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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Well, it seems that the trend of reviewing overly simplistic porn websites continues. Maybe you people are getting bored of these, but I sure as hell am not. I mean, if you’ve been on this ride for some time, you probably know quite a bit about my personal preferences when it comes to pornography, right? You surely are aware of the fact that I am a friend of overly simplified porn pages that get straight into the point.

This mirrors the type of porn that I like to watch, too. I mean, I am not a fan of long stories, and I’ve given myself the freedom to assume that most men aren’t into this kind of thing as well, and I am sure that I am not wrong when I say this. It’s usually women who like porn with stories. It’s usually women who write these fanfictions, and it’s quite often women who draw those lovey-dovey drawings of your favorite fictional characters having sex while gripping onto each other as hard as they possibly can. The harder the grip, the greater the love. That’s how it works for them.

Let’s not stray too far away from the main topic, which is the review of, and let’s focus on all the wonderful things this page brings to us. What should you expect from Well, a lot of things, but obviously, there’s a catch. I’m not sure if you should call this a catch but here goes. Okay, first things first…two big questions are asked right away — two questions about

These questions are very important regarding the website’s design, and the way the page works in general. What are these questions? Well, we’ve asked them a few times by now, so you should know what I think matters the most in a pornographic website. Primarily, I want the website to be completely free, or if this is not possible, I want a good portion of the website’s content to be free. That’s pretty reasonable, right? The rich kids probably don’t mind for the most part. However, some of us who aren’t broke still don’t like spending money on pornography.

You can call us ungrateful all you want. We simply don’t care. I’m not paying for porno in the 21st century, and that’s that! Seriously, seeing as there’s so much content lying around on the internet just waiting for you to discover it…and I have to pay for it? Obviously, I don’t have to pay for the majority of porn that can be seen here, but you see what I’m getting at, I just don’t feel that most of these are worth my money, so I’m not all for paying memberships and shit like that.

However, a website does pop up every once in a while, it gets me curious, and I am quick to whip my wallet out. However, this is a very rare occasion, as you might have expected. There are few pages on the internet that would get ThePornDude going. Matter of fact, they need to get me going so much that I’d start drolling at the sight of the models that this one special page has. This has only happened a few times, obviously, and I won’t reveal what pages we’re talking about.

Now, the next question is a very important one as well. We figured out that all the content of is completely free and that there really isn’t a catch, at least not a proper one. You should also be concerned about the number of ads you can find on a certain website.

Now that we’re talking about, you should primarily be concerned about all the ads you can find on Well, can you actually find any in here? As far as I can tell, I can’t see any ads in here, which is great. No ads, no bullshit, it’s just porn. God how I love this. I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate ads sometimes…I hate them so much that I’ve removed them from my own page completely.

It’s understandable how some small pages need to add ads to their homepage or any other section in order to get some cash flowing from the ads and the clicks they get, but this isn’t always necessary. You’ll find tons of website that don’t even need ads, but they still use them. They fill their entire website up with their annoying ads, and they pop up no matter where you click. That’s so annoying, and I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of evil mind would do something like that to their page. Well, as long as the porn is good, people are willing to suffer a while so that they could get what they want.

You’re willing to suffer through 800 words of absolute bullshit written by ThePornDude in hopes that you would see some interesting info, too, right? See, you’re just as persistent! So far, we know that is completely free and that this website doesn’t bother you with stupid ads and shit like that. This sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, you need to know just one more thing about this website.

The content of

We’ve already talked about how cheap and accessible this website is, but have we actually talked about the content here? Well, we sure haven’t. So, what can we find on You’re only going to find juicy, sweet porn in here, that’s for sure, but are you going to see videos or pictures in here?

Well, you’re surely going to see a whole lot of videos in here, which is great. However, not all of these videos are full videos, or HD videos, which is quite disappointing. However, seeing that there are also tons of stunningly sexy pictures on this website, it becomes obvious to us that spending time on is something that pays off. You’re surely going to get that rush of dopamine that you crave so bad.

You’ll notice that whenever you click on a certain video, you will be redirected to some other page immediately, which is fine. You don’t even get ads popping up on your screen whenever you click on a certain video, which is pretty great. Now, you should also know that the content on this page isn’t actually sorted out all that well. See, there are no categories or anything of the sort, but there’s a tab dedicated entirely to nothing but the models that you can spot on this website, which is pretty nice.

I mean, it’s better than nothing, so I’m pretty grateful for it. Matter of fact, this page actually pays a lot of attention to the models that can be seen here, I mean, the name really tells you a lot about the content you get to see on the website. All of the models here really are hot teenies with wonderful butts and nice titties, that’s for sure, and the page actually has a section dedicated to your favorite models and nothing else.

This page is pretty god damn great for those types of guys who like to obsess over certain types of girls. You only need to click on the name of a certain girl when it pops up, and you will see all the porn that the model has made. Well, it’s not always all of the porn, rather, it’s just all the porn that’s available to, and this page literally has everything you need in most cases, I ensure you.

A conclusion

So, so far we’ve learned that this website focuses on various kinds of videos that can last anywhere between one and forty minutes, and we’ve also found out that the content here is completely free, which is great, too. No ads, no bullshit. It’s all way too good to be true. However, it all is true, and sure does work like a dream, I am sure that I will find myself coming back to this website over and over. I am also sure that I will never fail to satisfy my cock while stroking it to all the wonderful models of

The one thing that bothers me is the fact that this website doesn’t have a categorization system. It also bothers me how the page doesn’t even show you the length of certain videos, but it lets you know the names of models when you hover above their faces with your mouse cursor.

I mean, sure, this feature where the names pop up when you hover above the girl’s face with your mouse cursor isn’t a bad thing on its own, but there are some things that should come first. You would surely agree…things like the categorization system, for example. At least the page has a search bar hovering in the upper left corner. This will be quite useful. Rather, it will have to be, because we have no alternatives. As I’ve said, there’s no such thing as a categorization system in here, and we don’t even have tags on

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  • Tons of content
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  • Good page design

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  • No categorization system
  • No tags