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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sometimes all I need is a site with quality amateur photo galleries and a solid selection of videos. I get wanting extreme shit and crazy fetish content. But I can’t jerk it to that kind of crazy stuff all the time. I don’t want to end up like one of those sick dudes who needs the stars to align and a vibrating chastity cage just to get turned on. You’ve got to moderate that shit before it starts to fuck with your brain. After all, you still want to get laid, right? You can’t be going too hard in the paint with crazy fetishes the first time you hook up with some hot babe. That’s a sure ticket to not get a second date. There are plenty of places to go for hot amateur content, but why not choose a tried and true classic? You know the name. Well, you should. If you don’t know of these legends, then let me give you the rundown. This site is all about user-uploaded videos and picture galleries. These fucks have been around since way back in 2006, and they have the traffic to show for it. Nearly 34 million people come to this site to fap month after month. With that many users and that long of a legacy, you can be damn certain that they have accumulated a massive number of kinky pictures and videos over the years. There’s sure to be content for every single one of you picky fappers out there.

Dated but Recognizable Site Design with Plenty of Different Sections and Features

This site started in 2006 and it definitely still looks like it. White background with blue borders and text that’s overall just a tad too small. But I get it. They want to preserve the look that helped them skyrocket as one of the best amateur porn sites out there. Even so, a few changes to the overall design would catch this site up with the times and make it look a lot nicer.

There are a ton of options on this site. The header alone has pages for “Categories, Galleries, Videos, Random, Blogs, Members, Clubs, Forum, Upload, and Live Sex.” That last option directs you to another site, so fuck that noise. Uploading is simple enough here. You have to make an account, which is free to do and only takes a minute. Just make sure to read the rules before you post. No minors, no shock content, non-consensual pictures, and no bestiality. It should be common sense, but I never know with you freaks.

If you want to chat with other horny people, then use the forum or the clubs page. The forum is more for general questions and shooting the shit about porn, pornstars, and fetishes. The clubs section work more like chat rooms or Discord servers. Each club has a theme or focus that everyone in the club discusses. If you really like a studio or type of porn, then those are awesome places to talk about and share that sort of content. Along that same vein, the blog page has regular updates about the site, the porn industry, and shit like that.

Millions of Photo Galleries and Videos to Jerk off to!

The galleries and videos pages are organized by recent uploads, but you can fuck with some filter options up top if you want a more refined experience. If you don’t give a shit about users or fetishes, then you can hit that random button to get a page full of large previews that you can fap to. Just scroll down through the page and click on ones that you like to get the full gallery or video. Or just smash that random button again for some more quality porn. It’s a fun and easy way to get off, especially if you’ve got your hands full. They have a large selection of categories. The preview images for them are a bit small, but at least they have previews. Hell, some of them are even animated. They’ve got shit like “Amateur, Gang Bangs, Pornstars, Filthy, and Lesbian.” Nothing too extreme. The worst you’re bound to get here might be some piss/vomit/scat porn, but there isn’t even much of that to begin with. Under each preview image is a number for how many galleries there are. Just to put things in perspective, “Amateur” has almost 3 million galleries in that genre alone. Not singular pictures. Full fucking galleries. You can even search through videos/galleries within any individual category.

Stream Videos in 720p or Flip Through Any of Their Galleries with Ease

The previews are decent. If it’s a gallery you get a set of pretty small preview images, a title that’s usually something vague like “Hot Redhead,” the number of images in that gallery, image quality/size, date/time added, and the user who uploaded the gallery. Videos are set up similarly. A small preview image, vague ass title, video length, and when it was uploaded. For either, just click on the preview image or the title to get taken over to the full gallery or video.

With the galleries, you’ll get a page full of previews for every image in the gallery. Each photo has a rating out of 5 stars, view count, and a section for leaving comments. The galleries work pretty well. You can open the pictures up in their full glory and flip through them using your arrow keys or the handy buttons in the top left. If you want the pictures for later fapping, simply add them to your favorites or save them for free.

The video player is fucking great. Very little buffering, and most of the videos are in 720p. You can’t download these videos or anything, but adding them to your favorites is good enough for me. You have all of the same options that you do with galleries there as well. Comment, rate, and all that good shit.

Beta Mobile Site Looks Very Promising

The mobile site is good enough, I guess. It’s not great, but it’s better than most. There was an attempt to scale thing correctly for mobile, but everything is still a little too small. But it looks like they are working on that. I checked out the link to try out their new beta mobile site and it was way fucking better. Much more organized, and there wasn’t all the weird white space that the other mobile version had. There are also custom icons up top that make browsing the mobile site easier. They also moved the majority of the header to a drop-down menu, which opened up a lot more space for content.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is that they have millions of photos and videos with new uploads coming in every hour of every day. There will never be a lack of hot photos and videos to jerk off to here. And the content itself is fucking awesome. You get 720p uploads and millions of free pictures at your fingertips for free. The ads aren’t even bad. No redirects or annoying pop-ups that you have to deal with on other, less impressive porn sites. And I’ll throw an honorable mention to the “Random” tab. I love that shit. I remember going to this site back in the day just to use that awesome random button. That was the good shit.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

The site design could be updated. I get that they have a long term brand to represent, but some changes could be made while still preserving that classic feel. If anything, just make the previews and text a bit bigger. It’s not unreadable, but when you get that bright white background behind it you’re just asking for some eye strain. I don’t want to deal with that bullshit while I’m jerking off. I want to lean back and relax, not peer over my desk trying to read about how many dicks some amateur slut is going to take in the video I want to watch.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, despite some wonky design choices, remains one of the top contenders for amateur porn for good reasons. The site has millions of free image galleries and videos to browse and jerk off to. There are so many cool features to use on this site that will keep you coming back. Clubs, forums, blogs, and more. It’s fucking great. Go fap to the sexy content over at

ThePornDude likes ImageFap's

  • Millions of Free Photo Galleries and 720p Videos
  • Professional, Amateur, and Fetish Content Available
  • Organized Site With Tons of Neat Site Features

ThePornDude hates ImageFap's

  • Dated Site Design