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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The first thing you should know about is the fact that they only offer amateur pornographic clips, so if you were expecting any of that professional shit, I think you’ve come to the wrong place buddy. This is like heaven created for the lovers of amateur pornography, and if that sounds addictive, you are more than welcome to stay and enjoy.

Personally, I prefer for everything to be perfect with my porn clips, and thus I prefer to watch the premium shit… However, I still think that most of the crap has to offer is fucking great. I had a blast browsing everything this place has to offer, and that is why I think that you will enjoy this place as well.

Just a simple amateur porn site.

There not much that could be said that makes this site stand out from the crowd, and we all know that there are many other free amateur porn sites… Well, even if that is true, is here to make all your naughty amateur dreams come true. What I find interesting is that they decided to introduce themselves in four different places on their homepage; what the fuck for?

Something that might be even more hilarious is that they claim that all of the chicks here are naturals, and I have seen some fakes, believe me. Yes, they only offer amateur crap, and that is the whole point of, but when it comes to the sluts, they are not all natural. That does not mean that they are not fucking hot since believe me, the amateurs tend to be the hottest.

It is always a good thing to see when a site offers a little bit of everything, since that is the whole point of this shit, right? I mean, if you have a certain niche you are interested in, there is probably a whole place dedicated to that crap, and if not, most porn sites have separate categories to help you find a certain fetish.

At first glance, I think we can all agree that looks hella fucking messy. I mean, their design is overall very simple, yet they have a lot of annoying ads and a lot of unnecessary text on the homepage. I do not know how they do not understand that the text they think is so necessary, is fucking not. Nobody gives a shit about that, and if you really want to write some crap, just create a separate section dedicated to that.

The homepage is also filled with loads of hot porn videos, which is why I decided to stay on this site, to begin with. I mean, isn’t that why the fuck we are all here? Luckily, their thumbnails were too fucking intriguing for me no to stay, and sometimes even I need a break from all of that professional pornographic crap.

Well, this place was really enough to satisfy my desires, and I spent a lot of time fapping here… then again, I do that on most porn sites I review. It is only natural to test out the fapping experience by actually going through that experience, don’t you think? Other than what I have already mentioned, everything about the navigation and other crap you have on top… and that is as much as you will need.

Hot amateurs everywhere!

This place is just swarmed with some of the hottest chicks I have seen in a while. I am not sure if they are purposely collection all the cutest babes, or has my standard dropped from reviewing so many different pornographic sites. Then again, when I visited the site, there were many amateur Asian porn videos, and we all know that I have a soft spot for the Asian chicks.

But, as I have said, this will depend on your personal preference, since we are all into a different type of shit. From my browsing experience, I can easily say that offers babes of all shapes and sizes, from the horny BBW that will suffocate you with all their fluff, to the skinny teen chicks who prefer passionate cowgirl banging.

Just like there are many different hot amateurs, you have that many different scenes. The amateur scenes are very fun to watch, mostly because they are filled with so many random strangers who love to fuck in a variety of ways. I’ve seen loads of hot amateur banging clips here, and if you love amateurs, then you will love this place.

My favorite sessions include the usual couple lovemaking, as well as sessions where a couple is experimenting with a threesome or foursome pleasures. There was one older couple who did that at the beach, and the chick was left with two hard cocks to please! It was quite arousing watching that mature slut do what she does best.

There were also a lot of solo clips, I mean that should have been fucking obvious if you ask me. Some of those videos were pre-recorded webcam sessions or whatever the fuck, some were the voyeuristic type and others are basically purposely made to be shared online. Again, it all depends on what the fuck you came here to see.

At least you can know for certain that these are all genuine amateur porn videos, made by people who just love to have some naughty fun. In addition, there are many different people and scenarios, so there is a huge possibility that you will find loads of fap-worthy material for yourself… unless you are a very picky motherfucker, in which case why the fuck are you even browsing a free site?

As for the overall quality, it all really depends on the videos that are being posted. This is something you should have already known, especially if you are a fan of such videos. The quality is usually low since amateurs tend to film this shit with their phone… but like I said that is just fucking given. If you were looking for some good quality porn instead, you are more than welcome to check out some of the premium sites I have reviewed instead.

Also, may I just address the fact that it is 2k19, and that means that everyone should have a good Smartphone, right? What kind of a fucking bad quality phone are you people filming with? Not to mention that you can get a solid camera for not even that much and film better shit than some of the crap that I have seen here.

Some good options offers.

On top of the site, you will have the usual menu as I have mentioned, and there you have all the usual crap that you can already expect to see. You have a special section for the videos, as well as the photos. Now, I am not sure how the fuck faps while looking at random nude and naughty images of strangers, but if that is your cup of tea, you are more than welcome to browse as much as you want, it is fucking free.

You also have the categories, which should help you find the shit you were searching for. They cover the basic porn categories, so you do not have to worry much about that shit. I found the crap I was mostly interested in with ease, and you will be able to do the same. On the side, you also have a list of the categories… am not sure why the fuck they offer the categories twice, but okay.

If you click on the ‘domestic’ tab, you can kind of predict the crap that will be offered right? You will be given videos that were made the closest to you, or so to speak. Basically, you will have native or the most native chicks around you in some of the kinkiest scenes. Now, I personally do not give a shit about this, but I know that many people prefer to wank their shit when watching a babe from their area… now that is a weird fucking flex to have.

They also have a section filled with the channels, which is basically a list of a lot of premium sites that you will get access to with a discount or at least get some free videos from. Again, you have that shit mentioned twice for some reason. You are also able to become a member of and post your own naughty crap, but make sure to follow their rules and all that crap, you can meet new people, vote, comment, create your playlist and so on.

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  • Great user-features
  • Lots of free amateur porn
  • Upload your own shit
  • Naughty images

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  • A very messy site
  • Lots of ads