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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Why settle for regular porn when you could be watching some quality JAV porn instead? It’s better in every way. Well, if you can get past the high-pitched squelling and incest talk that the Japanese seem to love. It’s like an acquired taste. At first, I was all weirded out, but then, hell, why not call me “Oniisan” while I fuck your ass? It just feels right, ya know? Plus, all of the models are to fucking die for. Shiori Kamisaki, Aino Kishi, and Nana Ogura absolutely blow any other western pornstar out of the water. These girls are all 10 out of 10 masterpieces.

But where should you go to watch porn from all of these awesome models? JAV sites can be very hit and miss when it comes to the quantity and quality of the content on the site. Some are amazing and have HD videos, tons of fetish content, and a sleek site design. But others can really fall short by not having enough content. And we’ve all been to those virus packed porn sites that flash more ads than tits. It’s like that 20 dollar prostitute. Sure, she does everything you want, but at what cost? Luckily for you, I’ve already done the searching, and I have found a JAV site that could very well become your new favorite.

JJgirls.com is a JAV site whose main focus is cataloging content from all of the best, hottest, and most prolific Japanese AV idols and pornstars. You name a star and they will probably be there along with full photo galleries from their popular shoots. And this site has been around for a good while. They have been archiving videos since way back in 2003. With almost 20 years of experience, their success should come as no surprise. Hell, if this site were some babe in Japan she would be legal to fuck for 4 years now. They bring in a respectable 7 million views monthly. Man, you fucks really have a bad case of Asian fever.

Cluttered Home Page With Lots of Options and Ads

The home page, while very cluttered, is actually pretty nice to look at. It takes a minute or so to figure out what is going on here, but it’s not too tough to get the hang of navigating the site. It is annoying that you can’t really tell the ads apart from the header options sometimes, but that’s not a huge deal once you figure it out.

Basically, every option at the very tip-top of the site is an ad. Those buttons will take you off-site to other porn sites, so don’t even worry about those. You’ll want the buttons directly above the first row of model pictures. They have header options as follows: “Japanese Archive, Japanese AV Girls, Japanese Amateur, Japanese Hardcore, Japanese PornTube, Japanese Wife, and Asian Pornstars.” The last two options for “European Babes” and “Hentai” are both ads. I recommend the hardcore tab myself. Nobody does hardcore quite like JAV does. Seeing those sluts tied up and fucked hard never ceases to get boring.

Every other option is pretty useful. Though I feel like those options would be more at home on a categories page or something. They aren’t that distinct from the incredibly long list of categories that run down the right side of the homepage. But these are likely the more popular ones, so I can see how having them up top would make things easier. Though easy doesn’t always mean better. Getting with some kinky slut might seem great until you get fucking and feel like you’re sticking your dick in a gaping wet train tunnel. A tighter design is always better.

Huge Archive of Past and Present JAV Actresses

Below that header will be a short row of popular JAV models and pornstars with an A-Z directory beneath them. Simply click on a letter to get a full page of model previews. And those previews are pretty fucking great. Big HD shots of them doing sexy shit. Clicking on their photo will give you a full photo gallery of the pornstar as well as a 5-10 minute preview from their latest video. You can click on the pictures to blow them up, and, damn, are they nice. Crisp HD shots that are fap worthy in and of themselves. You won’t get full HD videos here, but I’ll get into the exact details of that later.

The rest of the homepage is dedicated to an archive for the rest of the JAV models on the site. This thing is so fucking comprehensive. It’s got galleries and videos from sluts that have only appeared once in JAV porn, as well as old legends who have long since retired from the industry. You can scroll through a large selection of chicks on the front page or use the A-Z directory like the top model section has. But don’t go any further than the bottom of that category on the front page. Everything below that will be ads for other sites, webcams, and off-site movies.

Photo Galleries and Video Previews, but No HD Videos or Downloads on Site

There are similar previews for the models here. Click on the photo to get brought to the same sort of page I mentioned above. But let’s talk videos. The video quality isn’t too terrible. It falls somewhere short of 720p, but it’s not a pixelated mess or anything. You can usually play 10ish minute clips on the site without any issue, but if you want HD or a full video then you’ll start running into problems. There are download links, but I wouldn’t use them. They all take you off-site to a variety of different places that usually ask you to pay for the video. Fuck that.

Weird Mobile Site Lacking A Lot of Features

The mobile version of the site is incredibly different from the desktop site and not for the better in my opinion. Kind of like having that friend who tries to hook you up with his hot girlfriend’s twin, only to find out that they’re fraternal and that one definitely got the better genes. There aren’t any header options or anything at all really. Just small bubbles with pictures of models and scenes. Some of them are ads, but it’s nearly impossible to tell which are which. When you click on an image you get a short gallery of photos from that model. Not that it tells you who the model is or anything. It feels unfinished. There aren’t even any videos on the mobile version at all. It’s strange, minimal, and doesn’t make much sense.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about JJgirls.com is the massive archive they have of JAV babes. They have everyone on here. Girls that only did a few amateur shoots, ones who were super prolific, the best of the best sluts out now, and everyone in between. It’s insane the amount of content they have packed into the site.The photos are all so crisp that Hitomi Tanaka’s tits are nearly coming off the screen. And the fact that you get long-ish video previews is the cherry on top of the already hot content that they have. If you want to discover some new JAV babes or revisit favorites from your past, then this is certainly the site to do it on.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I would try and make the site less fucking confusing. The layout is cluttered, and accidentally clicking on ads can be frustrating. If the site was cleaned up a bit I could see a lot more people coming to it. Like that one bitch, you always see at a bar. You know the one. The chick that puts zero effort in and wears shit that just isn’t flattering. That 6 could be a 10 with just a little work. Same deal here. Similar deal with the mobile site. There needs to be some major changes made to the site in order for it to be up to par with the desktop version.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, JJgirls.com has one of the largest selections of JAV models/idols/actresses/pornstars that I have ever fucking seen. Every one of them has a full gallery of hot photos and previews from some of their best porn movies. It’s a great site to visit if you’re looking to discover new babes, revisit models who rocked your world back in the day, or find more videos from your current favorites. So, without any further hesitation, get over to JJgirls.com and jerk off to the incredibly sexy content that they have to offer.

ThePornDude likes JJGirls's

  • Massive Catalog of New and Old JAV Stars
  • Free HD Photo Galleries
  • Lengthy Video Clips from Longer Movies
  • Galleries and Videos from Harder to Find Actresses

ThePornDude hates JJGirls's

  • Mobile Site Feels Unfinished
  • Cluttered Site Design With Hidden Ads