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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Insects do it, birds do it, animals do it, sexy hotties on their knees love to do it, but fuck, everyone does it and loves it! And nothing gets my blood pumping and the package behind my zipper throbbing with excitement like watching high quality amateur, professional, hardcore, or softcore erotic content. I know you’re probably thinking like, what the fuck ThePornDude! Are you fucking serious? Yeah, dude, that’s me! I am fucking serious like a heart attack. It’s not a laughing matter, especially if you really take porn and value for your money seriously like I do.

I’ve been doing hundreds of porn site reviews for quite a while now. But honestly speaking, it’s always hard to find high-quality erotic content from the shit load of porn sites out there in the porn world. Sifting through the junk is not an easy task, and although you’ll find a couple of sites with some HD video clips, it really sucks when you have to browse through a ton fuck of clips just to find something to help you polish your pole. From where I stand, I just want to go straight to what makes me tick and not waste my fucking time searching. I mean, I will still have to spend some of my precious fucking time jerking off after watching.

A Ton of Tasty Promises

If your balls have been aching, like mine, for a moment of nothing but high-quality titillating videos and orgasms, there’s one place that will surely not disappoint. LetsDoeIT, formerly PornDoe Premium, promises both for its members. This site promises all the colors of the porn rainbow. If you’re in the mood for watching some beautiful couples having passionate sex and even threesomes, this site’s got your back. Want to watch some pornstars getting pushed to the limits with some rough, hardcore sex? This site’s got you covered. And who the fuck doesn’t have a thing for some lesbian action? You’ll find that shit here too! The best thing about it is that you’ll find a multitude of erotica in a plethora of flavors and all this shit is available in high-quality HD.

ThePornDude’s First Impression

LetsDoeIt is a European porn network that was launched in 2015. In fact, I was wondering if the founders of the site ever imagined that they’d ever achieve the success they have had in the adult industry in such a short time. In just a couple of few years, they have achieved great success to become a leading brand name in the porn industry by offering dozens of unique websites, all with beautiful women, diverse themes, and high-quality content. When the site started, it used to run more than 40 sites, but they took most of them and combined them into new networks, so currently, they have 17, but there’ still a shit load of fantastic porn to watch.

In case you are a newbie to membership sections of the porn world, then perhaps any kind of erotic action will get your heart pounding and the equipment in your pants thumping with excitement. But honestly speaking, that’s definitely not the case for a seasoned sex connoisseur like me. LetsDoeIt has surely assembled the boners and beauties in a simple and, I must say, a fucking excellent way. You can search and sort using drop-down menus to select your participants, specific niches, individual network sites, and narrow down to content according to what other members deem to be popular. You’ll have to sign up as a member to enjoy the juicy stuff on this site though. You have the choice of signing up for the Premium or Premium + VIP account, but prepare for the price difference and some extra perks involved for the exclusive, daily updated installment.

Content Amount

I can’t just ignore the amount of content on this site. It’s what makes the site stand out from other premium porn sites. You’ll simply be spoilt for choice here. There’s more than 1359 fucking videos approximately 18 minutes each, plus full movies for you to stream and download. Besides, there are no DRM restrictions and the videos are offered in all MP4 formats. The site also boasts of more than 1359 picture galleries with approximately 45 pictures each, plus full-screen pictures and zipped archives.

Although the site projects itself as a European porn network, its international element is truly refreshing. The interface boasts of six different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. There’s a load of dialogue in a couple of these languages too, but fear not if you don’t understand any other shit besides English because most of the videos come with English subtitles. And in some cases the actors speak English in thick, sexy accents.

Production values are also quite overwhelming. As I perused through the 17 sites, I found scenes that are beautifully shot with several angles and close-ups, skillfully designed sets, and perfect lighting. And unlike some of the porn networks that have older content in SD, the whole video collection is available to download and stream in Full HD. It even gets better if you are only interested in the photos because all the accompanying photo sets are high-resolution and can be saved in Zip files.

Get Unique, Niche-Oriented Content

So what are you in the mood for? As I mentioned earlier, the library on this premium site is quite massive. There are literary thousands of videos on offer, that’s several thousands of exclusive, high-quality adult content for your sick perverted mind to consume. But trying to narrow down to the nookie will not be a stroll in the park. My first time felt as if I was standing in front of a fucking buffet and I was tempted to choose a bit of this and a lot of that.

I found sets featuring hardcore and softcore content, solo masturbation, and gang banging where the camera was so up close and personal that I felt I was really part of the action. There are also nicely shot, high-quality sets featuring a lovely bitch bringing pleasure to herself until an orgasm is secured. You’ll also find stunning doubles too, when lesbo fervor takes over your screen just for your fucking viewing pleasure.

I have to say that I get really excited, or my cock does, when things take a turn for the hardcore. The kind of hardcore shit I got on this site is laced with a touch of fetish-ness and they bring that content on-screen with exceptional clarity and crispiness. There’s stuff featuring double penetration, creampies, BDSM, and of course the good old-fashioned boning in a variety of positions.

Membership doesn’t come with any fucking rules or discrimination on the specific body type, age limit, or the kind of content. One clip that I really found interesting, which some of you losers might find to be sick or off-putting but I don’t give a hoot about your fucking feelings, features a full-figured, mature amateur granny, getting laid in doggy and missionary style. Oh, wait! The best part is when her sagging, aging breasts get covered in some ball juice. I found this particular set to be a perfect example of how LetsDoeIt’s amateurs perform just as well as the top pornstars you’ll find on the site.

The Pros

One of the best things about the site is their large library spread across 17 sites, which is almost overwhelming and offers a nice variety of high-quality content to select from. Each of the site is also dedicated to a specific niche and the well over a thousand models on offer makes it even more interesting. The fact that all the videos are all in full-HD is quite nice too as the clips are crispy clear and quite beautiful, making it a pleasant experience to watch. Although some of the scenes are not available in English, they are decently and professionally subtitled and there’s several other languages available for non-English speakers.

The Cons

The site does not have a feature to enable advanced searching so it’s kind of hard to find something that is too specific. Additionally, some of the scenes that really ought to have them lack subtitles. But these are few and far between. Sincerely, I don’t have many qualms with the site, but paying to watch the premium content kind of turns me off.

My Final Take

Sometimes it’s really nice to find a porn site that literally cuts to the chase, no muss or fuss, just a place where you can come in, lay back, and enjoy erotic content that will satisfy your sick fantasy fetish. All the content is in a central place and available in tiers of high-quality, something that LetsDoeIt has truly perfected. I really liked the site and hope they will introduce an advanced search feature in the foreseeable future.

ThePornDude likes LetsDoeIt's

  • High-Quality Full-HD videos
  • No annoying pop-up ads
  • Variety of content

ThePornDude hates LetsDoeIt's

  • No advanced search feature