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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Define Fetish

Define Fetish

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A dildo electric drill in her pussy as the girl is strapped to a metal fence, upside down! This is the kind of content that you’ll find on along with other regular everyday BDSM fetishes. My first impression of Define Fetish was that they are dealing with unique BDSM fetishes that include the whole range, pissing, wrestling, ropes, bondage, suspension and all the cool stuff that you’d expect from a BDSM site. So far in my review, the first impression is a tight one, but as I keep on looking for the details that get on my nerves, this impression might change. Hope not, but hope is for the weak! TPD deals with winners! Onwards.

Now, the whole gist of is that this is a site that’s a BDSM model page, a site that’s promoting and presenting BDSM models, those who have done or are doing BDSM videos and photo shoots. Of course, if they’ve done pictorials then they must have done the videos also, makes sense. The first thing that you’ll notice after you’ve entered the site is the Models Index from A to Z. Here, you can find all of the models sorted alphabetically, and even under the letter X, there are 4 models. Now that’s something. Can you give me the name of a model whose name starts with an X? I can. Xandra, Xana, Xanthia, Ximena. I just hope that these are their stage names since I can’t imagine those parents who’ve named their child with a letter X, unless it’s Xavier of course.

There are 4013 fetish models, 20320 galleries, 10485 videos and 121 sites that you can check out that are BDSM related. This should lead you to a conclusion that the Premium sites gave their permission to promote their models, naturally, just so that they get free promotion and probably gets a certain kickback from this deal. The classic “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” marketing strategy.

The categories are interesting enough, they have all these weird names such as Aquaphilia, Infantilism, Lactating and so forth. Makes sense since this is a BDSM site. I was intrigued at what Aquaphilia meant so I clicked on the category and there it was, a half-naked woman suspended on a harness, dipped inside a tank full of water. Why am I not surprised? The thumbnails were of the models, so not all dealt with being dumped in a can full of water. Some were soaked with water, some were fucked inside the water and some had water pouring out of their tender parts. I suppose that these were supposed to be in the pissing section but a person is allowed to make a mistake once in a while, I suppose. It’s hard to tell sometimes what comes out of what hole and if it’s allowed. It ain’t easy. It just ain’t.

Each model’s page had her videos, pics and the site that she is exclusively working for. Along with her home site, the prices for membership are posted. You get to see the prices for a one month, three months and the six-month membership. For some, the yearly price is also available. All things considered, the page is very helpful, it has all the details that one would like to know and you even get to see some freebies, the videos, and the pics.

The videos are not available for all models. For some reason, I had a problem with playing the videos. Not one video would load which is a major bummer and as I said, I was searching for the details that would get on my nerves and here we are, standing in the eye of the tornado, enjoying the mess of it all. Sure, there was a download full movie button, but you are getting a redirect to the original site, that expects a registration before you can download anything. So when you take into consideration that the models are here to be promoted but their videos can’t be played, that’s a major mistake on’s part.

Well of course that will have a webcam section on the site where you can go and have fun with the webcam models. Of course, they will. has to live off something so the webcam part is the cash cow part of the site because there are no popups and no ads that are obvious and obnoxious for the visitors. They are taking the standard more elegant approach of monetizing their traffic and that is the webcam approach, which I can’t be mad at.

All things considered, is a fine BDSM database site for all the pornstars who’ve ever had any connections with the Sado Maso world of porn. You will find most if not all stars who’ve done this genre and the content will be pleasing to the visitors. Besides the faux pas that they had with the videos, I liked how the site felt, how it looked and this might just easily be one of the best BDSM database sites that I’ve seen so far.

ThePornDude likes Define Fetish's

  • The look and the feel of the site is welcoming
  • The value that they offer is just enough
  • No bullshit, no fillers, all straight shooting

ThePornDude hates Define Fetish's

  • Their videos are not opening