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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Everyone here has one thing in common: you want to get laid. And, if I had to guess, you’re some dude looking to get some pussy. Whether you’re suffering through a dry spell, are a virgin cuck, or something in between, then don’t worry any longer! Put the porn aside for once in your damn life. I mean, do you really need to nut for the third time today? Give your numb, chafed, 3-inch dick a bit of a reprieve from your constant assault and go to a site that might actually get you outside and showered.

Fuckbook.com. You’ve probably heard of this site. But, if you haven’t, let me give you the rundown on this site. It’s a site that mixes social media and porn. Two of the most addicting things nowadays. You hop onto the site, make a profile, and get chatting with hot sluts in your area. These guys have been around for 20 fucking years.

That’s right, they launched way back in 1999. And I wish I could say that they were killing it. They’re doing alright, but the traffic looks unstable at best. They pull in anywhere between 1 and 3 million new views to the site every month. Not too bad, but I expected more from such an old site.

Can’t Read, Respond, or Chat Without Paying for an Expensive Membership

The site is free to use… kind of. You can make an account, create posts, and all of that good shit for free, but there’s a catch. You can’t message or reply to posts without coughing up some cash. You also don’t get as much visibility if you’re not paying up for the monthly or quarterly membership. If you go month by month that bill is going to run you a staggering 30 bucks a month. If you do three months at a time that drops the price to 15 a month. Still fucking expensive.

You’ll get stupid shit popping up from obvious bots that say “Get a Premium Account to read this message.” That’s some bullshit. I got three of the damn messages before I even had a profile picture. Yeah, I slay some mad pussy and babes love me, but I know that there’s no way that many real chicks are interested in a completely blank profile.

Interesting Karma Feature Shows You Who is Active and Worth Talking To

The site also has this karma feature. No, not like Reddit. Well, kind of like Reddit I guess. You get more karma by being polite, contributing nicely to user posts, blog posts, and PMs. If you act like a rightful cunt, then your score will drop. And if some dimepiece clicks on your profile and sees that you’ve got low karma, then that’s probably a good sign not to talk to your rude ass.

To get started all you’ve got to do is make a username, give them an email, age, and location. You don’t even need a profile picture to start if you just want to check the site out. You’re also pretty much required to sign up for this feature called “Icebreaker.” They say that you can have to opt in, but I didn’t see any way to say no. It’s coupled with the terms and conditions, so fuck you I guess. I couldn’t find any sort of option to let me opt out either.

What icebreaker does is send messages on your behalf to try and break the ice with other users. Neat, I guess. But I shouldn’t have to use that shit if I don’t want to. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I scoured the damn site looking for a way to say no. Just tell me you’re going to make me use that shit instead of disguising it as some sort of choice.

Once you’re through sorting through all of that mess, then you can explore the main site. It looks like most social media sites. You’ve got a newsfeed of popular posts by friends and people in your area, or a list of popular posts if you haven’t bothered adding anybody yet. These can be text posts, photos, videos, and events.

Most of the Profiles are Bots, Cam Girls, or People Trying to Scam You

Or you can head over to the matches section and see a list of active profiles around you. That’s really the best way to get started adding hot chicks to your feed. And, hey, it seems to work pretty well. I was swimming in hot amatuer pictures of tits, pussies, and asses in no time at all. But, of course, I’m me and you’re you. So, good luck with that. If you’re cool with simply lurking around and fapping to these hot pics, then you don’t have to bother with a membership. But you need one if you want to have any sort of conversation with the sluts on the site.

Though I doubt that you’d have much success even if you do pay. This site is infested with bots, ads, and cam girls/influencers advertising premium snapchats or shows. I doubt you’ll stumble across many actual women on here. It’s so fucking low effort too. Most of these profiles are faker than Candy Charms’ massive tits. These profiles simply post pictures of babes like Riley Reid and you stupid fucks pay up and try to talk to them. Pathetic. At least put more work in and find some lesser known Instagram whore instead of popular pornstars to bait dudes.

In-Depth Blog Posts Worth Checking out and A Great Mobile Experience

Every so often you’ll get an in depth sex-themed blog post to read, which are actually pretty decent and generally well written. They talk about interesting shit like the female orgasm (something most of you probably haven’t experienced), site updates, and prostitution. Good shit. Check it out.

Like all good social media sites, there needs to be a kick ass mobile site. And Fuckbook.com is no exception. Despite everything that I might not think is legit on the site, they managed to put out a solid fucking mobile site. It works as well as any social media site would. Scroll through your feed, save photos, chat with sluts, and all that cool shit without having to login to the desktop version every time. All the menus are available up top in tucked away menus and you don’t have to zoom in and out to read any posts on here.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

I like the idea behind Fuckbook.com. I really do. I mean, a site all about sharing nudes, hooking up, and chatting sounds fucking awesome. I was ready to be completely on board with this site, but it’s not executed right. The other sites that compete with them do it better and without nearly as many bots, unnecessary features, and ads. The site design is sleek and easy to browse. The mobile site kicks ass. And if you’re just here to fap to amatuer pictures of sexy babes, then you still might be able to bust a nut.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

This site needs some new management. It’s all over the fucking place. This site is filled with bots. There needs to be some sort of verification process so that users can tell if they’re actually talking to someone real and not getting scammed. If that was fixed, then most of my complaints are gone. Hell, by the time I typed this paragraph I had 5, count em’, 5 bot chats pop up with messages I couldn’t read. Lower the membership cost, get rid of the bot accounts, and then you’ll be golden. But, right now, I wouldn’t use this site for anything except fapping to pictures. And, even then, there are better sites for that too.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Fuckbook.com has the setup for an amazing site, but it falls way short of that goal. The site is loaded with annoying bot accounts trying to scam dudes into their premium snapchats, cam shows, or worse. It’s not worth the trouble of trying to parse through and find the actual chicks on the site. You’d have better luck stepping outside and yelling “someone please fuck me” than you would here. If you want the chance of finding some amatuer pictures of kinky chicks in your area, then you might get lucky.

ThePornDude likes FuckBook's

  • No strings attached sex
  • Plenty of local girls
  • Easy to navigate
  • Lots of members/women
  • Easy to join with lifelong membership

ThePornDude hates FuckBook's

  • Occasional fake accounts
  • Tons of Ads
  • Can’t Chat With Anyone for Free