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Updated on 15 January 2022
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All Anal! Are you an ass man? Does your dick rise with the sight of gorgeous bouncy buns getting rammed by a hard cock? Well, is a site that is all about anal… surprised? You should not be if you read the name of the domain. Now, this is a premium porn site, so if you are interested in knowing what they have to offer before you become a member, I am here to tell you all about it.

Of course, I registered and paid for the full membership, so I have complete access to what the site has to offer. Are you interested in learning more? Well, if you are, do not worry because ThePornDude has your back, as I already stated. I shall go over all the details, from the design to the content, and you can choose whether you are interested or not.

Lots of exclusive ass!

The whole point of the site is to show off sluts with a good ass. Of course, these babes are huge fans of anal banging, and that is what is all about. I am sure that the majority of you are here to check out just that, since why else would you stay here after I explained that offers ass porn?

So, you are about to see loads of popular pornstars in their proudest element. These girls love to get down and dirty, and they enjoy getting their asshole rammed. However, this place is more than just anal scenes. You have a lot of variety, from two sluts kissing each other to sharing a hard cock and waiting to get gangbanged together.

It all depends on the video you choose to check out. Right off the bat, will have a lot of videos suggested, so you can check them out. The tour page also has a lot of great videos to tease you with. One of my favorite videos featured the sexy Alexis and Natalie, who got ass fucked by the same dick after sharing.

Another video featured an oiled up solo girl who pleasured her asshole with one of her favorite dildos. She was wearing red fishnet stockings, and after a while of anal play, she was joined by a dude who was ready to make her ass throb with pleasure, and it was rather amazing. Obviously, I had to wank one out for her… I did not want to be rude.

I could go on and on explaining what each scene offered, but I am not here for that. What I want you to know is that the majority of what had to offer was pretty random, but in style. Basically, the scenes were very different, and the plots were also quite different. However, there was always a chick who got her ass fucked, which is the whole point of this site.

The statistics are looking good.

Who the fuck wants to pay for a site that offers shitty quality videos? Nobody. Well, I think you will be happy to know that this site has HD videos. All the videos are amazing and filled with ass banging, which is why the fuck we are all here.

However, there are only about 40 scenes, give or take, and the videos will last up to an hour or so. While the length of the videos is pretty neat, I think that having just a couple of scenes here and there is not really enough to satisfy all my anal desires. You understand what I mean, right? There are many other premium porn sites with a lot more content, so while they promise to update and all that, 40 videos are just too small of a number.

They are not really a part of a network or any of that shit, if you were hoping for extra crap. They are basically a smaller anal porn site with the scenes they have to offer. So, that is a bit annoying if you ask me, but at least they do have regular updates, with every new scene coming out each week. If they continue like this, their database will surely grow.

So, what’s the price?

When you hear so many nice things about a premium porn site, I am sure that you are very interested in the price, right? Well, do not worry. I think that the prices are pretty standard. You have three membership options, the -month membership that is about $30/month, the -month membership that is about $20/month, and a monthly membership that is about $17 a month.

Now, these are just rough round numbers, if you are interested in the actual price, check it out yourself. Personally, I think that the prices are pretty neat. You get lots of exclusive ass content with lots of beautiful women who just love to get pounded in their behind, so what is there not to appreciate? On top of that, paying $17 a month is really not that much for premium content.

No images.

I was a bit annoyed by the fact that they do not have any images or that shit. I think that adding images could really spunk up the site and add it that premium feel. I mean, since they already have exclusive videos, I do not understand why is it so hard to add like screenshots from each video or whatever the fuck. Oh well.

With that said, I think that you will be at least a bit happy to know that they do have a section for the pornstars. There are many beautiful women who are happy to show off their goods for the camera, and the section for the models allows you to learn more about them, where they were born, how they started, or whatever else.

Of course, you will have a list of all the videos they were featured in as well, which is what really makes this section of the site worth it. While I still think that adding a section for the images would have made the site a lot better, at least they have great anal videos and a lot of slutty pornstars… the silver lining, I guess.

Good user-features.

For a premium porn site, I think that the features were good enough. Could they have been done in a better way? Of course, they fucking could. However, I cannot complain that much, because they do get straight down to business. You have some of the usual options, but some of you might also consider their features a bit lacking.

It all depends on whether you expect any kind of user features to begin with. I like to look at everything objectively for my audience. Thus I need to say that their features are shitty, but their design is pretty neat. I like the overall black layout; it is quite nice for browsing through, it makes everything much easier if you ask me.

Plus, we all browse for this shit at night. There is no flashing background to blind you the fuck up, thus browsing is quite simple. Everything you need to know is on top of the site, so check it out there. They have videos, a section for the pornstars, a neat homepage and that is about it, I think.

The search options are pretty sucky. When I visit a premium porn site, I do expect their searches to be top-notch, but apparently, this is all I got. I do not think that these search options will suffice when I am searching for the crap that makes my dick hard, but oh well. With such a small number of videos, browsing through all of them is not such a pain in the ass.

A great place for anal lovers.

With all that I have said, I think that this place is quite nice for those who love ass fucking. You have a lot of gorgeous women who love to get fucked hardcore, some love sharing scenes with their girlfriends; others prefer solos. It all depends on the video, and with the steady updates, I am sure that they are going to get a neat database soon enough.

The browsing on is very simple. The black background makes the browsing easy on the eyes; the prices are nice as well. There are no ads, and while the searches could have been done better, overall, I enjoyed what this place had to offer. This means that you will enjoy it as well.

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  • Anal porn
  • Hot pornstars
  • Exclusive HD porn videos
  • Good design

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  • Lacking search options
  • Not that many videos yet