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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Do you like videos of naked Asian women in all kinds of scandalous situations? Perhaps you’re such a big fan of virgin graduation and bus molestation that you have your own extensive library of Japanese Adult Videos. As a guy with three storage units full of degrading incest DVDs, I understand all too well the difficulties of keeping a massive collection. Jav Library aims to help you organize what you own and what you like, at least as far as JAV is concerned.

Let’s be honest here. This website probably wouldn’t be getting 20 million hits a month if it was just used for making a list of your own shit. I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on their noble goals. If I’m right, and I really hope I am, I think JavLibrary.com is actually chock-full of free Japanese smut.

At the Library with a Boner

I love the simple, perverted elegance of the site’s logo. It looks a lot like the design on the library down the street, although this one is actually more accurate. Instead of a book, the vaguely human shape is looking at a computer. The whole thing looks pretty G-rated until you notice that this figure has a huge boner. Yeah, that is pretty much exactly how I roll at the library.

The Adults-Only warning screen lets you choose between Japanese and English, and there are also some pretty weird links that I don’t understand. Maybe it has something to do with my browser’s built-in translation, but one link says it’s for Japanese Adult Shadow Information Group Managements. All the links, including the one for the Japanese version of the site, all lead me to the English JavLibrary page. It sounds like a grand conspiracy to me, but hopefully, it’s a conspiracy to give me free movies of office women being violated.

The main screen shows half a dozen DVD covers from popular videos. With the exception of a topless teen, the photos don’t look particularly filthy. Those titles, though, are top-level depravity. One film with a busty MILF on the cover is called Nasty Awakening in Front of Middle Aged Fathers Semen Squeezes. (In typical JAV fashion, the full title is basically a whole paragraph of deranged, perverted gibberish.)

Another cover feature some classy looking Japanese students. They’re well-dressed, like they’re going out to a damn wedding or something. Of course, it turns out it has something to do with her first co-insertion. There are also two innocent schoolgirls, standing in the street and looking forlorn, in a flick about torture sex recorded by two uncles.

I Heard You Like Lists of Porno

The rest of the main page just breaks down what JavLibrary is for. There is even a cute comic to help you understand, in case you’re some kind of retard. It shows some dude ripping out his hair because he can’t remember the name of some tentacle rape movie he watched two years ago. Well, this is the place to find out.

Honestly, they make it sound like some boring ass list of the lists. You can look up the movies you own and click a button to add them to the list, and then you can look at other people’s lists and compare. You can review Asian porn or read other people’s opinions on different Japanese Adult Videos.

That’s all well and good if you’re some kind of OCD JAV neckbeard, but I just want to stroke my cock while watching a woman have convulsions from getting fucked so hard. In fact, I’m so interested in seeing that I clicked a movie called Others Bark Gack Gaku Convulusions Cum Deci-Ass, just to look at the cover.

The info page for the convulsions film looks like a budget rate version of IMDb, but dedicated to JAV. The full cast is listed, with quick links to pull up whatever else they’ve starred in. Genres are tagged really well. This one includes Creampie, Big Tits, Butt, Drama, and Cuckold. I can see how this information would be useful to true enthusiasts of Japanese Adult Video.

Fuck Yeah! Found the Hidden Treasure!

The DVD cover features that obnoxious pixelated censorship that is unfortunately standard in the genre. I was able to crank one out anyway, though. There’s just something about the way the cum drips down this broad’s silky thighs. Yum.

I figured that was all JavLibrary had to offer, so I was already to pack up and hit the road. I am a man of simple tastes, but I do like my married woman hardcore movies to move. This felt like whacking off to the shrink-wrapped pornos at the 7-11 until Abdul kicks me out again. Maybe fun for the JAV completist, but not for me.

Before I left, I scrolled down to check out comments. These are often good for a post-wank laugh because they’re written by some of the stupidest, horniest people on the planet.

I didn’t find anything to laugh about. Instead, I found all that free porno I was hoping for to begin with. None of the comments are just comments about the video. In fact, all I see are screencaps from the film and links to downloaded on RapidGator.

It Really Is a Library of Japanese Adult Video

JavLibrary is really a lot more fun and interesting once you realize what it’s really all about. They cover their asses pretty beautifully with that seup, which helps explain why they’ve been around since 2011. They’re not responsible for their users committing piracy on a massive scale.

Since all the comments are downloads, you can see all the most recently uploaded shit under New Comments. The most “Recently Discussed” video features a thick Japanese broad in pink lingerie hugging herself. It’s called I Cannot Stand It Any Longer! Just Before The Explosion! Nasty SEX Covered In The Semen Of A 32-year-old.

The videos are all hosted on different free filehosts, which is both good and bad. It frees JavLibrary from liability, so the site gets to stick around, but you’ll almost definitely have to deal with spam, waiting times, and sharing personal information with the Russian mob. You also have to download instead of stream like on most free video sites, which makes it just a bit harder to jerk off at the library while looking at JavLibrary.

The download comments tend to follow a couple of copy-and-paste formats. I noticed that sometimes there was a space to enter a torrent link, but none of the videos I looked at actually had torrent links available. I figure only the most popular videos have torrents.

I sort of assumed the videos listed under New Releases would be brand-new DVDs that nobody had uploaded just yet. The perverts at JavLibrary are some quick motherfuckers, though. A film released two days ago about Ass Nobility already has at least a dozen different downloads available in the comment section. It’s got Big Tits, POV and Huge Butt, so I’m already downloading it.

Deep-Throating Lolitas Getting Enemas and Squirting

JAV sites often have fucked-up and sprawling list of tags. The Categories page at JavLibrary is well organized. To simply things, they’ve broken it down into Themes, Characters, Costumes, Sex Acts, Body Types and a few other broad categories.

For such a sexually repressed society, Japan sure comes up with some nasty ass kink. JavLibrary has whole sections of Coprophagy and Defecation, aka shit play, Drugs and Rape. There is a Molester category, and you’re goddamn right that a shit-ton of Tentacle fuck flicks are available at a click of your mouse.

Of course, there’s plenty of vanilla shit for you prudes out there, too. Spank your monkey to Anchor Women Masturbating or BBW’s Doing Cowgirl. Blowjobs, Bukkake, and Lesbian encounters are all well represented here.

JavLibrary is actually a much, much better site than IMDb. You can look up different Japanese Adult Videos by genre, actress, or title, which can be really useful for the obsessive Asian porn fanatic. What makes it a really incredible site is that you can find free download links for just about every film you can look up. It’s not much to look at, but holy shit, that’s a lot of fucking content.

ThePornDude likes JavLibrary's

  • Massive free index of JAV movies and stars
  • Download and/or torrent links

ThePornDude hates JavLibrary's

  • Registration required for full features
  • Third-party file hosts
  • Piracy?