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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Sometimes, I can really appreciate a site that gets straight down to business, and that is how I would describe This is a place filled with loads of pictures of beautiful babes, but not just any chicks, these are all Playboy Playmates and Centerfolds, or so their site would suggest. So, those who get an erection from looking at images of hot babes should really consider visiting

Their homepage is passable since they offer loads of galleries, you have the usual menu on top, but the design could have been done much better. I mean, the background and even the way the menu is made is quite basic, and I expected a lot more when I heard that they offer Playboy babes… but oh well, their content is what matters the most, right?

While most of the shit they have to offer will be galleries, they also have some clips and you will know which is which since they also offer a small play button on the bottom if it is a clip. However, one thing to keep in mind is that while all of their shit can be viewed for free, most videos/galleries will not be complete. These are more like content to tease and make you actually purchase a membership.

Since all of the chicks here are Playboy beauties, you will be redirected to the Playboy Plus site where you have all the actual full-length content instead. Obviously, I am already a member of Playboy Plus, and they offer such great shit, which is to be expected from such a big name, right? Well, if you are interested in their memberships, you should know that they also offer a 2-day trial, which is around 0.50$… yeah I know, quite fucking cheap.

You also have other, longer memberships that are definitely worth the price at least in my opinion. I am a sucker for a great design, good content and HD shit, which is why I am a member of plenty of premium porn sites. I prefer to watch my pornography in higher quality, but that does not mean that I do not also enjoy the lower quality pornography. Lucky for the both of us, the free content offered is all HD!

Anyway, you can open any of the presented galleries on the homepage, and as you scroll down, you will have a section dedicated just to the videos, and all the way on the bottom you will have some other sites suggested. All of those sites are basically the same as, just offering different types of content. For example, you have a site solely dedicated to galleries of naughty Asian chicks, or babes with big knockers…

Basically, if you do not find the naughty content to satisfy your dirty needs on, which is fucking impossible, just visit other suggested websites instead; they all work the same. On top of this site, you will have some options offered, like a tab called ‘Playboy Playmates’. There you can choose to view all the sluts presented on this site, or filter them by the best babes, latest galleries and so on… the usual searches.

Excluding that way of searching, obviously, will have a special section for the ‘Categories’, which is fucking great. However, there are not that many categories at all, just a couple of them, and for me, that was not fucking enough. You will get to choose from amateur, college girls, cybergirls, Playboy celebrities, international playmates, and the videos…

For some reason, they also offer an option to register, but honestly, there is no point. You can view all their shit for free, and if you are interested in the complete galleries and clips, you should visit Playboy Plus, since that is where all their content actually comes from. The registration for is actually, free if that is something you might be interested in…

When you open their content, you will have a set of images or a video, depending on what the hell you actually open, and all their crap will have a description on top, for some fucking reason. I am really interested if anyone actually reads that description in the first place because it just seems fucking meaningless to read a description when the actual shit is right below that text.

All their images will be HD pictures, and while their videos are probably of higher quality on Playboy Plus, here they are medium quality, aka watchable. In addition, every gallery and clip will have a link to take you to the Playboy Plus site where you can register, but you will be required to pay, as I already mentioned.

Honestly, it should have been quite fucking obvious that has something to do with the Playboy people since their logo is the usual Playboy bunny. While I am quite sure everyone has already heard about Playboy, if this is a first for some of you, you guys might be a bit too fucking young to browse this crap.

Other than that, there are two other tabs on One of them is called ‘meet & Fuck’ and it is basically a link that will take you to, which honestly does not look that legit… but who knows, I might be wrong. The second tab is a link to, which is a webcam site (duh!), and you might have already heard of this shit as well.

Overall, those who enjoy browsing through HD galleries of hot girls and they are a Playboy fan, are bound to have loads of fun on, for obvious fucking reasons. However, if you want to see some real action and actually watch clips instead, you should consider becoming a Playboy Plus member instead.

ThePornDude likes PmateHunter's

  • Free content
  • Plenty of HD galleries and some clips
  • All chicks are from Playboy
  • Other websites within their network
  • No Ads

ThePornDude hates PmateHunter's

  • Videos are not full length
  • Not enough categories