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Updated on 05 February 2024
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When you open for the first time, you will get to choose one of the given languages, and then you will be redirected to the site. That is actually a nice touch many porn sites do not offer as much since not everyone can speak English, though I think that everyone should. Now, with that out of the way I have to say that is one of the most confusing sites I have seen so far.

When I say that the site is confusing, I am not talking about the content they have to offer, because we all know what the fuck has to offer… cuckold shit. However, their overalls structure and all that crap might look like they know what the fuck they are doing, but trust me, their shit is very fucking messy.

The first thing that pissed me off is the fact that one has to register to view anything they have to offer, and only after that will you be able to see what this site is all about… including the fact that the site is actually a bit more friendly to their premium members, so if you do not intend to register and pay, I do not think you will enjoy this site as much.

Their overall registration process is unnecessarily long and annoying, and their confirmation code or whatever the fuck it is called sometimes does not work… Also, why the hell was the premium option not included right off the bat? While I know that people who love cuckold shit will love the content on, at the same time I am sure that you will be fucking annoyed as well.

Messy site for cuckold lovers.

To some of you, this might be the first time you’ve heard the word cuckold, right? Well, this is a fetish where the man would willingly encourage his wife to be unfaithful, and often in front of him, or at least through a video. There are two extremes with this fetish, and one of them is the masochistic cuckold, where one enjoys degradation, humiliation and other demining activities at the hands of the wife or the lover.

There is also the alpha cuckold, which is on the opposite side of the spectrum. In this scenario, the man does not enjoy any sort of humiliation or any of that shit and is the one who will make his wife sleep with different people. It all depends on you, and what kind of shit you love to watch because even with such a naughty fetish there are many subcategories for you to check out.

Once you have become a member, the homepage will look a bit different and offer loads of random crap. You have images, videos, stories, and other sections dedicated to different cuckolds. In the beginning, you will be asked to put yourself in one of the categories as well, and thus meet the community that mostly appeals to you.

While the site itself might look clean to you, once you start exploring everything it has to offer, you will be quite fucking annoyed. They are a bit messy and frankly, all over the place. I can tell that they tried to make their site organized and all that, but they did not do a good job of that. Oh well, as long as you love cuckold content, you will love this place as well.

There is a lot for you to see, and there is a lot I still have to say about this place. Now, the above shit was more of a technicality, as in the design, the layout and all the crap that most of you probably do not even give a shit about… I mean, how many of you care about the site’s overall design? Yeah, that is what I fucking thought.

Whether you will enjoy what this place has to offer or not depends on whether you love to watch horny sluts cheat on their husbands in multiple scenarios, with the added cuckold fetish. We all know that cuckold is not only about cheating or that shit, it is about a lot more than that, and those who love this fetish understand exactly what the fuck I mean.

The registration, and premium membership.

As I have said, you need to register to actually see what the site has to offer. It is annoying because the site itself looks like it offers free content, as they do not offer the premium crap almost anywhere. Once you actually go through the process of registering, which I have already said is needlessly long, you will not be asked if you want to become a premium member…

You will get to see the premium membership once you try to actually watch anything the site has to offer, which is the part that irritated me the most. I do not give a fuck if the site is premium or not, but I would like to know that beforehand, thank you very fucking much. The membership is not really that pricey, so I am sure that those who love cuckold shit will not have a problem with paying.

You have four different membership offers, the 1-month membership that will cost you about 17.33 euro, which is a good deal. You also have the 3, 6 and 12-month membership with reasonable prices, so just check it out by yourself. Now, this is the part where they should have mentioned what the fuck is included in that membership, but surprise-surprise, they have not.

Different cuckold sections.

Now, one thing I did appreciate with this site is the fact that they have different cuckold sections, aka they understand that just because there is a labeled fetish does not mean that there are subsections for everyone to enjoy. We all love cuckold shit here, I mean why the fuck else would you be reading this, but we are all a different type of a cuckold.

Well, here you do not really have categories but you have separate sections covering a different type of cuckold, for example, you have cuckold couples, cumshot wives, aspiring cuckolds, single chicks, wives in pantyhose and so on. When you register the first time you will be asked to put yourself into one of the given categories, which is a good thing.

On the side of the site, you have a lot of sections to choose from as well, and there you can see a section dedicated to the clips and the images, which are the two parts of this site I am sure most of you will give a shit about the most. There are lots of hot videos and horny chicks who love to fuck, and you are more than welcome to explore everything this place has to offer (right after you pay).

For some reason, you cannot view all of the videos on the site, even though there is a certain option to do so… it just does not work. You have to choose the subsection instead, which is again pretty fucking dumb… like why the fuck would you offer a section that does not exist. Oh well, their videos are very fucking hot, and I enjoyed them quite a bit.

Personally, I am not that into cuckold videos and all that crap, but who doe4s not like to see some juicy fucking videos? Of course, all the clips here are filmed by amateurs, since this is an amateur community filled with people who just love to get down and dirty, obviously. You can see men filming their wives as they get fucked, as well as wives dominating their men as they perform the cuckold act.

You could say that the reason why I enjoyed this place the most is that they have subsections of the fetish, which means that no matter what kind of a variation of this fetish you love to see, you will surely see it here. There is a lot for you to explore, so take your sweet ass time, browse through the videos, the users and their galleries, and you are bound to find the shit that will make your dick hard.

Overall, I think that everyone who shares the cuckold passion will love, for obvious fucking reasons. I think that we can all appreciate the fact that the site was made by a person who understands the fetish since It offers everything one cuckold lover would want it to. If you become a member, you can post your own shit, and enjoy everything has to offer… have fun.

ThePornDude likes TheCuckold's

  • Lots of cuckold videos and galleries
  • Great user-features

ThePornDude hates TheCuckold's

  • The site is messy
  • You have to pay to view the content