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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Evil Angel

Evil Angel

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EvilAngel is a premium western porn site featuring lots of top industry talent getting fucked for your viewing pleasure. EvilAngel features hundreds of your favorite porn players, whether its female porn stars, male porn stars, or directors. There seems to be a huge focus on anal fucking here, but you’ll find all kinds of different sex overall.

Before it was an internet powerhouse, EvilAngel was a porn studio. Founded by the legendary John Stagliano, they have been one of the top porn producers since the goddamn 80s and managed to stay profitable through all these years.

How the fuck did they manage to do that? Simply put, EvilAngel is one of the first studios to focus on POV action. They also did more of that funny action like tranny porn, which apparently is where they make the bulk of their cash.

A big feature for EvilAngel is the directors. EvilAngel has always worked with the finest directors in the business, and this lineup now includes motherfuckers like Rocco Siffredi, Le Wood, and Aiden Starr. In the internet age of porn, those names probably don’t mean much to many of you, but if you’re into the industry you know what I’m talking about.

EvilAngel doesn’t just have video porn scenes. There are also plenty of pictures and bonus content like extra scenes, outtakes, and cumshot compilations. EvilAngel also features Voracious, a full episodic porn show about vampires fucking their way through the world. As I said, EvilAngel has a long and storied career in the adult entertainment industry. The studio has decades of experience and has won plenty of AVN and Xbiz awards like Best Studio and Best Site. In addition to porn videos, EvilAngel also has documentary pornos like I Am Katrina and Cam Girls, so you can learn more about the lives of these crazy bitches as you fap.

EvilAngel’s premium content features over 10,000 scenes, unlimited downloads, porno that goes back to the 90s, teens, MILFs, 1080p quality action, and 24-hour customer support. You don’t survive this long in the industry without offering some serious value.

Standard Western porn site navigation

Let’s take a sneak peek into the members’ section of EvilAngel. This is a classic layout for a porn site with nothing particularly wrong, but also nothing outstanding in terms of layout.

When you first enter, you’ll see a nice big banner at the top featuring all the latest movies from EvilAngel. This includes such blockbusters like Anal Antics, Anal Investigation 2, and Angel Angels 3. As you can tell, EvilAngel really loves the sodomy. Scroll down and you’ll see a gallery of the latest updates. This is a tube-site like layout with thumbnail, title, length, upload date, and rating. Ratings on EvilAngel is done like YouTube through a thumbs up/thumbs down system.

You can also browse the gallery by Most viewed or Highest rated through the tabs at the top of the gallery.

You’ll also see a button for Upcoming Videos. This lets you preview some videos that will come out in the next days, and there are typically 1-3 new videos each day. One cool feature on EvilAngel is that you can pay to stream these videos right away.

Frankly, I think it’s retarded if you can’t wait a day or two for the videos to come in. But hey, if a thumbnail really excites you that much, god bless you. Also, note that the videos that support 4K resolution will have a little tag on the thumbnail.

At the left side of EvilAngel is a list of the directors. Personally, I never really gave a fuck about porno directors (I just want the action), but you hardcore porn industry fans out there probably follow this kind of shit.

Click on a director’s name to get their bio. Some directors write their own bio, while others are just 3rd party biographies. You’ll find hot porno directors like Rocco Siffredi, Le Wood, and Jonni Darkko. It’s nice to see that they got some bitches directing porno also, though I say they should join in on the action.

Below the directors’ list, you’ll see the Most Popular porn stars. Adriana Chechik, Remy Lacroix, and Valentina Nappi top this list. Click on these stars to get a quick bio and gallery of all their videos. Keep in mind that all these ladies to a ton of anal action for you.

At the top of the page, you’ll see the main menu links which include Browse, Videos, Movies, Pornstars, and Forum. Browse lets you look through Pictures, Classics, Extras (like out-takes), and Voracious, which is the full season episodic porn movie about vampires getting fucked.

The highlight of EvilAngel is probably the movies section. These movies run for hours, with shit like Dark Meat #11 going over five hours long! I don’t think I can last that long, but major respect if you can hold out until the end of that epic saga. There are also handy pulldown bars above the gallery to search by pornstar, category, series, etc.

What I Like

You always have to show respect to the OGs, and EvilAngel is precisely that. These motherfuckers have been making porn since the days of disco, and their catalog of porno and awards shows how they’ve managed to last this long in a really crazy industry.

If you love anal, then EvilAngel is right up your poopy alley. EvilAngel features all kinds of porn like teens, MILFs, trannies, and interracial, but anal seems to be where they shine. I’ve never seen so many dicks up asses in my life.

EvilAngel has all the features that any premium site should have. I’m talking about HD videos (including 4K support for some videos), unlimited downloads, picture sets for all their videos, and behind-the-scenes content.

EvilAngel also does a good job of featuring talent. As I said, I don’t really give a fuck about people’s names or biographies, but I think a big reason EvilAngel has been successful is that they really promote and feature their artists.

Is there such thing as a household porno director name? I don’t think so, but EvilAngel tries its goddamn best.

The talent at EvilAngel is solid. As one of the big dogs of the industry, you’ll find bitches like Adriana Chechhik and Remy Lacroix. Dig into the archives, and you’ll find classic porn superstars like Sasha Grey.

Speaking of the archives, EvilAngel has one of the richest archives of porn you can find anywhere. I’m talking thousands of pornos dating back to the 90s. The oldest video I saw was Dance Fire from motherfucking January 1989, holy crap these bitches had ugly hair back then!

What I Hate

For you younger guys (pretty much all of you), EvilAngel can feel outdated. This is really classic Americana porno like you’d buy at the VHS store for $30 in the 90s. I’m talking lots of white bitches, corny plots, bad acting, and videos that run so damn long that you wonder if these motherfuckers even fap to it, or just watch it for hours stone-faced like some true freaks.

There’s also some annoying promotional links that go nowhere. The EvilAngel cam site is just a cam site with its own payment structure. The Games section is just outlinks to other companies’ games that will try to make you pay as well.

The EvilAngel forum is also really shitty. There’s no real subforums, no activity, and very little discussion going on. They could really build a community if they tried, but there’s little activity.

Finally, I wish they had some parodies or more interesting concepts in the porn movies. These are mostly straight action fare, although their Voracious series is pretty awesome. But generally speaking, EvilAngel’s formula hasn’t changed much for the past twenty years. Then again, why should they? It clearly seems to be working for them.

Pay respect to your elders

Overall, EvilAngel is a veteran porn studio that has successfully transitioned to the internet age and appears to still be thriving. For you motherfuckers that love anal and POV action, you have EvilAngel to thank for popularizing the form.

EvilAngel has won dozens, if not hundreds, of AVN awards for the past ten years. The studio also maintains a big stable of directors who each have their own style and specialty for you to fap to. Amazingly, the original creator Stagliano appears to still be doing his thing behind the camera.

The 2016 Studio of the Year (according to XBIZ Awards) gives you plenty to fap to. This is one of the better deals for premium site on the internet, especially for you fappers that have 4K monitors. EvilAngel features the hottest porn stars, and has a site with enough technological juice to keep you fapping for another thirty years.

ThePornDude likes Evil Angel's

  • Anal action for days
  • High quality videos with download links

ThePornDude hates Evil Angel's

  • Lots of ads for a premium site
  • May be a little old fashioned for some