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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Usually, when I am asked to register before I can even view the shit that one site has to offer, I am really repulsed by the idea of even visiting that site at all. However, in this case, and I am talking about a site called fling.com, it actually makes fucking sense since this is a dating website, so you can’t do much without an account anyway.

Of course, I created an account as well, since how else will I be able to introduce this place to you. No site is perfect, especially when talking about the dating websites. Here I will discuss all the shit that you might want to know, as well as if this shit is even worth the visit. See how nice I am, I do all the research just for you lads and ladettes, you are welcome.

Now, this site is supposed to be a dating website, which means that half of the options given should already be implied; for example, the ability to see the members pictures, chat with them and all that similar crap, otherwise how can this even be called a dating website in the first place?

The first thing that really got on my fucking nerves is the fact that we are living in 2018 and this site looks like it came out of the 2000s… Honestly, why do sites not update their shit on time? It is not that fucking difficult, you have plenty of people who do this for a living, just hire a professional and make your fucking site presentable… jeez.

You will know exactly what I mean when you visit a site, and I am pretty sure that most of us, when seeing such an old-school site will deem it as ‘not working’ or an ‘AD’ because let’s be honest, most ads look like that. But, don’t be fooled by its idiotic design, this shit is actually a working site… sort of.

For as much as I explored, it worked fine, but I have seen many conflicting reviews from other people saying that the site is fake, while the other half said that the site is working. This is why I decided to share this review and tell you how things actually are.

When you create an account, you will have the free account, which also has limited access to the site; and when I say ‘limited’ what I really mean is that you can’t do shit if you do not fucking pay for an account. This is actually how most dating websites work today, since how else are they supposed to earn a living, right? I was a bit ‘eh’ on the fact that I have to pay for a membership of a site that looks as shitty as fling.com, but I did it your Y’all’s sake.

On top you will have the usual menu, there is not much I could comment on that. You can search the for the bitches and dudes randomly, or you can use some of the search options instead. Beside every profile you will be given a couple of options, such as to send them a wink, favorite them, and notify you together with an option of ‘Quick Chat’ where you do not really get to choose what the fuck you want to write, you get some already existing phrases that you can send.

Of course, those are not the only options. On the side, you will get a list of people who are online and you can send them quick messages just like you would on Facebook and other similar sites. I mean the functions of this site and all other dating websites are quite straight-forward, I feel stupid even explaining them.

As for the search options, you can mention the shit you are into from the very beginning, or you can search for people manually by some of the options given on the site. There are plenty of search options, and many members like to stream themselves online, so if you create an account, just go nuts.

If you want the full privileges, however, you will have to become a paying member. You can purchase the 1-month Gold membership of $35, the 6-month Gold membership of $11.65/month but you pay for it in advance, so it is actually $69.95, or you can get the 12-months Gold membership of $6.67/month. If you want to try the shit out, they do offer a Gold 2-day trial of $0.95, and a hella of an expensive 7-day trial of $9.95.

The overall privileges that you get with the memberships are listed above, and they should be quite obvious. You will basically get to do all the shit that you would expect to be able to do on a dating website… does that make any fucking sense to you guys?

Personally, I do not think that this site is as bad as some people say it is, but then again, I did not investigate the depths of it. I did run into some profiles that looked fake as fuck, but others did not, so who knows. I’d say that some of the profiles are probably fake, but in today’s world, I believe that every site has fake shit.

Now, while there are people who say this shit is fake, there are also a ton of them who say that it is not, and seeing that the site has been nominated as one of the best dating websites a few years back, I do not think that it is so bad. However, if you do not trust fling.com, there are plenty of other dating websites you could check out.

ThePornDude likes Fling's

  • Plenty of search options
  • Many hot users
  • User-friendly layout

ThePornDude hates Fling's

  • The design is quite shitty
  • You can't do anything on the site without paying
  • Self-service site, no matching system