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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Please, for the love of all things holey, tell me that you aren’t still jerking off to shitty-quality amateur porn on Porn Hub or xHamster. Goddamnit. You are, aren’t you? Jesus cum guzzling Christ. Come on, man! Get with the program. How fucking old are you, anyway? Don’t you think it’s about time to step your porn game up a notch? You’ve been jacking off to porn for, what, 20, 25, 30 years now? And you’re still fucking around with that amateur bullshit?

Shit. Lucky for you, I don’t believe anyone is beyond saving. Even though you are pretty fucking close to being a lost cause if you’re still fapping it to shaky camera vids of chubby bitches getting mediocre fucks from little pricked fat dudes that can’t last longer than 2 minutes. Or maybe that’s why you’re still watching that kind of stuff … because you find it relatable, being a little pricked fat dude who can’t last longer than 2 minutes yourself. If so, come on, man, it’s about time you gained a little self-respect. You deserve better porn!

And I don’t mean the typical ‘better porn’ that you might be thinking of either. No, I’m not talking about Brazzers. Sure, Brazzers is definitely a great porn studio in its own right. They are really fucking good at what they do, no doubt, and what they do is provide highly staged, very fake videos, often of fake-titted plastic sluts getting fucked hard and usually overreacting to it. It’s the classic porn model. And, hey, it definitely works. And it has worked for decades now. But I think you deserve something a little more original than that.

Hell, I mean, you’ve been settling for shitty porn for so long now, that you deserve the creme de la crème of professional porn. If you wanted to turn someone onto scotch, for example, who’s been spending their entire adult lives drinking Jim Beam, you wouldn’t give them a glass of Dewar’s. Right? No, you’d reach up to the top shelf shit, really show them what a fine scotch can be. Well, that’s kind of what this is like. It’s time to let you try the good shit.

Which is why, today, I’ll be introducing you to a site called New Sensations. New Sensations is far from your everyday porn site. Which is precisely what makes it top shelf. It’s rare to find a premium pay porn site that goes in a distinctly different direction than the competition. I mean, come on, could you really tell me the major difference between a Reality Kings and a Team Skeet POV video if your life depended on it? Chances are, you couldn’t. Because, honestly, there isn’t a whole lot of distinction between many of those two studios’ pornos. Maybe slight differentiations in scenario and setup, but other than that, oftentimes, it’s essentially the same. Very good, don’t get me wrong, but very similar at the same time.

Top Shelf Tits and Ass

New Sensations, on the other hand, provides extremely high-quality porn. Actually, to call their videos pornos would be to sell them short. They are, for all intents and purposes, pornographic short films. With dynamic cinematography, engaging storylines, and some of the best quality film work I’ve ever seen from a porn site, New Sensations is on a completely different level than the majority of professional porn studios out there.

Don’t let that be discouraging, though, if you aren’t a huge fan of plot or narrative in porn. New Sensations doesn’t get too caught up in it like some sites do. They really only dedicate the first two or three minutes to set up the storyline, just enough time for you to slip into the fantasy, and then they waste little to no time at all delving into what you came for: to cum. They give these little artful setups at the beginnings of their videos, kind of get that out of their system early on. And then, from there, it’s all systems hoe … nothing but good old-fashioned fuckin’ and suckin’ but shot with the same Hollywood level camerawork.

As far as the site itself is concerned, it’s got a pretty decent design to it. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and you can navigate it with little to no trouble. I’m not sure it completely matches or reaches the same level of quality as their videos, though, which makes me raise an eyebrow slightly. But only slightly, because it’s not like the design is shitty or anything. Just a little imbalanced, I think, in its simplicity … slightly noticeable only because the videos are so highly stylized and dynamic. But the aesthetics aren’t going to ruin a site for me.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a site menu bar, making for easy and convenient browsing of all the New Sensations content available. Choose between Home, Updates, Models, DVDs, Categories, Network, Daily Deals. Specials, and Live Cams. So, not only can you enjoy the enormous catalog of New Sensations content online with your membership, but you also get exclusive access to their DVD shop, allowing you to purchase physical copies of your favorite videos, as well as potentially find titles that may have not been included on the site. New Sensations also offers their own cam site. Unfortunately, though, you have to pay extra for that and create an additional account to use it. Lame, but to be expected.

Never Run Out of Porn for as Long as You Live

New Sensations, too, is a great fucking bang for your buck. Not only do you get to browse an insanely large collection of porn that spans the last 25 years or so that New Sensations has been around, but you also get access to all 26 network sites, each with their own massive back catalogs. You’ll be able to have at your disposal extra sites, such as Fresh Out of High School, The Tabu Tales, Hotwife XXX, Busty College Coeds, and Parody Pass (just to name a few). It is only fair to warn, though, some of these sites are pretty fucking old; so, video qualities will vary. Still, though, you can’t argue with the sheer number of videos you get with a New Sensations membership, that’s for damn sure.

If you want a top-tier porn site from a trusted and award-winning studio, New Sensations will be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only have they been in the porn game longer than most other sites, they’ve also won a sprawling list of XBIZ and AVN awards over the years. With over 40 awards to their name (as well as the fact that they are the parent/sister company to Digital Sin, another critically acclaimed site), you can trust that New Sensations will never let you down in terms of quality.

They also update much more frequently than many porn sites out there. With a new video uploaded almost every day, you will be hard-pressed to ever run out of big-budget, high-quality amazing porn. With most membership sites, I still find myself having to return to Porn Hub once in a while, mostly because they just don’t update frequently enough. That definitely will not be a problem with a New Sensations membership, though. Leave the free porn tube bullshit behind forever!

Only the Top Porn Stars for Me

The final thing I want to point out about this site before I leave you to wank to it on your own is the fact that they have a fucking all-star lineup of models. I mean, shit, just looking at the top Models section of their home page gives this away. It looks like the pornographic equivalent to a star-studded cast in Hollywood. Enjoy videos from some of the sexiest and most accomplished women in the business: Lexi Belle, Riley Reid, Lana Rhoades, Vienna Black, and Violet Star (just to name a few). Veterans of the art of fucking and sucking. Girls you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

All in all, New Sensations is a site unlike any other in the adult entertainment world. The content is fucking amazing, the girls are fucking beautiful, and the quantity is unrivaled. It’s a triple threat. I would like to see them revamp their site design a little bit, breathe some more style and personality into it. But, hey, at the end of the day, a site’s style is the least of my concerns. As long as I can cum to beautiful women getting fucked right, then I’m happy. I think it’s about time you treated yourself to some real fucking porn, man. New Sensations is the finest scotch there is.

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  • Extremely high-quality porn
  • Beautiful, accomplished models
  • Enormous catalogue of videos
  • 26 Sites

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  • Lackluster site design
  • Ads