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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I often wonder who the fuck would masturbate by looking through different images instead of watching actual pornography, but then I remember that there is a fetish for everything today. I am not here to judge, but I am here to show you a great site filled with gorgeous shemale chicks, the

Personally, I am not a big fan of sites that only have images, because I prefer some action, to be able to fap properly. However, at the same time, I know that most of you fuckers here, want to see some naughty shemale images. Well, is a site filled with loads of naughty images of hot ladyboys, and the best thing is that this place is free.

When I say ‘this place’ I am referring to, but you need to know that all of the galleries listed here are actually not from this site. You will instead be redirected to another free porn site with naughty shemale images, where you can enjoy that certain gallery. So, basically one could say that this is just a host site.

Crappy design, great content.

Often times I come across a site that looks like shit but offers good content, and that is exactly the case with I am sure that most of you guys will not really care as much for the overall aesthetics or whatever the fuck, so you might as well skip on ahead where I cover the content. But, first, I want to say that their design is shit.

The red layout, with the yellow letters, is seriously giving me a fucking headache. I want to know who the fuck thought that would be a good idea, especially with those annoying Ads on the side. The homepage is filled with loads of random galleries listed, and most of them look very fucking hot. On the sides of the site, you have some other suggestions.

You have the list of chick’s whose birthday is today… I was confused by this as much as you, then you have the top searches from yesterday or the all-time top searches and some other bullshit. Basically, everything that they have to offer, excluding their content, is fucking useless. I was honestly disappointed to see that crap because I was really in the mood for some hot shemale sluts.

Now, there are a lot of models listed here, and when you scroll all the way down, the site gets quite fucking messy. Overall, this place is very messy on its own, not to mention that it is missing some key components. There is no usual menu that often helps you find the crap that you are into, and that can be rather fucking annoying.

Great galleries of hot shemales!

If you love to watch hot shemale chicks get naked and kinky in front of the camera, then you have come to the right place. Of course, that should have been obvious, since this place is called, and thus it would have been odd for you to think that they offer anything else except the naughty ladyboys.

There is a lot for you to explore, and these gorgeous babes are just looking for some audience, obviously. The beauties are all posing in the naughtiest ways, and sometimes they even like to share their naughty scene with a partner. However, these are still just images, so when I say you will see some ‘naughty action’ what I mean is that you will see that shit in a set of images.

Those who want some actual action should check out my site for the suggestion of shemale porn places that offer videos. We all know how naughty ladyboys can get, and that is why we are all here. What made me stay in the first place is the fact that most of the beauties I’ve seen here were hot, and most importantly they were all very different.

Who the fuck cares about the vanilla chicks, who do not have any curves or anything good to show off? Well, here you have everything from that vanilla to the extreme hotties. At the end of the day, it all depends on what the fuck you came here to see. I’ve seen blonde chicks with a petite build and rock-hard boner, as well as the soft beauties who had a bit extra on the side, and were more than happy to flaunt their beauty around. One beauty that really caught my attention is called Nala, and she is a beautiful redhead who was posing on a pool table and using her favorite fuck machine.

Another beauty who stood out for me is called Mabe, and that is mostly because she is a petite Asian chick with great curves. She was also not afraid to flaunt all her goodies around and show off what she is made out of. This hot babe is quite addictive, but the more I scrolled through this list of gorgeous chicks the more I got addicted overall.

Crappy search options.

At this point, I am really not fucking surprised that this place has no good search options… I’ve already gotten used to that shit, ever since I decided to review these kinky sites. On the homepage, you will have a huge list of gorgeous shemales, and they are all listed by their name… which is basically the only way of listing.

You have some side options that are not really that useful, starting with the top search that allows you to list the chicks alphabetically, or to search for them, but you can only search for them if you know their name… which is kind of idiotic. If you scroll all the way down, you have more search options, which at first, I thought were tags, but apparently, they are not.

Here you will have years, height, and then a whole lot of states listed… now, who the fuck lists for a naughty fap session this way? Seriously, creating an actual categories sections should not be that fucking hard in 2k19, and I am not sure why the fuck is that still not a norm to even own a porn site… I spend a lot of time manually browsing for the beauty who will make me hard because their search options are fucking useful.

It is a good thing that they have a great selection of ladyboys because I was very close to not even reviewing this site at all, for obvious fucking reasons. I tend to be a perfectionist, and shit like this pisses me off because creating a special section for the categories is not that fucking cloud. Instead of the mess they offered at the end of the site, they could have included actual categories instead.

For those whoa re thinking of making a site themselves, as long as you are able to create a place that offers quality content, and good search options, I think you are good. Of course, if the site is free, that is a big plus, but if you create a premium site, you better make sure that you actually have shit to offer that is worth paying for.

All the way down, you have some other site suggested, and from what I could see, all those places will offer ladyboys, which is a good thing. On top, there is a ‘VOD’ search option, which I was looking for because I thought that they do have a section for videos after all, but to nobody’s surprise, that section did not fucking work.

That’s that basically.

I mean, what else is there to say. This is a very simple place with a lot of hot shemales that are not really from but you will still get to view their individual galleries for free, so who the fuck cares, right? There are many hot shemales just waiting for you, so make sure to properly explore and you are bound to find the beauty of your dreams.

The tgirls tend to be very feisty and what I love about them is that they enjoy showing off, they are not embarrassed to tease and just be naughty. Their galleries are incredibly addictive, and while I do prefer videos, I can say that I had my fun on this site as well. Therefore, if you came here for some quality ladyboy lovemaking, and you do not like paying for your content, is the best place for you. Enjoy browsing and take as long as you want. With so many different beauties and naughty sessions, you will find a fappable beauty in no-time. Have fun.

ThePornDude likes ShemaleStarDB's

  • Lots of hot tgirls
  • Free website
  • Naughty galleries

ThePornDude hates ShemaleStarDB's

  • Shitty design
  • Just a host site
  • No search options
  • Very messy