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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Passion HD
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Let’s get back to basics. You degenerate fucks need to take a break from your BDSM slave scat porn and watch some good quality shit. And I get it. I live for some kinky scenes of babes getting strung up, whipped, and forced to orgasm again, again, and again, but I can’t be jerking my dick numb to that kind of content every day. I fucking love brownies, but I’m not going to gobble them up day after day and end up looking like most of you fat fucks. You need some moderation in your life. And what better way to moderate than with different porn? And, holy fuck, do I have some quality porn for you today. Nothing scratches that itch like stunning HD productions of the hottest whores getting fucked in every conceivable position you could think of. is a premium HD porn site that has been going strong since its inception back in late 2011. And, for a premium site, they really bring in droves of you horny fucks. Over 2.5 million of you have signed up for the mountain of quality content they have in store.

Actually a Fairly Reasonable Membership Cost…Even if Their Math Sucks

This is premium site, so fuck off all of you cheap assholes. I don’t want to hear your complaints. The site will run you around 17 bucks for a monthly membership… or 19 bucks a month if you pay for three months. I’m not the best at math, but something is kind of fucky there. Or you can dish out a hundred or so bucks for a year of access to this lovely site. You can also dish out a fixed rate for access to all the sites in the Passion-HD network, but that’s a topic for another review.

If you’re still on the fence you can browse any of there 1000+ full-length scenes and watch a quick 1-2 minute preview of that good, good shit. But, once you login or sign up you’ll be ferried on over to the homepage. This site is nice as fuck. Dark black theme makes it so you’ll never have to worry about illuminating your dungeon of a room with these videos.

Cam Models, “Deals”, and Your Standard Premium Porn Categories

A large banner up top flips through deals and membership discounts. It’s basically a giant ad. Not cool. I’d much rather see that space taken up by new releases. Alli Addison getting her plump little ass spread would catch my attention much easier than some fucking ad banner. I get enough of those on free sites. Above that, you get a shortlist of header options for “home, scenes, girls, favorites, live cams, and deals.”

The site actually has its own selection of cam models. These babes were pretty hot, but, unfortunately, the site was pretty dead when I went over there. Only like half a dozen models online. I was pretty disappointed. The deals page is just a set of offers for other memberships for affiliated and network sites.

The rest are your basic options. The girls’ page shows off high-quality photos of the incredible sluts on this site. You’ve got absolute dimepieces on here like Emily Willis, Lana Adams, and Maya Bijou. Fuck, what I’d give to spend a nice long night with those kinky babes. The girl profile page is simple. You get some very basic information and a full list of their scenes on the site.

Easily Browse Their Massive 1000+ Video Catalog Using Intuitive Filter Options

You can browse the homepage, which breaks up scenes by the latest and top-rated on-site or across the entire network. But I’d skip that and go right on to the scenes page. There are a wide array of filter options that will let you easily sift through their massive catalog. And I fucking mean massive. Easily the largest selection that I’ve come across for a premium site, and, hell, they even beat out some of the free sites I’ve used. That’s fucking impressive. You’re getting over 1000 full length, 1080p (and 4k) porn videos. Talk about bang for your buck. You can sort by any of the hundreds of models, date released, popularity, views, and all that good shit. But let’s talk about the previews. You get a solid bit of information here. A title, name of the main babe getting fucked, overall score out of 10, rank out of every other video on the site, and the date it came out. No video length, but it doesn’t matter much. You’re getting 30+ minute videos nearly every time. The preview image is big and HD, but it’s just a still image. Bit of a bummer for sure.

Full Length 20+ Minute Videos With the Hottest Pornstars Out There

But the videos more than makeup for that slight disappointment. You get a big ass video player that loads the full video in an instant. You can stream these passionate fuck fests in up to 1080p HD without issue. And most of them have download options going all the way up to 4k, especially for the newer videos. Though you can expect 1080p HD on 90 percent of these, unless you dig deep to the first videos uploaded to the site. But even those are fucking awesome.

Downloads are quick. You get access to complete photo gallery of kinky shots from the video, as well as a decent selection of screenshots. Comment on the video, rate it, like it, and fap to videos like it down below. This site even has its own set of reactions that you can add to videos like a dick cumming, a dick crying, a middle finger, and a few more goofy options.

Great Mobile Experience

As you should have expected, the mobile version of is fucking great. It better be if I’m dishing out 10+ bucks every month for the content. It’d be like paying for some bitch to suck your dick only to have her only take the tip. Fuck that, she’s taking it all. Just like I expect the full experience from my premium porn sites, and this one does not disappoint. You have full access to every desktop feature, menu, and video option that you normally do. You can even download videos in poorer quality if you don’t want to clutter your phone’s storage.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

Hands down my favorite feature about is the selection of videos. Damn, do they have a fuck ton of them. I rarely, if ever, see a premium porn site with 1000+ videos that are 20-40 minutes long. Fucking incredible. And all of the videos on here are HD. You’re getting stunning scenes from the hottest pornstars in the industry, and you’re getting that content at a fairly reasonable price. Usually premium sites rake you over the coals and charge you way too much for a laughable amount of content. Not here. They flip that bitch over and give you a ton of bang for your buck.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

Man, this is one of the few times that I don’t have many complaints or stupid bullshit to bring up. I still think the giant ad banner is a waste of space and that the site throws too many “deals” at you, but that’s a very minor complaint compared to the shit I usually say about sites. So, yeah, I guess I’ll throw some advice your way, dear reader. Try coconut oil for lube. Shit is bomb as fuck. It’s cheap, lubes up well, and is safe to use on any hole. Plus, babes love it because it doesn’t fuck with their pussy balance like some of those sugary lubes do.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a solid premium porn site with an impressive catalog of full-length, 1080p (or maybe 4k) videos for you to jerk your dick to. This is the kind of site that can become your home base for kinky content. For a decently reasonable price, you could nut to new content every single time you come here. You’re never going to exhaust this catalog on your own, plus they upload new videos on a weekly, if not more often, basis. Don’t wait any longer. Get your horny ass over to and get fapping.

ThePornDude likes Passion HD's

  • Over 1000 Videos to Fap To
  • All Videos are Full Length 1080p HD Productions
  • Videos Star the Hottest Pornstars in the Industry
  • Reasonable Premium Membership Price

ThePornDude hates Passion HD's

  • Have to pay to join
  • No video previews