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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Teens Love Anal

Teens Love Anal

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Few things in this world come close to matching a teenage sluts tight little pussy. In fact, now that I think about it, nothing really does. Tight teen pussy in entirely in a class of its own. There are no words for it. Is there anything that could be better than a tight teen twat? Well, how about a virginal teen asshole?

Teen asshole is, by far, the tightest hole known to man. Well, assuming that the teenage asshole in question hasn’t already been used up and in the porn industry for a while. It’s pretty incredible how quickly a tight asshole can turn into a loose asshole. All it really takes is a couple of monster cock BBC anal gangbang shoot and, boom, just like that what was once the tightest most desirable hole on the planet is suddenly worn out and looser than a hooker’s pussy. So, a tight teen asshole is probably one of the greatest commodities in the porn industry. As well as something that porn stars have to be careful not to overdo over the course of their careers, at least if they want to stay in the business for a while.

I’ve never personally been a big anal guy myself, but I totally understand why someone would be into it. Well, let me rephrase that. I totally understand why a guy would be into fucking a hot skank in the ass. I get it … it’s tight, it’s naughty, it feels really good. I’ve done it before, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I would turn it down if a hot teen slut walked into my room right now and said I could fuck her, but only if I fucked her tight little asshole. Oh, best believe, I would be on that in a heartbeat. I’m just saying that, personally, I never saw anything wrong with the pussy that would’ve made me want to look elsewhere for a different feel-good fuck hole. Plus, I could never fully get over the whole ‘that’s clearly an exit’ thing.

A Beginners Guide to Real Life Anal

And, let’s be honest, girls outside of porn aren’t quite as – hm, how shall I put this – groomed as the porn stars we jerk to getting fucked in the ass. A lot of real-world chicks, even if they have the most beautifully clean shaven pussies, smooth and soft as white sand, will often have hairy assholes. Come on, you know it’s true. I mean, sure, some girls have this problem a little bit worse than others … but unless she’s getting her asshole waxed and bleached on the regular, it’s probably not going to look as appealing to fuck as the assholes of the porn stars we know and love. Then there’s the whole matter of hygiene …

A good rule of thumb: never fuck a one-night stand in the asshole. You don’t know what kind of diseases she could have. HIV ain’t no joke, man. Also, some random chick at the bar, especially if she’s been drinking all night, you have no idea how hygienic she is. She could have forgotten to wipe her ass for all you know! Never stick your dick in the asshole of a chick you don’t know! Come on, that’s just hookup tips and tricks 101 … you should definitely know this by now.

Maybe you are in a committed relationship, though. That doesn’t mean anal is any easier to come by. Most girls that don’t do porn for a living need quite a bit of convincing before they’ll even consider letting you put it in the pooper. Unless you lucked out and bagged yourself a freak. If so, good work. But we can’t all be that lucky. Chances are, it will take a great deal of finessing and time. But, if you’re good to your girl, eventually she’ll break. Maybe try asking for your birthday.

In the meantime, though, if you’re hankering for the sodomy, there is plenty of hot ass fucking ass-fucking porno for you to whack it to, to get yourself through the cravings, until your girl finally says yes. Actually, even if you get the ass all the time, it can’t hurt to have an anal porn site in your repertoire. If you’re a real anal lover, chances are that’s your preferred type of porno anyway. So, let’s check out one of the hottest anal porn sites on the web today: Teens Love Anal.

I don’t know how true that is to say that all teens love anal. But one thing I do know for sure is it’s easy to love a sexy anal teen. And the girls on Teens Love Anal are fucking smoking, man, no lies. These are some of the hottest teen chicks in the known universe, all giving up their tight little virginal assholes. But that comes as no surprise, really, when you consider the fact that Teens Love Anal comes from a porn studio that has been known for making nothing but quality porn for the last 10 to 15 years or so. Teens Love Anal, in fact, is one site in a series of Team Skeet Teens Love… sites. They also have Teens Love Huge Cocks and Teens Love Money (… really, though? Doesn’t everyone love money? That one seems like a cop out if you ask me).

Hot Anal Sluts Fucked in HD

As far as the porno itself is concerned, though, what can you expect? Well, as I already stated, you can expect quality fucking, HD videos, and hot ass girls with hot asses. The general theme of the videos seems to feature either sluts who fucking love anal and seduce a man to fuck their horny little assholes, or girls who have to be swayed into anal for the first time (and, of course, growing to love it in the process). Team Skeet always brings great premises to their videos. They also know how to balance storyline and porn, and they don’t take up too much time with exposition in the beginning. No more than two or three minutes of setup is all you have to sit through in order to get into the hardcore XXX anal action that you really came for (and then will really cum for).

The site itself is okay. It’s designed well enough … it’s easy to use and intuitive, and it looks good, modern and sleek. You can do everything you would expect a porn site to allow you to do, particularly one that you pay for. You can like or dislike videos, comment on videos, download videos, and add videos to your favorites list. In addition to browsing the site by model (women or men), you can also browse videos by newest, number of likes, number of views, number of comments, % of likes, and oldest. As far as the search function goes, though, Teens Love Anal leaves much to be desired. I would have definitely liked to have seen a more comprehensive, advanced search engine, allowing you to really narrow down the videos to find just what you’re looking for.

Are Teen Anal Sluts Hard to Cum By?

Teens Love Anal is ranked 15th out of all of the Team Skeet websites, with 633 followers. That’s about in the middle of all the sites Team Skeet offers. Which is probably why they only update the site with new scenes about one time per month … maybe twice if you’re lucky. So, if you’re the kind of guy who wants a new video every time you sit down and unzip, you may want to take that into account. Some sites update daily, for example, they’re rare, sure, but they exist; so, once a month is nothing to write home about. However, if you’re writing home about your favorite porn sites, you’re a lost cause to begin with.

As far as an archive of backlogged videos, you’ll have, at the time of this review, 86 videos to choose from. A few months of fresh content every day sure, but you will eventually run out, without question … unless Teens Love Anal sees an unexpectedly huge bump in subscriptions sometime soon. So, if you plan to buy a more all-inclusive package to Team Skeet, definitely get this one, but if you need new porn all the time, you might want to take the lack of regular updates into account.

All in all, Teens Love Anal is a great teen anal porn site. It costs money, sure, but nothing in this world comes for free, especially not our dicks. Definitely check it out, and best of luck on your own anal conquest in the bedroom!

ThePornDude likes Teens Love Anal's

  • HD HQ anal porn
  • Sexy teen anal sluts
  • Decent site design

ThePornDude hates Teens Love Anal's

  • Only updates once a month
  • Not a huge archive of videos
  • All anal (could mix it up a little)
  • Disappointing search function