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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Back in the olden days of pornography about two decades ago, porn itself was very limited and scarce – it was hard to find any porn whatsoever due to its limited availability. Back then even if you did stumble upon some XXX video cassette or nudie mag you held onto it for dear life, harder than you hold your dick when you jerk off due to the simple fact that porn was so damn rare back then.

Sure, there may have been thousands of porn videos out by 1990 and at least a few hundred popular or semi-popular XXX magazines that circulated around garages and under beds with their respective owners’ porn stashes, but getting your hands on them was a whole ordeal because of the simple fact that you had to buy them from an actual store and interact with a shopkeeper or clerk. The most straightforward and guaranteed way to get your hands on some porn before the internet era was buying it – this meant that you had to endure a 5-second interaction with a random store clerk over a porn mag or video cassette, and it made the whole thing a very difficult affair for many people.

Nowadays the digital smartphone era has blessed us with terabytes on top of terabytes of nothing but hardcore porn that we can all enjoy at a moment’s notice by simply opening up our internet-connected smartphones and visiting any given online porn tube which allows us to (almost) instantly play a porn video that would be more than enough to please any hornbag. It’s become way too easy to watch porn nowadays thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, and that same advancement has pushed aside still-image based pornography for video format XXX content, making image-based porn a thing of the past.

But just as there are plenty of people who’d love nothing more than to blow a load to a nice, HD porn video, there are also plenty of porn connoisseurs who prefer to go about it the old-school way and fap to some nice pics which make them use their imagination. These people are a small fraction of porn consumers who have both the patience and imagination to fully enjoy masturbating to XXX images, and sites like PicHunter were made precisely for them…

One of the Best XXX Centers for Still-Image Format Porn

I know that this review has barely begun, but I just have to point out from now that PicHunter is one of the best destinations on the internet when it comes to photo-based pornography.

A lot of XXX domains, especially generalist porn tubes and the like tend to have their own photo sections which usually aren’t too organized or optimized in terms of categories and overall content quality and delivery – these sites mostly contain a standalone photo section for the sake of having a photo section, and rarely do they ever brush it up or refine it in order to make it stand out and enjoyable for those who actually like masturbating to photos.

Pichunter however, is a site that’s wholly dedicated to photo-based content, so you know that they’re definitely not messing around when it comes to image-based porno. They’ve got all the categories you could ever need for photo categories, select only the finest images and image sets, and make sure that it can all be delivered to you via a pleasant user experience with minimal ads or other obstructions.

More than Enough Categories to Get Behind

As soon as you enter this pic-filled porn paradise, you’re instantly hit with dozens of category options to choose from which range from basic stuff like ‘Ass’ and ‘Large Cock’ to more extreme, out-there stuff like ‘Exploited’, ‘Midget’ and ‘Bizarre’. But the homepage section of this site can be a little too stimulating because each category thumbnail takes up almost a third of the width of the browser window, and the categories themselves are set up at random instead of being alphabetically ordered which forces you to scroll a lot in order to find something you’d like to fap to.

But luckily this site has its own ‘Categories’ section which gives you a full alphabetical rundown of all the 100+ categories which this site has its pic-based content stored into. The categories themselves go far and wide, covering basic themes as well as the more extreme stuff – in addition, there are also country/region based categories like ‘German’ and ‘Brazilian’ on top of all that variation, so it would definitely be difficult for even the most frequent visitor of this site to run out of categories to fap to.

Free Premium Content

One of the most outstanding things about this site is the fact that most if not all of its hundreds of thousands of images are premium content, and the majority of them are pretty hard to find too. In an era where free porn videos are abundant, images are severely underrated in terms of worth – there are plenty of premium pay-to-view XXX images on the internet which even the most frequent porn addicts are unaware of, and they’re all stored on this site where anyone can ‘enjoy them’ for free.

Every Image Links to Its Corresponding Photoset

Another extremely outstanding thing about this site and arguably my favorite thing about it is that every image you open leads you to its corresponding photoset. I’ve clicked on at least 20 images in the past hour while researching this website and I was astounded to see that each one of them linked to a photo set which they’re part of. This is undoubtedly a very good thing porn-wise because it allows you, the fapper, to enjoy a full photoset of images that involve some random babe getting undressed and exploring all of her holes more intensely with each image – it’s one thing to fap to just a single image, but fapping to a whole photoset is a journey that’s definitely going to do a lot more for your sex drive and overall experience.

Site is Fast, Ads Are Absent

This site is a breeze to use – I found that this site is extremely easy to navigate during my time researching it, which made the whole experience for me that much more pleasant. Albeit I did use it with an AdBlocker, but even then it’s not one of those websites that force you to turn AdBlocker off in order to use them – there are plenty of XXX domains out there which restrict or limit their usage if you have AdBlocker turned on, but PicHunter, as good as it is, doesn’t seem to care at all about its ads and lets you navigate it freely and swiftly without any annoying obstructions getting in the way of your experience.

Try Your Hand with Image-based XXX Content Here

If I have to give a short, paragraph-long summary for this sites overall quality, content and delivery, I’d have to say that it’s at the top of its game when it comes to image-based XXX content. There aren’t too many sites that specialize in image-based content nowadays due to the heavy prevalence of XXX videos, but this one not only gives you prime-quality images which are properly ordered and organized, but also delivers them in a way that makes you want to consider fapping to images over video-based content. The fact that every single image on this site links back to a full photoset is nothing short of excellent, and the site’s fast-responsiveness, proper interface and lack of ads makes the whole experience definitely worthy of any porno fan, rookie or veteran.

ThePornDude likes PicHunter's

  • Very barebones setup
  • Category thumbnail images could be more attractive
  • Lots of categories contain the same overlapping content
  • Pornstar section can only be filtered alphabetically
  • Categories on homepage are random and sometimes contain wrong thumbnails

ThePornDude hates PicHunter's

  • All photos are part of a photoset
  • No ads
  • Over 100 categories to choose from
  • Site loads fast
  • HD photo content included
  • Tags are very helpful