-produced stuff mixed in; as is everything with life, nothing is really perfect. You will still find some professional content thrown in the mix, but luckily, they are few and far between.

Some videos have awful qualities; some of the videos, amateur or not, are pretty mediocre in quality. Some of these motherfuckers need to invest in better cameras if they want us to see them fucking.


Keep the amateur videos coming, is that too much to ask? Let’s see more and more ordinary whores being rammed.

Final thoughts

xHamster/ Amateur is the place to be if you crave to get off watching random strangers fucking. These guys have every kind of amateur X-rated content covering niches like orgies, to butt-fucks, to fetish scenes. The content is sourced from everywhere and anywhere plus the authenticity is unbeatable!

ThePornDude likes xHamster Amateur's

  • Tons of real amateur porn
  • Legit amateur content

ThePornDude hates xHamster Amateur's

  • Studio-produced stuff mixed in
  • Some videos have awful qualities