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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Swing Lifestyle aka sls.com! When you say swing, what’s the 1st thing that comes to your mind? For me, it’s the baseball swing to my neighbor’s car, to other’s it might be a sew-saw swing or a punch, you know, like swinging. Everyone has their own interpretation of what swinging means to them but if you ask my uncle Ronnie, and by the way, he is a dirty old man who still is a horn dog and has a 30 year younger fiancee, to him, it means changing partners, having sex with them all the while you still remain together with the spouse that you just traded off. Yes, swingers were the taboo of the 70s but now in the 2018s, they are almost outted completely. Still, they are not as overt as some other sex branches are because they have class. When you check out a site called Swinglifestyle.com aka sls.com you will get dates, holiday bookings, sex stories and so much more. It is a site that’s dedicated to swingers and it involves everything that comes along for the ride.

With the logo that Swing Life Style has I expected a Unicef type of a site. The whole look is like a retirement home site would have, like “Sunny Acres, the only resort that your granny will feel like at home”, something like that. That purplish white look just doesn’t say “edgy”, it says “you’re old, get your caskets on time, old timer”. I don’t know, there was something about the look but fine. If they think that’s what works, then alright.

Once you land on the site you quickly realize that there are so many things that you can check out and get info on or just indulge in. If you are expecting some dirty videos or pictures, this is not it. You will not see any explicit content on Swinglifestyle.com so you can rest at ease as you search for a swinging partner during your working hours. No one’s gonna assume anything, if anything, they are going to think that you are going to retire soon, so browse your pants off old timer.

The gist of the site is to connect sls swingers across the globe and get them together. This is done with lots of different categories. There are plenty of sections to choose from on the left part of the homepage. It’s interesting that one of the bigger focuses is placed on becoming an affiliate, which is probably the last thing that should be placed into focus and it shouldn’t take away from the main thing and that’s swinging. This is the biggest fail of the site since the moment I saw it what went through my mind was that these dudes are placing more emphasis on recruitment than on the actual thing that they are promoting, which is, excuse my French, lame as fuck! I guess they know what it is that they are doing so I’mma end it on this note.

As I was browsing around the site it hit me why the affiliate role was so important to the site. Wherever I clicked on, be it Sex Toys or Sexual Lubes or even Swinger Cruise, there was something that was being sold. Then I realized that this is just basically Wallmart for swingers and it is offering them all these services but since they are already here and you need to entertain them somehow so that they don’t get grumpy, they can read up on the latest swinger blogs, maybe write a few lines on the Forum or read a couple of naughty swinger stories. Now that I think about it, and when I place a different view on the Swinglifestyle.com I kind of understand. Just call it how it is.

This site can give swingers all kinds of inputs as to where major swinger parties are going to take place and it even goes in depth of each state in the U.S., so they are organized like clockwork which is really impressive. You can even join clubs in your states through Swinglifestyle.com and even buy lubes if you plan on getting freaky at some of these cruises or parties that can be set up through slslifestyle. They have it all figured out, don’t they?

The thing that I didn’t like was the fact that the site is kind of isolated to U.S. and U.K. swingers which is leaving just, the rest of the world out of the loop. Sure, the forums are cool, the stories and all but the biggest value comes from these pieces of information about the parties and the cruises and all, the real-time stuff. Besides this, the site offers so much value to this subculture members that it’s kind of cool to see that they have such a platform to share their existence together. Besides the “grandma” look of the site, it has primo value to those who are the “it” crowd and if you are a swinger, then by all means, what are you waiting for, go and buy some lube off of Swing Lifestyle. The cruises are about to set sail.

ThePornDude likes SwingLifestyle's

  • Information and content is on point
  • From DVD's to lubes they have it all
  • A mature swinger site

ThePornDude hates SwingLifestyle's

  • The site looks like grandma's flat
  • Lots of up-selling