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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you watch porn, you’ve heard of Mofos. Even if you aren’t aware of the fact that you know what Mofos is, you know what Mofos is. You may not have specifically sought out a Mofos xxx video, but chances are, you’ve fapped to one. Probably more than one. Mofos is one of the biggest premium paysites in the world. It’s nearly unavoidable in the world of online porn. Their videos are fucking everywhere. In ads on huge porn tubes like Porn Hub and Red Tube, and many of their videos regularly make it to the front page of such tube sites for being so widely viewed, popular, or critically acclaimed. There are probably three premium porn studios who are crushing the entire porn industry at the moment, and those three are Reality Kings, Brazzers, and, that’s right, Mofos.

In fact, Mofos actually started as an offshoot of Brazzers. Or, I should say, Brazzers created Mofos, back in 2008, as an outlet for something a little divergent from the kinds of videos that Brazzers had become known for producing. They’d developed a reputation for themselves – Brazzers, that is – as a porn studio that specializes in long ass convoluted plotlines and story. Reasonable porn lovers, though, who don’t give a fuck about the context of the situation or the circumstances in which these hot sluts have come to get fucked, they just want porn that is straight to the point. And the people at Brazzers, being the porn geniuses that they are, anticipated this.

Instead of simply doubling down on this story-driven porn that Brazzers was putting out, they decided to create a site that filled the void of high-end professional hardcore porn that didn’t spend so much time on context and circumstance. Instead of waiting around for someone else to come around and imitate Brazzers’ style in a more straightforward way, they said ‘fuck that’ and beat everyone to it. And Mofos was the result.

It is no coincidence, mind you, that sites like Brazzers and Mofos are so ubiquitous in the online porn world. Especially when it comes to the ads you see on sites like Red Tube. That is because Brazzers (and therefore Mofos), along with a huge swath of the online adult entertainment industry are all owned by a single corporation: Mind Geek. Not only does Mind Geek own Mofos and Brazzers, but they also own most of the other porn sites and studios you probably know well: Reality Kings, Digital Playground, Porn Hub, Red Tube, You Porn, Porn MD, Thumbzilla, and Tube 8 (just to name a few). Mind Geek is by far the most powerful entity in porn today – boasting (collectively, across all their sites) over 115 million daily visitors, 15 terabytes of content uploaded daily, and six corporate offices worldwide.

These numbers are, I would argue, well-earned. Mind Geek has a longstanding history of putting out quality content. And quality content is what gets people to pay monthly to subscribe to your site. Considering the fact that most of the porn that gets released can quite easily be found for free somewhere on the internet, the fact that Mind Geek’s premium sites are still raking in the big bucks through subscription fees is just testament to their quality. Why pay $20 each month for content that you can access (at least in excerpted form) on one of the many porn tubes out there for free? Well, the answer would have to be, quality. So, that being said, is a Mofos subscription really worth the money? Well, let’s delve right into the member’s section and find out, shall we?

Navigating the Labyrinthine Porn Portal

From the moment you log into Mofos, if you’ve never logged into a Mind Geek member’s area before, you might be a little thrown. Instead of being brought directly to Mofos where you can access the content that you’ve committed to paying for, Mind Geek has to dick you around first, bringing you to the massive (and confusing) Porn Portal. I swear to cunt, they make it harder to find the site you’re looking for than it would be for a blind man to get off to porn. But, worry not, I’m here to help guide you through it. I can’t do anything for the blind man, though, sorry. Wait a minute … why the fuck am I apologizing? He can’t read … he’s blind!

Alright, anyway, so once you’re all logged in and done proving that you’re not a robot (why the fuck would a robot watch porn anyway?), you will be redirected to the Porn Portal. This looks much more intimidating and harder to navigate than it truly is, so stay with me. Beware, Mind Geek is going to try and throw all kinds of tempting looking deals your way. Dodge them, ignore the ads. They already got your money, these cash-thirsty money vampires don’t need to suck any more green out of you. Just find Mofos and fap until you get your pay’s worth!

At the top of the Porn Portal page, you’ll find a site menu bar, the options of which are Fuck Now (ignore this spammy ad), Networks, Sites, Channels, V.O.D., and Premium. Now, if your brain works anything like mine (spoiler alert: it probably doesn’t … I get paid to watch porn; you pay someone else in order to watch it) then you might instinctively go to Sites first in order to find Mofos, thinking, well, Mofos is a porn site, right? Well, wrong, it turns out. Just head over to Networks instead, let the dropdown drop down and click on Mofos.

Ah, there we go. Much better. Now you’re in a cornucopia of premium porn (a pornocopia, if you will). This will be much easier to navigate. At the top of the Mofos home page, you’ll find another, much simpler site menu bar (Videos, Girls, Sites, Cams, Premium, Meet & Fuck [again, ignore], and Promos) with a giant banner beneath it, offering up a slideshow of promotions and adverts for recently released and upcoming scenes. Not all too different from a porn tube layout, if that’s more what you’re familiar with.

Scroll down to find a section of Latest Videos, Most Recent Girls, and Trusted Partners. That’s right, a multimillion-dollar corporation that owns some of the most popular sites in the entire industry – whom you are already paying, mind you – still feels the fucking need to advertise other sites for you, thereby generating additional revenue for hosting the ads. Fucking ridiculous, don’t you think? But, hey, you don’t get to just become a multimillion-dollar corporation and a giant of the porn industry by sitting around with your dick in your hand all day, I suppose.

Quality Plus Quantity = A Porn Lover’s Paradise

Do I even need to speak on the quality of Mofos’ scenes? As I mentioned earlier, anyone who faps probably knows and has bust a nut or two to a Mofos video. But I guess it can’t hurt to reiterate, I really can’t stress it enough, the quality of Mofos’ pornos are fucking next level, man. I’m talking the hottest sluts in the known universe, getting fucked expertly, and fucking like the pros that they are – sucking dick like it’s nobody’s business (well, except for their own, because it is their business, literally), and riding cocks with fierce abandon.

Plus, the cinematography is always on point. None of that bullshit where the camera guy doesn’t seem like he’s ever seen porn before. You know what I mean – where the camera will capture really shitty angles for far too long, or focus on all the wrong things, like the guy’s balls or a prolonged side-view from which the girl’s beautiful pussy is obscured. Again, by the fucking dude. Mofos provides porn that seems like it was made by people who love porn, and thus know just what we’re looking for.

Oh, and if you want to talk quantity, Mofos has it. Obviously, however, with premium sites like this, the number of videos is directly linked to how long the site has been around, so you can’t really compare the number of videos from Mofos to a site that’s been around for like 10 extra years or something. But Mofos is pretty sizeable, which is a huge factor on a site that you pay for. You’ll have, at the time of this writing, 3,785 high-quality full-length scenes to choose from.

And if that wasn’t enough porn for your greedy ass, you will be happy to learn that Mofos updates with a new scene – get this – every fucking day. That’s right. None of that once a week bullshit that you may have seen from other paysites. A membership to Mofos means that you can wake up and service yourself to a brand-new fuck fest every morning. And if you’re not into whatever new scene happened to be uploaded on a given day, not a problem – just start exploring the archives and choose any one of the thousands of backlogged scenes they make available.

So, is Mofos worth $20 a month? Well, honestly, the answer to that question depends on how much disposable income you have. But if you can afford to budget in a premium porn site payment, Mofos should definitely go to the top of your list.

ThePornDude likes Mofos's

  • Huge archive of porn
  • Daily uploads
  • Extremely high-quality porn
  • Easy to use site

ThePornDude hates Mofos's

  • Price
  • Ads on a pay site