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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Imagine how lucky you are to have stumbled upon my site, where I take my time to review all kinds of sites, no matter whether I am a fan of their content or not. One of the best examples is a site called, which is basically a site dedicated to all the gorgeous pornstars, their biographies and galleries… and if you have read any of my reviews before, you know I think that these sorts of places are hella unnecessary.

Old-school design, not that much spunk.

The first thing I noticed is their lack of anything, really. I mean, they have a site that looks so fucking old, that I am not sure why the fuck it still exists in 2019 if they do not intend to update their design. Of course, I am talking about the overall design, and this has nothing to do with the shit they actually have to offer. But, it is not okay for a place to look like it just came out of the 90s, when it is like 2 decades later.

Sure, those who are here for that free content probably do not give a shit about the design; let’s be real, if you are a cheapskate who does not want to pay for premium content, then there is a high chance that you do not give a shit whether the site looks like crap or not… what most of you fuckers give a shit about is whether they have to offer free content, right?

From the beginning, I am pretty sure you will know what the fuck you are getting yourself into because it is very fucking obvious. You will have a list of chicks, and you can choose to know whatever you want about them, or something along those lines. I mean, what else can you expect from such websites, than a bunch of random information nobody asked for?

Well, that is exactly what has to offer, and that should have been obvious from the name. So the homepage has a bunch of random chicks suggested, and you are more than welcome to start browsing there. They will be randomly listed, or you can choose to list them a certain way. Of course, first, you will see the top pornstars.

I do have to ask, who the fuck gives a shit about their biography? I understand those who came here to scroll through naughty images, but anything other than that does not make any fucking sense. Let’s be real, you are not fapping to her college degree, so why the fuck do you give a crap where the bitch grew up, or anything else?

At the end of the day, as long as the slut is legal and my type, she can make me cum. The reason why I called one of those ‘useless’ sites, is simply because not only do I not give a shit about each individual chick, I am also not really a fan of galleries. I can usually only cum when I get to see some action, and that is not really possible without an actual video.

Of course, with that said, I understand that there are people out there who prefer to browse through the naughty sections of galleries, and explore the porn images instead of videos… I am not saying that I understand why the fuck you would love that. So, you will surely enjoy browsing through everything this place has to offer… even I enjoyed this shit a little bit.

On top, you have the usual crap that will help you get through all their content, and that is what matters, right? Well, they do not really have that many options, which was a bit sad, but hey… you can’t have everything. At least those who want to learn more about their naughty pornstars have an option to do so, as well as to see naughty galleries.

How does function?

While I am sure that most of you will know how the fuck functions, I am still here to explain it to the dummies. Basically, you have a list of all the naughty pornstars on this site, and you should start by checking out the profiles of chicks your dick is the most interested in… I mean, that is why the fuck you are here, right?

What I liked here is the fact that on such sites, you will usually just get a list of names, and here, you will have a picture beside every name, so you know if the chick is fucking ugly or not. Of course, I checked out their information as well as their galleries, just to tell you whether this place is worth it or not. Well, as I have said a couple of times, if you like to look at dirty galleries and all that crap, I am sure you will love

When you open a chick you are interested in, you will get to see her actual name, country of origin, date of birth, height and career status. Besides that, you will have a whole biography written on the babe, and the length of that usually depends on the chick herself… since the less known sluts will not have that much written.

First of all, the way they have presented the biography is so fucking stupid, because you have a small text box with a scroll and you have to scroll to read a short description… that makes no fucking sense. In addition, there is a huge annoying Ad in the middle of the page, every fucking time… I understand them needing ads to keep themselves alive, but they could have toned it down a little bit.

Below that, you will have a list of all the galleries they have about that chick. You can see the category of the gallery, the title which is often pretty descriptive, the chicks who starred in the category and the upload time. I think all of this info is pretty straightforward, but what stood out to me is that you can select the category for the gallery you are most interested in.

Most, if not all, the images in those galleries are of HD quality, which is to be expected. At least they are keeping their site updated when it comes to the kinky content they have to provide because as I have already mentioned, everything else fucking sucks. Now, there will be a lot more ads and pop-ups on the site, so that might ruin your boner.

Is there anything else I need to know about this place?

Those who are used to browsing such porn sites often will surely ask if there is anything else this place has to offer… and sadly there is not much else for you to check out. Starting with the fact that they do not have a community aka you cannot become a member of the site and get the usual perks… I mean, they could have at least included that.

You do have a section dedicated just for the categories, to help you find the pussy you have always been looking for. Their categories pretty much cover all the basic shit, which is a good thing; you have tags such as anal, Asians, fetish, fisting, Latina, lesbian, bondage… and so on. As I have said, their search options are pretty basic.

Now, my issue here is the fact that these are the only search options they included, excluding the fact that they have a search box… but we all know that the search box does not really work as well as we would want it to. So, if you have a specific taste, you might have a difficulty finding the right slut for yourself on

For some reason, they have a special section dedicated to pussy, aka you will have pornstars and images that feature chicks who revealed their delicious twat… but what confused me is the fact that most galleries will depict naked shit, so why the fuck was this section necessary… and then it hit me; it is just a site redirection to

Well, overall, I think that everyone would enjoy a part of what has to offer, believe me. Even me, who does not really give a crap about this sort of shit, enjoyed myself a lot. You have all the pornstars who are in the industry, and most of them will have their naughty galleries presented. So, enjoy browsing, it is free after all.

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