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Updated on 05 February 2024
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College life was fun! And I thank god that I wasn’t too careful not to get wasted and shit because I know some people regret not living to their fullest during their youth. Right now, maybe I cannot quite grasp how it is to live recklessly without a damn care in the world, but I have sure met some sick fuckers on Truthordarepics who sure seem to be in that merry, jolly life daring state of life, and It’s lit, ever lit! Am talking about hotties showing off their pair of titties in public, fucking in the backyard or balcony, removing andies and bras everywhere and pretty much more crazy shit. Well, it might be for the fun of it or at times, fame, attention, or even monetary rewards.

However, it seems like this site has decided to take all this madness to a whole new level. Embracing this nasty shenanigans fully to at least probably appreciate their slutty courageousness and willingness to show the world their perky nipples, generous pussies, sexy bodies, yummy looking bums or even their sex adventures which include; making up with other girls in parties, getting drunk banged in clubs, partners naughty public dares or even car make outs, nude beach photos among others. While shit is random around this place, there is definitely so much both juicy and playful photos and sexy stories to explore on this site as you shall realize shortly below.

What to expect

Isn’t it pretty obvious that truthdareorpics is dominated by a bunch of naughty freaks? Well, I bet that after reading the ridiculously crazy sex confession stories and surviving a pile of highly explicit photos of slutty bitches taking exhibitionism two notches high. Like damn! It’s just in a way surprising and yet equally amusing.

Smooth basic design

While I would like to rant on and on about how shoddy or basic the site’s design actually is am pretty grateful for two things; it’s easy to find your way through since there are just lust smitten beautiful photo messes and sex stories with the second thing being that users actually get to enjoy a clean Ads free experience!

Wondering how the site works?

Well, I understand that there are people and will always be people who take time to figure out how certain shit falls together and that’s why I’ll care to expound. Truthordare being a site whose core business is based on truths; real sex stories and dares; often ridiculous asks posted by men. All one has to do is click on to a certain dare task and submit photo through email. However, first, you will have to have signed up for membership, which is an easy follow instructions deal. Tip; in case you want to see more of a certain individual’s posts, you only need email them!

Admin equals nude loyalty

What an amazing way to pledge as the site’s fanatics or should I say most whooping bitches love dares because they ultimately give them the courage to show off how much slutty they are or something. Am saying this because if you look at the ‘admins’section you will spot more than a few hotties with big heavy boobies and phat white girl asses written the name of the website and I think it’s actually pretty cool. Who knows, maybe someday I can have more than a few branded theporndude too, don’t you think?

‘Trending now’

Definitely my favorite bit of the site that is located right on the blog’s homepage featuring the latest dare photos. And just to paint you a picture of what kind; am talking about publicly nude bitches whether just outdoor or basking in the sand on the beach, pussy and nipples flashes, no panties or bra housewives dares, nude selfies, shower sneakies, festival orgies, frolicking and so much more. With the best thing yet being that every goddamned day is a daring photos fiesta with new and fresh content on a daily basis.

Is there enough content on the site?

The site is a heap of awfully sexy dare photos and galleries that are at best remarkable to view or even get off to depending on your boner’s magnitude. There are no porn videos around with the only videos present being in the reviews section. Users with a thing for erotic galleries as well as great sex stories will have found their paradise, however; with galleries dating back all the way to 2005 and tons of stories, you will definitely find amusing.

These include; wedding bash bang, cheating, getting into swinging, the second time she did it to me among many more. While the writers maybe amateurs, there is something about the authenticity of the story that brings together all the mixed feelings while basically taking you through anticipation, excitement, sexual tensions, and many more.

How about legitimacy?

This website is completely legit without a doubt since there are hundreds and hundreds of fan signs that you get to see on Girls either write the name of the website on their bodies or they get a big white sheet of paper and strip naked in order to pose with the sign that they have just made.

Things to love about Truthordarepics

The website is crowded with loads of real amateur erotism; from the dare photos active users submit inform emails to the sex stories or confessions they submit, this site is packing to the brim with amateur content. And while it might just seem like a community of naughty people taking part in silly erotic dare challenges, there is actually some beauty in that there are some visual hornifying aspects as well as steamy stories to further stimulate filthy minds.

The design of truthordarepics is quite simple, and anyone can be able to get through it quite easily; the site’s design maybe not amusing to keep you drown to it but it sure contains all the fucking right buttons to not only access all the top sections of the site but to also access all the top as well as small sections of the site. Meaning that you only need find the right one and with a simple click get ushered to whatever section you would like to view.

The not so desirable

The content is somewhat monotonous; this site is pretty much about truths and dares or pics, and clearly they have outdone themselves to that Accord. However, there seem to be too much photo galleries or somehow closely related stories that can be pretty dishearting at times, especially for lack of creativity and inadequate length. All this bringing me to the fact that unless you are into this sort of fun deeply, you will eventually or probably get bored at some point of it.

The pictures are not all that erotic or better yet boner inducing; while there are so many things that arouse a man, some simple, delightful or even unintended, lots of the photos here seem pretty generally pleasing for instance pussies and boobies flashes with only very few of them intimate or even telling an ‘am horny boo’ kinda story. Like damnit! I doubt I could get it up for some of the shit here, to be frank with y’all.

Quality is shaky at it’s best; well, quality is always a major issue when it comes to amateur sites but am sure with the email submission protocol if these suckers clearly wanted to uphold better then they would certainly do that.

What I think should be done

While the dare galleries and sex stories are the main fucking theme of the site, these can get so fucking monotonous slowly eating up users interest and condemning them to boredom. However, perhaps if the site decided to include say; a solid side dish like an amateur porn videos submissions window. Who knows? Maybe that’s the hack that people out there are waiting to see on a site as amateur dominant as this one. After all, most freaks around this place are doomed to be extreme exhibitionists.

Final thoughts is a well put together fun community of individuals willing to participate in highly erotic daring acts as well as tell true stories of their sex lives. Becoming a member as well as submitting content is pretty easy, and with an effective navigation system, users can be able to access even archived past dares as well as each day’s trendy collection. Which leaves the decision to try or not to try entirely into your filthy hands!

ThePornDude likes TruthOrDarePics's

  • The site’s design allows for easy navigation
  • The website is crowded with loads of real amateur erotism

ThePornDude hates TruthOrDarePics's

  • Quality is shaky at it’s best
  • The content is somewhat monotonous
  • Most photos are erotically challenged