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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Are you really wondering what kind of shit has to offer? I mean, everything is fucking mentioned in the title of the site, so I do not think it is that difficult to know the crap you can expect to see. This is a free amateur website that I am sure you will enjoy, because I know I did! While I only suggest good sites, that does not mean that this place does not have its flaws.

The first shit I got irritated by are the number of ads you can see on Your Amateur Porn… My suggestion would be to use the Ad-block because the Ads can get so fucking distracting, and nobody wants that on a porn website. The second thing that could have been done much better is the overall design because while the background is all nice, the orange menu and all that shit is making my eyes bleed.

If you do not browse porn at night like me, that means that you are fucking weird and that this is just up your league. But, if you have the nightly browsing routine, then be prepared to get a slight headache because of their brightly orange choice of the fucking menu options… Who the fuck actually thought that those colors will do good on a fucking porn site?

Is there really any point of describing the homepage and all that shit anymore? I always do this out of respect to the idiots who’ve never seen a fucking porn website in their life, but after a while this shit gets repetitive. Oh well… the homepage is filled with all the basic shit that one would expect, tons of homemade videos you can enjoy, and different ways to list them.

On top, you can’t miss the usual menu, and it allows you to choose the ways you want to list the shit on this site. If you have something specific in mind, you might want to check out the categories. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they not only covered the basics, but also the special categories that many of us love to browse through.

For example, you have a special tag dedicated to skinny chicks who love to get ass fucked or the amateurs who enjoy sharing their kinky wife. Of course, you also have the usual categories, and browsing through them is very easy, as they all have a thumbnail that gives you an idea what the fuck you can expect to see.

Except for the categories and some of the useless ways of listing the videos, there is no advanced search, which is something I think every porn site should fucking offer… How the hell can we find the specific shit that makes us happy if we do not have the advanced search? That is just fucking retarded, but at least they do offer a ton of categories…

The videos here are all in solid quality, I really cannot complain especially when all the shit they offer is free. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the crap they have to give, mainly if you are a member since then you can download all of this crap in HD. I am not sure why would you download when you have everything online, but in case you want to, there is that option.

As a member, you will also be able to upload your own shit, so if you are someone who really loves to get kinky in front of the camera, alone or with your special somebody, you are more than welcome to do so and share your art here.

Since there are so many categories, it is obvious that there are many different amateurs and types of videos. I found plenty of women here to be quite hot and cute, and lads were not bad looking at all, and keep in mind that this comes from a straight dude.

I love watching the amateur community because they are always trying to impress us, which just means that they get kinkier every fucking time and that is hella hot. I am pretty sure you will be able to find your poison here, so just fucking browse and enjoy yourself.

More and more amateur sites keep offering a special cam section of the website, but is there really a fucking point to this? Usually, such websites are not even worth the visit, and the site that is offered on is honestly nothing fucking special. You’d be better off visiting Chaturbate or any other reputable webcam site instead…

Basically, if you love amateur porn I am sure you will enjoy yourself here, and honestly, who does not like to watch the amateur community in hot action? There are plenty of videos here, and they frequently get updated, so you will not run out of new content any time soon.

ThePornDude likes YourAmateurPorn's

  • Good free amateur website
  • Gorgeous women
  • Post your own videos

ThePornDude hates YourAmateurPorn's

  • Plenty of annoying Ads
  • The site’s design is bad