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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Well, there has always been this notion about Ashely Madison having been created with the notion to help couples with terminally ill spouses achieve companionship. But as time went by I guess even singles started ailing as well as unfaithful bastards, just in case the theory is true. But who the fuck cares anyway? Life is too short to be unhappy so fucking have a discreet affair and save your children the psychological torture of divorce.

After all, we all know that love without a little naughty play can be a little too stale. Take, for example; not all wives are open to fetishes, BDSM shit or even bisexual kinda threesomes. And yet out there especially on Ashely Madison, there are all types of people looking to find new sexual adventures secretly from their partners, with singles also available for threesomes or flings.

I know everyone’s got their concerns about lots of issues like take, for example, secrecy but am sure the site can be reassuring enough. And am also sure that the savvy articles about sex and cheating will serve to get you right into your dream kinda ecstasy. The cheating tips perhaps help you not get caught too soon or probably how not to fall for your side bitch, which, as you all know, is our greatest weakness.

And now before I spill all the beans, let’s dive into context.

Sign up for free to view profiles

Secrecy or discreteness is prime, and this certainly calls for protocols with the most essential one being that of signing up before being granted access to any profiles. Almost like you have to incriminate yourself first before you get to see the rest of the goons, don’t you think?

Anyways, it’s not that complicated, and you only need fill in your birthday, choice of username, zip code, and an email address( conveniently one specific for the site to avoid mix up, scandals or better still help keep you anonymous).

The coolest feature in terms of the profile’s composition is the photo blur and masking details option, which is ultimately what I would confidently call a solid shade. Other simple details you can include are things like height, weight, language, and smoking habits. The major addition, however, should be what you are actually looking to find whether; long-term, short term, cybersex, fetish, one-night stand, mistress whatever kind of arrangements.

Finding your perfect match

This should be super easy judging from the site’s purpose and functionality. Users can specify sexual acts they are looking to indulge in, for example, BDSM, fetish/kinky shit, oral, threesomes, cuddling, groupies, among other things. They can also add up some extra details about what they perceive their perfect matches should be like. Providing specifications like whether they should have high sex drive, do drugs, red hair, blue eyes, have tattoos, etc. In addition, those looking for partners who can fit in with their day to day activities or career or hobbies are also encouraged to include them so as to assist the site further in setting you up with a more compatible fit.

And just so you know, there is no reason to be stressing yourself over membership because their Unique Credit System allows you to control your spending. Which is super cool, don’t you agree?

Further deep into this membership thingy, am pleased to tell you that the membership of the site is actually free. Which brings me to why the fuck you need credits, and that’s because you spend credits to talk to potential hookups or send them gifts, which ultimately saves you from the hustle of monthly fees. Think of it like, you only spend on the prospect of scoring a pussy or dick otherwise the rest of the site tours to the blog, profiles/photos viewing or whatever you just freeload.

As for the cost of credits, the more you buy, the less they cost. For instance, can get 100 credits for 49 bucks, 500 for 149, or 1000 for 249.

Vibes at first sight

I guess no one needs to remind you that it’s all about searching and smashing and it’s a good thing that there are previews for flashlights to get the party started. These give you a quick idea of a person’s physique with details like age, location, weight, sexual interests, and what they are looking for in a partner.

You can also view they profile a to know more about what they like or simply whether they are your type which you could always ascertain by a wink, send a text. We all know which one wins best, don’t we?

Also, below their profiles, you can see all their encounter preferences as well as other members feedback. And in case you are wondering how the feedback mechanism works; users review individuals they have chatted with probably to maintain sanity or give heads up to others whether they are rude, fun, boring or even creepy.

Talk about exclusive features; the travel feature allows you to send texts to about 30 potential hookups say, in a city, you are planning to visit, stay for summer, holidays or whatever. Just hoping am not the only one thinking that it’s perfect for business trips, conferences, etc. Almost like the perfect family fuckboy getaway, don’t you think?

Makes cheating way easier

While the reality of cheating is often; fun before you are ‘caught’ kinda thing. I would say; if you and your wife are way goofy in a friendly way, maybe you should suggest a threesome, wife swap, sex party or anything that could practically spice up your downtown play before considering cheating. This is because we all know that cheating changes everything and in as much as there are sites like this to help you be extra careful your wife and kids are worth more than that 3sec load.

Anyways, moving forward; the site has a mobile set up which is pretty cool for your portable devices. Am guessing they do not have an app due to the secret nature of ‘cheating.’ However, I can assure you all that I did not encounter any problems while navigating through the site or even performing basic actions such as; viewing profiles, editing photos, etc. Plus it loads pretty fast and if I may add totally worth every fucking penny!

Positive Features

Safe space for cheating; the site makes it easy for married men and women to find hookups for their cheating prospects pretty easily and conveniently.

Discreet hookups arrangements; there is guaranteed and at best evident secrecy from the site as well as an accommodating and nonjudgmental environment for all.

Prospects of hot married men/women; there is a huge possibility of hooking up with hot horny married women or men for a short term or long term pussy or cock spin on the site — any day at any time.

Multiple features to keep your data secret; people insecure about exposing their personal details are well covered by features such as the photo blur or even profile personal information mask. Sounds pretty convenient, don’t you agree?

Negative Features

Too many risks; truth be told, cheating is pretty fun until when one is caught, and they lose priceless things in life like family, which is one of the greatest risks involved. Plus who knows, your wife might have got there before you and god help it if you are matched up because that’s pretty hard to come back from as interesting as it might sound.

Credits could be a bit price; just like it’s not every motherfucker who owns a car. Some people really wanna cheat or just get a threesome to mash up their marriages. But because they are competing against rich assholes who will be sending gifts to impress a girl while you send your empty vibes inbox, your load might stick around for a while.


Well, cheating isn’t morally or socially acceptable, and I feel like right from the word go; the site should enlighten people about the consequences of cheating or tactics to use not to get caught or fall for their mistresses. The credits costs should also be looked into to make it accessible to everyone. Some bonuses from time to time, perhaps?


Don’t let your sneaky cheating thoughts slip away when Ashely Madison can help you get away with it. Willing to taste the difference? All you have to do is have some dollars for credits are you’ll land safely onto your desired ecstasy world!

ThePornDude likes Ashley Madison's

  • Safe space for cheating
  • Discreet hookups arrangements
  • Prospects of hot married men/women
  • Multiple features to keep your data secret

ThePornDude hates Ashley Madison's

  • Too many risks
  • Credits could be a bit pricey