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Updated on 05 February 2024
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It can be very tempting to want to reserve every fap for the highest quality, 1090p High Definition 4K ultra-vivid virtual reality video. But sometimes it can be good for the old sexual imagination to tone it down a bit every once in a while. Remember the spank bank? When you used to see something out in the real world – maybe a fat ass on the train, some solid cleavage when a girl bends down, or a sexy girl in a teeny tiny bikini on the beach – and then save that image in your brain for later? Back in the day, that was the most reliable way to bust a nut.

Before we began living our entire fucking lives on the internet, you used to have an imagination to get your fap on. And I think it’s healthy to keep that memory muscle exercised once in a while. You never know when all this shit’s going to come crashing down and you’ll have to rely solely on your spank bank once again!

Look, I’m not saying you should completely cut porn out of your life. I would never suggest such a ludicrous thing. Besides, we all know that you sad, pathetic pieces of shit could never do that to begin with. All I’m saying is that it can be good to treat your boner to something a little more bare-bones every once in a while. Instead of throwing on the VR goggles and immersing yourself in a fake porn world where no one else exists, it can be beneficial, every once in a while, to resort back to porn pics. That’s right, I said it, still pictures. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

Back in my day (yeah, I know, ‘get off my lawn!’) that was the only way to watch porn online. In the age of dial-up, I used to have to wait like 10 fucking minutes for a single image to slowly load, pixel by pixel. By the time the full picture loaded up on the screen, that was pretty much it – that’s what you were fapping it to. There was no endlessly browsing through thousands of HD crystal clear porn videos back then. You had to choose wisely. The pictures would always load from top to bottom too, so sometimes you’d even bust your nut before the pussy ever even loaded up on the screen. You couldn’t pay me to go back to the ‘90s.

But there is definitely value in fapping it to sexy pics of sexy chicks every once in a while. Looking at a single pose forces you to exercise that sexual imagination, keeping you quick and your wits about you. Instead of everything being played out for you in front of your eyes, you have to look at a single picture of a girl, maybe bending over in a short skirt, flashing her pussy, leaving you to have to do the work of imagining yourself thrusting up behind her.

And when you want a different position, just fucking picture yourself turning her around – or you could always just look for another image in the gallery. Don’t be a lazy piece of shit. If you ever do get laid again, you’ll thank me for recommending these exercises because you’ll be more prepared – you’ll have better and more creative ways to fuck her, because you’ll be more used to picturing yourself doing it … not some fucking six-pack with a monster cock.

And, believe it or not, there are still plenty of porn sites out there that are entirely dedicated to photo galleries. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic (or if you want to take my advice and keep that imagination on point), let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out a picture site called Fuskator.

A Fuck Ton of HQ Photo Galleries

Fuskator is a site that allows you to upload any of your favorite images in Fusker format. For those of you who are just as technologically illiterate as I am, Fusker format basically just refers to any website that extracts images from a website, usually from free hosted galleries. So, what that means, as far as I can tell, you won’t actually be uploading jpgs from your own computer. Instead, you will be linking from other sites (be them your own or someone else’s). So, not only could you share some great fucking porn pics with the rest of the world (if you’re feeling charitable), but you can even promote your own website by sharing images from it too (since the URL will be linked directly to Fuskator). So, it’s a win-win, really! A fap and a click … hey, you can’t complain really.

So, what are the benefits of using a site like Fuskator over, say, simply subscribing to a porn pics-oriented subreddit? Well, for one, the site design of Fuskator makes it a lot easier to browse hundreds of thousands of galleries without necessarily having to visit external websites. You’re going to get much more content this way, plus a site design that is easier to navigate (at least in terms of viewing photos).

When you land on the Fuskator home page, you won’t waste any time. Immediately you will be inundated with a fuck ton of high-resolution thumbnails. Clicking on one will bring you directly to the entire Fusker gallery. From the moment you arrive at Fuskator, too, you will be able to tell that the images are, for the most part, really fucking nice – professional, artsy at times, and, most importantly, sexy as fuck.

Above the thumbnails, you will find a search bar, in which you can paste URLs. This allows you to easily download (or upload) an image gallery without having to go through the trouble of saving each image individually (and then uploading each image individually, should you so desire). Never before has it been easier to access, share, and download huge photo albums – Fuskator will save you a lot of time … time that would be much better spent fapping than clicking and downloading pics.

Some Fun Features, Would Like Some More

Above this Fusker bar, you will find a few tabs that allow you to navigate the site in interesting and fun ways. Choose between Random Full Gallery, Random Thumbs Gallery, Random Images, Preferences, and News. The Preferences section allows you to completely customize how you use the site, which is way cool. You can permanently remove certain tags from search results, disable or enable auto-resize settings in galleries, and disable or enable mouse hover gallery preview. I’m not sure why you would opt out of gallery previews, but, hey, if you want to, you can.

Not only is this a huge archive of sexy photo galleries, but it seems to be growing all the fucking time. Just in the short amount of time I spent visiting Fuskator, I witnessed three new galleries go up. That is exactly what you want from a user-upload porn site: an active and lively community of users. The more content that goes up, the better the chances you will find the thing that gets your cock hard. Again, everybody wins.

Clicking into a gallery brings you to a fantastic image viewing experience. I don’t love, however, that you are brought to a whole new page (this makes browsing a little more cumbersome than it should be). I would prefer it if a similarly nice gallery function simply appeared over the search results, so you can minimize new tabs and keep your place as you browse. But everything you could want from a photo gallery site exists here. You can click on any image in the gallery and easily click through, one by one, using the arrow keys on your keyboard; you can rate galleries, and each gallery has a requisite list of tags, providing yet another way to find new pics that you might like.

Although there are some cool features, it does seem like there are some obvious features that are missing. An easy-access download button comes to mind – that is nowhere to be found. Another thing I would like to see is a list of related galleries. It looks like there is a space for that coded into the site design, but a lot of the galleries do not have anything listed. Definitely a missed opportunity to create a really user-friendly and streamlined pics site. It would also be nice if there was a comments section. But, honestly, I don’t mind that much not seeing what you fuckwads have to say. On second thought, that’s actually okay.

All in all, this is a pretty good site to go to if you want to get your memory lane fap on and keep your imagination functional. The porn image is a classic medium and it’s great to see that it isn’t a dying art form … with sites like Fuskator, the beauty of a professional naked photograph will live on forever.

ThePornDude likes Fuskator's

  • Huge archive of sexy porn pics
  • Good blend of amateur and professional content
  • Convenient way to download and upload large picture galleries

ThePornDude hates Fuskator's

  • Lack of some obvious features
  • A little more difficult to browse than it should be