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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Lets Try Anal

Lets Try Anal

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Anal sex. Is it taboo? Is it titillating? Well, based on the increasing number of people talking about doing it, even more, anal scenes on major sites, an explosion of in the number of specialty anal sites, it seems like everyone likes butt fucking…whether they want to admit it or not. And I for one, have no problem saying that I love anal scenes.

Okay sure, that’s not saying much coming from me. But still, I think it should be repeated about how awesome ass sex is, both in real life and especially in porn. After all, it feels amazing and seeing some else doing it is oh so sexually satisfying. On top of that, when you see anal in porn, you get to see the best curves and crevices of a woman’s body in a way which isn’t quite possible with typical vag sex.

At any rate, like other specialty sites, you’ll often find that quality is either hit or miss. And so to track all of the best porn sites on the net, and help you avoid the ones which suck, I’m going to review Let’s Try Anal.

Anal Scenes Of All Varieties

Now the problem with specialty sites is that the producers run the risk of showing the same thing over and over again. Sure seeing great anal never gets old but variety is the spice of life and smut. With hundreds of scenes on Let’s Try Anal, you do get a great range of videos both when it comes to scenes scenarios and positions which are seen.

To give you a taste, there are vids of getting railed in tattoo parlors, POV scenes in which the girl gets lessons in anal from a big dicked professor, and even a girl giving a diamond as a gift to her boyfriend…which happens to be stuffed in her butt.

These Models Must Be Religious…

…because they take it up the ass. And they take it super well.

Yeah, I know that isn’t the most original joke, but I couldn’t resist. At any rate, you would expect that models who are staring in anal scenes should be good at butt fucking. But from what I’ve heard (and no you perverts, I really don’t know from experience) take a dick up the butt takes a lot of work. From getting your hole warmed up and ready to have something, usually pretty big in these videos, enter an exit.

To do that, you’ve got to get the hole both stretched and pre-lubed that way the dick can easily slip in without any slow entrance like you’d need to do IRL. Then, of course, there is the code brown factor which, to avoid, is going to require a good deal of pre-planning, proper dieting, and douching to prevent any chocolate surprises from ruining the scene.

Fortunately, these models have undergone all of the right prep work to make each and every scene satisfying.

Besides Butt Fucking Well, These Ladies Are Lovely

Yeah, having females which can butt fuck well is great, but if they’re not fine, what’s the point in watching? After all, porn is supposed to be fantasy not a reminder of the sexual selection most people are subjected to. Well, the girls on this site are all beautiful, and there’s a good selection of girls to choose from.

Now you guys know that I’m a no SJW and can’t stand feminism, but I do appreciate seeing all kinds of girls in porn. I mean I’m an equal opportunity guy when it comes to sexy mamas who want to please my meat. If you like a diversity of ladies in your anal scenes, then you’ll be spoiled for choice.

In fact, there are hundreds of female models who have all sorts of tit sizes, waist measurements, and skin tones. Check out the Models page, and you’ll see an alphabetical list of all of the girls which links you to their personal page. On each profile page, you’ll find a surprisingly detailed description as well as their ratings by the users, date of birth, birthplace, height, and measurements. Below all of that, you’ll get linked to the model’s movies which not only gives you a title but also the view count and rating to make the videos even more alluring.

The one thing that I’ve noticed is that most of the models only star in one or two videos. Great news if you want something fresh each time you look at a new video, but not so much if you find a model who you really like.

Oh, and since I do know that ladies read this site (along with some switch hitter fellas), the Models page also lists all of the male models, too. Just like the ladies profile pages, you’ll find a description of the guy’s career as well as some biographical information. The only measurements given are of the dude’s dick size, but I’m pretty sure that that’s the only thing that you guys would care about.

Sign Up And Enjoy (Nearly) Unlimited Anal Sex

Like a good quality site, Let’s Try Anal is reasonably priced. For a month’s worth of access, you have to pay $29.99 like most other sites. Similarly, sign up for three months, and you end up paying only $19.99 billed as $59.99 all at once. Get a year’s membership for $119.99, you end up only paying about ten bucks a month.

Like other websites, you can get a two-day trial membership for $2. Unlike most other websites, LTA allows you to pay with more options than you might guess. In addition to credit and debit, you can pay for your membership with e-checks, assorted gift cards, and even with cryptocurrency. Payments are processed using ProBiller, so you can be sure that no hacker isn’t going to steal your financial information.

Get Access To The Whole Mofo Network

When you sign up for Let’s Try Anal you also get access to other websites on the Mofo Network. While the focus on these sites isn’t anal (obviously) they’ve got great content to look at. I’ve done reviews on these sites before, but to give you a little more incentive to check this site and its network out, here are a few teasers…

Pervs On Patrol — As the title would suggest, this site is all about nasty middle-aged dudes picking up nubile, getting them nude, and having some naughty fun.

Public Pickups — Ever fantasize about seeing a hot girl on the street, say just the right pickup lines, and she comes home and makes you cum? Well, that’s what this site is all about. Sure this would never happen in real life — unless, of course, you’re me 😉 — but it looks really raunchy and cool in porn.

Mofos B Sides — Being a spinoff of the main site, MBS isn’t completely groundbreaking in any sense at all. But it’s still worth checking out. The one thing that makes it stand out is the fact that all of the scenes are shot in POV. I guarantee that gonzo enthusiasts will love this.

Don’t Break Me — This site is all about tiny girls taking big cocks. If you’re into seeing models pushed to their physical extremes, you’ll love the content on this website.

I Know That Girl — Being another POV site, IKTG shows off a bunch of different fun, fuck scenarios. But to mix things up a bit, there are a few static shots from a third person perspective so you can get a fresh view of all of the sexy scene.

Share My BF — Do you like threeways? Ever dream about your girlfriend get curious about experimenting with another girl while still dating you? Do you just like well-choreographed smut scenes? If you answered yes to one of them, you’ll enjoy SMB. If you said yes to all, then you’ll love this site.

Do I Recommend This Site?

If you read the full review (or even just scanned through it), you’ll probably guess what I’m going to say. This website is the tits…or, I guess, I should say ass-ome.

There are hundreds of scenes to choose from which star some of the hottest anal queens on the net. The scenes are all clean — both when it comes to the production values and the “p-factor.” Getting an account is affordable, and paying for it is totally secure.

ThePornDude likes Lets Try Anal's

  • For an anal site, there’s a lot of different scenes
  • The variety when it comes to talent is truly impressive
  • With an affordable membership, you also get access to other Mofo sites

ThePornDude hates Lets Try Anal's

  • Most of the girls only do a single scene
  • There aren’t too many community features
  • Other than that, there’s not much else to complain about…