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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Anyone who knows me knows that I like a thick girl. A fat ass, a pair of big tits, a curvy body, and some wide hips are all things that I am definitely a sucker for. I tend to like my ladies stacked. Like Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, and J. Lo. God, could you imagine if the four of them got together for a sex tape. It wouldn’t only break the internet. It would break the entire porn industry as we know it. No typical porno could ever come close to competing with that!

Of course, there is much to love about a full-figured, curvaceous goddess with a little something to hold onto. You know the old saying, more cushion for the pushin’! There’s definitely some truth to that. If you’ve ever fucked a thicky thick girl, you know damn well that your dick can get deeper in the pussy than it has ever gone before. Especially when she rides you. Gravity does all the work. Plus, you can hit it as hard as you want. It seems like thick women can take it more easily. None of that pulling away, delicate, be gentle bullshit.

With a beautiful thick chick, you can go as hard and as rough as you want and, chances are, she’ll fucking love it, begging for you to go even harder! And when you do, all you have to do is grab hold of her bootylicious backside or onto her ample titties for leverage. You gotta make sure that bitch doesn’t buck you off her, right? Well, thankfully, she’s built for it, offering plenty to hold onto while you fuck her. Because thick chicks fuck back, slamming their asses back into you while you hit it from behind. Hold on tight, motherfucker, you’re in for a wild ride.

But it’s not all about big titties and massive asses. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes the old saying is true, good things come in small packages. And I love petite pussy just as much as I love curvy cunt. I’m all about the extremes. My girls have to either be as bodacious as Beyonce or as small as Miley Cyrus. There is no in between for me. I either need to be able to hold onto the ass for dear life, or I have to be able to hold it down with one hand for complete domination. It’s got to be one or the other.

I know I’m not alone in my love of the little either. Spinners have become increasingly in demand over the last decade or so, especially in the adult entertainment industry. That’s how you have girls like Elsa Jean or Dolly Little suddenly in the top 10 most popular models on porn sites all around the world; whereas in the past, the top porn stars in the world looked more like Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy. Not particularly thick like J. Lo, but definitely not as small as Elsa Jean or Dakota Skye. The porn star of the past existed somewhere in between these two extremes. As long as she was sexy with an athletic build, had a stellar pair of tits on her (usually fake), and could fuck like a champ, she was good to go, ready to hoe for dough on video.

What a Wonderful World

Personally, I am a huge fan of where the porn industry has gone since those days, though. Like I said, I like my ladies either thick or skinny as a stick. And, lucky me, those are the two most popular body types in porn today. Ah, what a beautiful time it is to be alive. Today, though, I am thirsty for tiny teen sluts who love to suck and fuck. The skinnier the better. The shorter the better.

Well, okay, that might not be entirely true. I’m not into midget porn. So, the shorter the better, sure, as long as she’s not under like 4 ft. 10. Then it gets a little weird, with stubby arms and potato-shaped bodies. I just want a sexy freshly 18 little hottie who I can pick up, throw over my shoulders, spank on the ass, and then toss onto my dick with little to no effort. Not anorexic or anything, just small. Petite. A chick who I feel like I could break with my dick if I fucked her too hard.

If that’s what you’re into, well, I think I may just have the perfect site for you. Actually, I would be shocked if you’ve never heard of it. It’s definitely one of the leaders in petite porn today, and you must’ve come across one of their videos on Porn Hub or Red Tube at one point or another. The site I’m talking about, of course, is Tiny 4K.

Tiny Teen Twats and High Quality Camera Shots

Named for the type of girls they exclusively feature and the extremely high-quality porn that they film (4K only), Tiny 4K is definitely one of the top porn sites in the game right now. And for good reason. As soon as you log into the member’s area, it becomes immediately clear that, as advertised, Tiny 4K’s videos are crisp as fuck. Crystal clear quality. Furthermore, the girls featured on Tiny 4K are, also as advertised, small and ready to take a dick to the balls. But, more importantly, every single model I can see on this site is sexy as all hell. Actually, there are some familiar names that you might recognize, just on the latest uploads section: Sydney Cole, Gianna Dior, Kimmy Granger, and, of course, the princess of petite pussy, Elsa Jean. You really can’t go wrong with a lineup like that.

One thing that I enjoy about Tiny 4K’s videos is the fact that they don’t spend too much time worrying about the scenario or the circumstance of the scene. Story is not the name of the game with this site. And, frankly, too many sites seem to get too bogged down in things like exposition and backstory. Who the fuck cares? I didn’t come to a site like Tiny 4K for riveting character development. I don’t need a compelling plot. It’s porn for Christ’s sake, not a fucking Shakespeare play.

All I need to see are petite little teenies getting torn a new asshole and throat fucked by cocks the size of their forearms and loving every second of it. So, instead of spending the first five minutes setting up some complicated fucking narrative or some shit, they’ll usually get right into the action. If anything, they’ll introduce you to the girl as she strikes sexy poses or plays with herself a little bit before things get as hardcore as they should be.

Solid Site Design … One Tiny Shortcumming

The site itself is well-designed, for the most part. It’s sleek and modern looking, easy to use, and intuitive. Videos are easy to find, and the layout should be pretty familiar to anyone who’s ever been on a porn site before … it’s pretty typical … site menu bar at the top, a slideshow banner advertising new and upcoming scenes, and then a gallery of thumbnails and top girls to choose from below. Nothing groundbreaking, sure, but it looks good and it’s efficient. What more can you ask for?

Well, one thing that I could ask for is for the site to offer previews of the videos. That is definitely a notably missing feature. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled over the past few years, but I tend to think that every porn site should offer previews before you click on the thumbnail. I know it may not seem like a huge deal, but it really does make browsing the site and finding the perfect video a hell of a lot easier. Otherwise, you just have to click around, blindly judging videos based on a single screenshot. And that is, bafflingly, exactly what you have to do on Tiny 4K. Come on, guys, it would be such an easy fix.

However, the site definitely redeems itself when it comes to the fun and interactive, community-oriented features provided for each of the videos. Pretty much every porn site allows you to comment on and rate videos, sure, but Tiny 4K takes it one step further, incorporating parodied aspects of social media sites. Not only can you like a video, for example, but, borrowing a page from Facebook’s playbook, on Tiny 4K, you can also dislike videos (a middle finger emoji), “love” videos (a cumming cock emoji), laugh at a video (a laughing penis emoji), indicate that you are wowed by a video (an emoji of a penis with a shocked look on its face), and, for some reason I can’t quite figure out, cry to a video (a teary-eyed penis emoji). Oh, and the “like” button, in case you were wondering, is a hand around a dick giving a thumbs up. So, that’s fun.

All in all, Tiny 4K is a fun and fucking sexy porn site full of freaky, horny, tiny teen sluts who know how to take a dick. If you like tight teen pussies getting stretched by big cocks, this is the site for you!

ThePornDude likes Tiny4K's

  • Sexy petite teens
  • Regular updates
  • Great site design
  • Active community of users

ThePornDude hates Tiny4K's

  • New site, so not a fuck ton of scenes yet
  • Lackluster search function